1. allanet

    TFS 0.X Increasing monsters attack delay

    I am currently creating a High XP server where it is common to teleport, unleash spells, and exit quickly, even before there is time to take monster attacks. But when I migrated my base to OTX2 (which is based on TFS 0.4) The monsters attack very quickly, this delay being almost zero, so when...
  2. Paulix

    TFS 0.4.3 Block damage on same outfit

    i know there is a option that you cannot damage same feet, but i would like block attack only if the whole outfit is the same, can someone edit the sources for me? if((attackerPlayer = attacker->getPlayer()) || (attackerPlayer = attacker->getPlayerMaster())) { checkZones =...
  3. C

    TFS 1.X+ How to automatically use an object in BP on target?

    How can I make a function that makes X item in Backpack attack Y target (that is an object btw)? Basically, the same thing as you right click on the item and left click it on a object, but I want this as a code. Is it possible to do?
  4. Dasdor

    My attack animation

    Hello survivors of Otland, i made right now a shitty attack animation. Here: a stab test, i think anotomy isn't easy when you are making character animation 😁 what do you think??
  5. T

    C++ "Block Attack" system (shield) in source code

    Hi there, I would like to know where do I find the code in source (TFS 0.4.0) that determines a player/creature can block with his shield (defense attribute) only 2 attacks per turn, since I want to make some changes on that. I've looked for it in creatures.cpp and etc but I didn't find it...
  6. B

    Windows After killing monster, other monsters on the screen do not pass through the bodies

    Dear friends, can anyone help me? I am with a Global Server OT 8.6, I have the following problem. After killing monster, let's say I'm surrounded by dead body, the other monsters on the screen do not pass dead bodies to attack me. I have heard that it is problem in source file, I assume in...
  7. N

    Blood effect tfs 0.3.6

    Hello where in source i can change blood when someone attack another? Anyone have some king of tutorial what is where on source? :)
  8. GhostWD

    C++ monster getAttackedCreature

    Hi there! I've got code like this in monster.cpp if(isSagaMonster() && valueses == sagaNumber() && creature->getAttackedCreature() == this) ){ return (!creature->isRemoved() && creature->isAttackable() && creature->getZone() != ZONE_PROTECTION &&...
  9. Angel Of Death™ [Fast Attack]POLL

    Please Vote And Comment! Thanks 1. speed = 0.1 2. speed = 0.2 3.speed = 0.3 4.speed = 0.4 5.speed = 0.5 6.speed 0.6 7.speed 0.7 8.speed 0.8 9.speed 0.9 10.speed 1.0 (like real tibia) US have forum at: Forum-Dev Website: (beta)
  10. AdiMit

    Lua Guard NPC - separate distance and melee attacks | error

    Hello :) I'm currently using the [8.60] The Forgotten Server 0.3.6 (Crying Damson) V8 by Printer, from the thread: [8.60] The Forgotten Server 0.3.6 (Crying Damson) V8; I was trying to redo the guard NPC(s) so that they would attack the PKers with melee attacks at the range of <=1; and with...
  11. GhostWD

    C++ Skill training depended on attack speed

    Hi Otlanders! i have request to You. I would like to have script, which will make dependence with skilling and attack speed i mean if player attacks 2 times / sec it's skill would grow same as 1 time / sec, 3t/s same as 1t/s ....etc etc etc TFS 0.4.3777 Can someone help me with that? Thank...
  12. Pluto

    [TFS 0.4] 8.6, Distance Attack stops while walking

    While using distance weapons (spears, bows etc.) and walking at the same time, player doesn't attack. To shoot any distance weapon, you have to stop first and not move. No problems with melee weapons. Any ideas how could I fix that, or solutions? -- SOLUTION -- Thanks very much to fla5h for...
  13. duduprec

    Change the effect/sprite of the attack/target and follow commands?

    Good afternoon guys from OTLand, I'm going back to messing with OTserver, I'm from the old times, from the time that neither OTClient existed yet hehe. Even lost my old account from here. With so many possibilities and resources I'm still a bit lost, but I've already been able to compile the...