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[Infrastructure and Automation] Private Tibia Server Consultancy


Oct 23, 2008
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Hello all!


I would like to continue (with slight differences) the consulting service I have started in 2016 (Programmer - [Tibia, Websites, Mobile Apps, Marketing] Looking to take your project to a new standard? (https://otland.net/threads/tibia-websites-mobile-apps-marketing-looking-to-take-your-project-to-a-new-standard.239670/))

Right now, I am a master's graduate in high-performance computing, where I work full time as a medical device software engineer (full-stack).

I have been messing up with OTs since I was 15 (~12 years ago). My highlights include hosting servers with a peak of 700 players simultaneously. A Facebook page with close to 6k followers Log into Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/tibiao7.4). And further, to have had one of the first stable servers hosted in the cloud!

I could help you with
  • automate all your processes, so you focus only on content change and player management, and not on the compilation, uploading files, maintaining a hosting server, backing up breaking changes, etc.
  • choosing the right distribution
  • choosing the right website
  • choosing the right hosting computing system
  • setting up server & website & database & firewall & permission and accesses
  • giving you an introduction on how everything works so you can take it from there (uploading files, accessing the machine, turning on/off the server/machine)
  • grace period to ask any question on the setup/server/compilation (this do not include doing programming, or fixing errors that eventually appears from some of your changes)
Besides the current approaches with hosting and website, I could further support in:
  • dockerize all your processes and sources (website, database, server, overall management tasks)
  • automate processes (setting up machines, automatic GitHub deployments, automatic builds, automatic integration, and continuous delivery of all your changes)
  • hosting your server/website on AWS
    • a website distributed across the globe for minimum latency to your players
    • modern website builds, including front-end and back-end responsibility division (pure JS front end, communicating with PHP backend to improve security and loading times, not to mention modernity)
    • secure database (higher reliance and reliability, and auto-backup management)
    • further DDOS protection (AWS backed)
    • further cost management (by ensuring minimum machine requirements)
  • (more info in My Experience Hosting an MMORPG on the Cloud (https://eubrunomiguel.medium.com/my-experience-hosting-an-mmorpg-on-the-cloud-3cc82bf8fbf9))
With my services, you are assured to
  • won't need to worry about any compilation, setting up anything, or life-cycle processes.
  • any change that you wish to do (either LUA, Website, or even C++), will automatically result in a new build (compilation) and deployment of your server/website.
  • you won't need to worry about compiling, reverting breaking changes, setting up/maintaining hosting servers/databases/backups, or anything else that may be seen as a manual task.
  • you will care about content for your players, only.

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Dec 22, 2008
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Hey Stellow, I think I may be in need of your services right now. I made the mistake of updating from my stable development environment of Ubuntu 16.04 for my 0.4 server where it was stable for 1000+ hours, to Ubuntu 20.04 just to update the php version - where I can't even get the sources to compile without making changes/getting errors. Sadly, the host I am with (Kimsufi) won't allow me to downgrade back because they have removed 16.04 from their supported OS list. If you have the time and would be willing to help, I can clean install Ubuntu 20.04 and put the required files in /home/ and let you give it a shot. Just let me know what it would cost/if you have time for it.

Note: I have compiled 3777 (with cast version) but am able to easily crash the server just by starting a cast then logging out. I may have broken something when changing files, since I barely know what I'm doing with C++ and was just following tutorials (multiple at a time) to try and fix the compiling errors.

Discord: Hux#5522