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  1. Mummrik

    OpenTibia Empty SpawnCleaner [Java]

    So i made a simple program that cleans all empty spawn points in the map. I had 5k+ empty spawn point in my map :O Info can be found in Readme file Source is included It just scan your existing spawn file for info and make a new one whitout the empty spawn points. So you old spawn file wont be...
  2. Baahzera

    [8.6] Keeperian - RPG/Custom with TPs

    Hello guys! I have this datapack since 2012, I only saw an online server with this map. I can not say what the original name was, nor who created the server. So I gave it a name. I edited some things, set up teleports, modified the temple and the DP. The map is giant, full of hunts and quests...
  3. arthas.eu

    8.60 Evolution Veneris

    Download: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B7DVOFxtf0ejdjlHYXNOWEd4dzA/edit If u need help to setup server let me know just send me a pm
  4. arthas.eu

    War Server 8.60 Desert War 0.6

    Frag Look [x] Addons per level [x] Anti-Mc [Shawak] [Cykotitan] Buff System [x] (quando player nasce no templo ja ganha um determidado buffs) Lottery System [x] (REQ 30+ Players Online) Download:http://www.4shared.com/file/f7EzFURD/Desert_War_06.html if u need any help pm me and i help you!
  5. Damon

    [8.60] FunEvo v2015 by Damon

    Heya there, Currently getting rid of basicly all my OpenTibia related stuff I can still find. Purchased (at vapus) & edited this one a long time ago. Hosted it for a very short time and then just keept on fixing some stuff. I don't even remember all the features but from what I remember there...
  6. C

    [8.60] Venore-War

    Hello friends Otland. I bring this ot Venore in war. This server was created by my OTServ: Venore-War By CarlosCabrera.rar account: carlos password: cabrera if opened, I invite
  7. N e r o n Z

    8.60 / Tfs 0.4 ( BROKEN 2B HP AND MP LIMIT same for Monsters ) OFFICAL RELEASE

    As the title says today im going to release my sources! Whats the difference between my sources and other sources? I can tell you My scripter broke the limit of the 2B hp and mp system same for monsters ( I know alot of ppls wanted that source! ) * Anti-house trash system * Cast System * War...
  8. fera holy kina

    Global Full OtherWorld + Events + War Anti-Entrosa 10.94 - 10.96

    ~~> DataPack: http://elera-global.net/ 10.94 / 10.95 / 10.96 - data-pack + source https://mega.nz/#!zx5C0QbS!0LWiH72SNEb53OU5GLs2EJ4GH57m8FZmrkU62OZDSU8 DataPack Global 10.97 - 10.98 Client: 11 https://github.com/malucooo/otxserver-testing/ (dead link on 2017-02-11)
  9. M

    [8.6] Fortress

    Hello, I built this building in my project, but finally release it for download.
  10. Frageria

    [Gesior] OTSet.eu V3 Fire&Ice

    Main Logo is to remove. Footer logo please don't remove.
  11. Frageria

    [Gesior] RichFrog

  12. Frageria


  13. OTSet


    I'm author I have PSD Please don't remove footer When you give to another forum please write OTSet.pl author All is no perfect but working DOWNLOAD SKAN
  14. OTSet

    [Gesior ACC] OTSet.pl v1 LAYOUT SUPER!

    Hello :D First post mit gift :p
  15. V

    [8.60] Real Map Full (CAST SYSTEM)

    Events and Features War of Emperium Trainers Offline Capture the Flag Battlefield Event Lottery System Itens VIPs 100% fixed Raids Automáticas Thais Edited Dota Event Guild Points Source on datapack Global Server Map: 100% Scripts: 100% Systems:. 100% Items: 100% Monsters: 100% Npcs: 100% TFS...
  16. RokojoM

    RkjM's Pirates of the Crabibread: Top Keg Map [568kb]

    Hey, hello. Take a look at this, will ye: thanks mr neon for boat thanks mr neon for houses Get it while it's hot: MEGA
  17. V

    [8.6] Venore war&enforced

    Venore City 8.6 edited for war servers Screenshot: Download: Venore.rar
  18. Klonera

    My edited 10.93 Global Work (No Errors Fully Working)

    Yoyo so today i'm letting you guys out there use my work i edited and i hope you Enjoy it (The site i used is placed inside the server folder) the site is not fully done, it still have some errors but the most things on it is working TFS 1.2 Working Cast System (you need to edit the site's...
  19. Danger II

    [TFS 8.2 - 9.x] The Forgotten Server - Oldest Tags from SVN

    This a rar file I found somewhere (probably OTland) It contains around 52 clean distros with sources, since Mark did remove these Tags from official svn, I am not sure if I am even allowed to release them, if not please delete. Anyway, for those who needs those files, check out yourself...
  20. E

    [8.6] Armonia remastered unfinished

    no spawns no quests no exps world.rar