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  1. X

    [10.98] Little Cave

    Here is a little cave I made for you. Size: 89 KB Version: 10.98 No spawns, feel free to add some ;) 1# 2# 3# 4# 5# Enjoy!
  2. messenoire

    [8.10] Evolutions Map (100% stock)

    Hi, Here's the unedited version of the Evolutions map for protocol 8.10. You know this one.
  3. Gesior.pl

    OpenTibia OTClient that unpack map.otbm to .png files - v2.0

    What is new in version 2.0? - much faster generation - - - you can run PHP scripts on all CPU cores - - - much calculations moved to C++, it increased speed for around 400% - easier to use - split map to parts and load it one after another - you can run map generation with ~1GB ram, even if map...
  4. Don Daniello

    [8.21][8.54][8.62] 1337/RoxOr Server (Peak 386)

    I am not the author of this release. This thread is archiving content released by multiple users on Otland already and by probably original authors on their website: xroxor.webs.com We (the staff) of the Open Tibia server known as 1337 or Rox0r has decided to release our server, with all...
  5. daadyboy5

    [10.xx] Swamp Cave

    Swamp Cave Minimap
  6. K

    [10.98] Some city

  7. Mitsuig

    [7.4][OTX] RLMAP 100%, Port Hope 7.4, POI, Demon OaK, War System, Shared Exp ...

    Port Hope 7.4, POI, Demon OaK, War System, Shared Exp, Cast System, Anti Clone, Task System. >> Information: - 7.4 Features - No Protection zone boats and rugs. - Spells, vocations and spells formuled in Tibia 7.4. There are no Hotkleys! - War System. - Cast System. - Anti Clone. - Task System...
  8. Lelodro

    Item Editor (OTX) 0.3.9 by Kaiser (7.x - 8.6x)

    Many ask me for the item editor for otx2, here I release one by kaiser. Works with OTX 2 & OTX 3 (7.x - 8.6x) Alternate link: MEGA
  9. Webo

    ShadowCores Layout for Znote AAC

    Layout for Znote AAC based on twifysoft.net using bootstrap-3.3.7 Download SS:
  10. Wirless

    [7.6] edited Neverland and some Other 7.6 datas

    #1 Illusion aka Neverland [it is high exp edit of it] MEGA #2 eldinworld map MEGA
  11. Demonatti

    [10.91] Unused Duneon

    I have this piece of map sitting around on my laptop for a while now, I know its kinda useless but it would be nice if its's usefull for someone, so here you go. The map properties are setted at 10.91 tibia version.
  12. Ninja

    [8.0][TFS 1.x] Realera - Real Map

    Hi, This is an old real map project by @Printer. I received this project from him one or two years ago, and I haven't done anything with it ever since (essentially it's just collecting dust on my hard drive). Since I've got his permission to do whatever I want with this, I thought I would share...
  13. Mindee

    [7.70] Real Tibia Map + full spawnlist.

    I've parsed it from realots files, so map still has many "disguised" tiles. You will need to replace them by yourself. Spawnlist contains all monsters and npcs. Mega: https://mega.nz/#!XQpWCCpa!6NWR5FmLhXzmMjJ55husUZCUp-Lu0kYPAsXyiLGMER0 Virustotal...
  14. Mudrock

    [Gesior AAC] For: Marco Oliveira

    Well, some time it works and learn more about php and other programming languages! I started to develop this gesior that uses as the base of a user named Mitsuig (I do not know if he has any account here in the forum), since open tibia is an open community there is no way I can not make this...
  15. Blackstone

    [10.79] Rising Continents

    Rising Continents - 10.79 Old Thread: Rising Continents - 9.80 It's like I am not mapping a lot, I guess like an hour a month but for those of you who are still following this: Many things have changed since the last release, - new secret pathings, - new desert areas, - rookgaard got...
  16. hemrenus321

    [Znote AAC] old school layout

    outfitter for 7.4(only outfits 128-142) custom subpages(some of them are only for $config['TFSVersion'] = 'TFS_03'; if i remember correctly, u should check that) and other features that u can see below tested only on latest Znote AAC version from GitHub .PSD for background included...
  17. StreamSide

    Fancy tibia anniversary countdown

    Hello there, I'm not even good at this but I tried and it worked (wasnt that hard) If you dont know what I am talking about, here is a pic. here is the code: [HTML] <script> $(document).ready(function() { // initialize anniversary count down - Pastebin.com really easy to install so thats...
  18. The Hisoka

    OpenTibia Item Editor (10.98)

    For those who are looking for it, here it is: Source: https://github.com/ottools/ItemEditor Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/24quy1fo4r9slzq/itemeditor.rar Scan: http://ScanURL.net/?u=www.mediafire.com/file/24quy1fo4r9slzq/itemeditor.rar#results Note: I've compiled it on Windows 8.1...
  19. Wason

    Small Land

    Hi, I'd like to share Small Land well i was bored so i mapped it Follow the signs to know what these floors/tps for that was idea only. without spawns / npcs Here you're download link if you like ;p Mediafire mirror
  20. D


    Hola, You had no idea of the execution swimming event, and bug you endless views of the squares? To ALREADY NO doubt Now, thanks to the New locator you give brighter colors to its server. Mango teaches. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.