1. W

    Please help-me otx not compile

  2. M

    Campiling error, help pls, im going mad

    VS say this when i compile Error C2280 'std::atomic<boost::lockfree::detail::tagged_index>::atomic(void) noexcept': you're trying to reference a deleted function. (compiling source file ..\src\outputmessage.cpp) theforgottenserver c:\boost_1_57_0\boost\lockfree\stack.hpp 139
  3. kuhi

    Solved OTClient error 0xc000007b

    Getting an error when running the OTClient I've compiled: Translation: The app couldn't initialize correctly (0xc000007b). Press Accept to close it. I'm getting 0 errors when compiling, only some warnings about pdb files: libeay32.lib(ts_err.obj) : warning LNK4099: PDB 'lib.pdb' was not found...
  4. DaBlauwk

    Compiling TFS 1.2 8.60 compiling

    Hi I´ve made some source edits for gold nuggets and dual wielding and I have 3 errors while compiling. It worked when it was just the gold nuggets so the problem must be the dual wielding.
  5. DaBlauwk

    TFS 1.X+ TFS 1.2 Compiling 8.60

    Hi Had to rebuild because I made some changes for crystal coin to change into gold nugget but that doesn't seem to be the problem. I'm using Visual Studio 2017 with boost 1.66.0 and tfs-sdk-3.2 Failing rebuild OUTPUT 1>c:\psychoactive\src\connection.cpp(119): error C2440...
  6. DaBlauwk

    TFS 1.X+ TFS 1.3 8.6 compiling errors

    Hi I've been dealing with different errors for 2 days trying to compile this but since last night I've had this same problem 1>rsa.cpp 1>c:\tfs1.3.8.6\src\rsa.h(40): error C2653: 'CryptoPP': is not a class or...
  7. exzrael

    Compiling newest TFS (cmake error)

    Hello. I have a problem with server compilation. crashes error what should I do? CMAKE ERROR LOG Performing C++ SOURCE FILE Test COMPILER_KNOWS_STDLIB failed with the following output: Change Dir: /root/forgottenserver/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeTmp Run Build Command:"/usr/bin/make"...
  8. shadowsin

    Compiling compile

    Can someone compile a source for me? I'm not getting done
  9. L

    Compiling Error when compile cannot access file rsa.h

    I was trying to compile the lastest tfs using the new vcpkg and this happened when compiling Error C1083 Cannot open include file: 'cryptopp/rsa.h': No such file or directory (compiling source file ..\src\otserv.cpp) theforgottenserver c:\users\lucca\vcpkg\forgottenserver\src\rsa.h 23...
  10. L

    Windows How to compile for android.

    Hello everyone, I'm very excited on starting my own otserv for android. I'm a droped out lawyer who is folown his dream by making his own game. It has been very difficult to travel around this new science to me, but very satisfying. When I was 15 I had my own otserv 7.2. Then 10 years later I'm...
  11. Togu

    C++ Config.lua working with .h file

    I have these functions in player.h: void updateBaseSpeed() {//CHANGED! if (!hasFlag(PlayerFlag_SetMaxSpeed)) { //baseSpeed = vocation->getBaseSpeed() + (2 * (level - 1)); baseSpeed = vocation->getBaseSpeed() + (2 * (level - 1) + 2 *...
  12. Togu

    Missing VCRUNTIME140.DLL

    I've tried many times to compile OTClient with official tutorial using VS15 and VS17. Every time I end with a lot of warnings (but no error), my friend and I were able to play with this client compiled by me (compiled for version Win32). But my other friend got the "Missing VCRUNTIME140.DLL"...
  13. namco

    Can't install vcpkg

    Following this edubart/otclient 2. Set up vcpkg When I try to do .\bootstrap-vcpkg.bat My Git Bash stuck at Building vcpkg.exe ... pch.cpp archives.cpp checks.cpp chrono.cpp cofffilereader.cpp downloads.cpp enums.cpp files.cpp hash.cpp lineinfo.cpp machinetype.cpp...
  14. D

    Compiling Vcpkg Installing libraries error

    So, I was following these steps in forgottenserver github and the first 3 steps I think it's fine, but in the 4th one I commanded in powershell : .\vcpkg install boost-iostreams:x64-windows boost-asio:x64-windows boost-system:x64-windows boost-variant:x64-windows boost-lockfree:x64-windows...
  15. C

    Compiling OTCLiend for Android

    Good morning have friends from the forum, I have tried to compile the OTClient apk but I have had some percanses, one of them for the moment, in which folder do I specifically put the android libraries in the Android NDK folder? I have tried several of the NDK but it still does not work and...
  16. Aldo Axel

    Compiling TFS 0.3.6 Error Compiling

    Regards OTlanders, i am looking for my solution when compiling my TFS 0.3.6 Protocol 8.6, these are the errors that it gives me: 1> luascript.cpp 1>..\luascript.cpp(767): error C2039: 'string' : no es un miembro de 'std::basic_string<_Elem,_Traits,_Ax>' 1> with 1> [ 1>...
  17. Yalasari

    Unable to compile OTClient

    Hi, I have troubles in compiling otclient with Visual Studio 2017, i got following errors: I tried almost everything what i found in internet. I would be very grateful if anyone would help me with that problem. Thanks in advance
  18. Paulix

    Compiled server don't have GUI menu

    I compiled my tfs 0.4.3777 using Stian's Repack Dev-Cpp and everything is working fine. The only problem is that when I compile it, the GUI menu, that have reload, actions etc... isn't showing. I tried everything, and im currently using this parameters. -O3 -Wextra -Wall -Werror...
  19. Paulix

    Compiling error

    I'm trying to compile my 8.6 trunk.r3777.r19 server using Stian's Dev-cpp repack 0.2 (with crypto++ and 64bit) But I get this error: Compiler: Default compiler Building Makefile: "C:\Users\Paulo Henrique\Desktop\Dev C++\OTServ\" Executing make... mingw32-make -f "C:\Users\Paulo...
  20. P

    [PROBLEM ON COMPILING] Visual Studio can't open a file

    Visual studio tells me that he can't open file "libboost_system-vc140-mt-x64-1_66.lib". In the directory of the boost files, they are called l "libboost_system-vc141-mt-x64-1_66.lib" (141 and not 140) and i think i have to change the update of boost files but i don't know how (and i'm not sure...