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  1. almirtibiaalmir

    Looking for 8.0 Evolution Map

    Hello everyone, im looking for an Evo Map 8.0. Maybe someone had a link or something. I cant find one....
  2. tomaszek123

    [GER] [13.21/10.00] Eloria | GLOBAL-EVOLUTION

    General Informations: Website: Eloria (https://eloria.pl/) Map: Global + Custom Evo World type: PVP Clients: Tibia Client and OTclient Version: 13.21/10.00 No p2w, no equipments in store! Start 24 of November 18:00 CET Level 1-50: Experience x180 Level 51-150: Experience x100 Level 151-200...
  3. J

    [Poland][8.6]| Evo | Santera OTS | Start 25.11.2023

    Hello :) I am pleased to present you, Santera Ots Evo8.6 Start 25.11.2023 06:00PM Over 60 Quests Missions events Safezone firestorm Battlefield Zombie Event For events you get Exprince, Money and rewards in the form of Items, for each event you get Event Tokens for which you can exchange for...
  4. Awesomedudei

    [Germany][Custom/10.98] Revolution OT Beta 20th October 21:00 CET | Skill Tree | Competetive Arena & Dungeons.

    Hello again, it is now time for Revolution OT to come back with lots of improvements and more unique stuff. I know alot of people have been waiting a longtime for this and @Awesomedudei and @oen432 too have been very excited about it. Please do remember that this is a BETA and things are bound...
  5. J

    [Poland][8.6]| Evo | Santera OTS | Start 25.08.2023

    I am pleased to present for you Santera Ots Evo 8.6 Start 25.08.2023 06:00PM IP...
  6. kozmo

    [USA] [10.98] EVO-SUN | Evo | Custom | PVP

    EvoSun: BETA IP: beta-evosun.ddns.net Website: Tibia - Evo (http://beta-evosun.ddns.net/) Client: Custom client but based on Tibia 10.98 *Uptime: 24/7 *Hosted in: USA *Exp rate: Medium staged rates (some systems also makes it a lot faster to level) *Runes: Unlimited *Loot rate: 2x *Server...
  7. kingsnopp

    [POLAND] [8.6] Alpheria Online - Custom Map, planned start 30.07.2023!

    Welcome to Alpheria, an innovative OTS focusing on new solutions in the old style. We are an EVO style server with a completely redesigned map that we hope will attract many players with its design. The map was created based on the classic EVO so that none of the players would have problems...
  8. zbizu

    [France][13.20] Noveria Online - 1st July 2023 - FULL LAUNCH!

    Start - July 1st 2023 20:00 CEST -->live countdown here<-- Server Info Website - noveria.online Discord - Noveria Location - 🇫🇷 France Map - Custom (teleports) Client - 13.20 Custom - SUMMER UPDATE 2023, MOST RECENT! (will be available on launch) Skill stages skill x7 if skill below 100...
  9. 000

    [Poland][13.1] Verina.Online

    http://verina.online/ Discord Evolution 13.10 Information: - 60+ Bosses -Wheel of Destiny -Autoloot -Imbuement Tracker -Shared System -Gnomprona -Bestiary & Charms -Crafting System -Prey System -Imbuements -Daily Reward -New Mounts & Outfits
  10. cioker

    [USA][8.6] Tanaros Online Custom 8.6 F2P Project - [03.06.2023 - 20:00 CEST]

    03.06.2023 20:00 CEST - JOIN US! SITE: TANAROS.ONLINE CLIENT: AVAILABLE 01.06.2023 Greetings fellow Tibians. We would like to introduce you our OT project Tanaros 8.6. Totally F2P server focused on gameplay kept in oldschool style. We have made our own map inspired by old Evolutions. Here are...
  11. Eryn

    [Poland] [8.60] GamateOTS l Evo Map l START 05.05.2023 20:00 CET

    The server was placed in the best Server Room. As an administration, we tried to study the current needs of players to adapt the game to all requirements from the lowest levels. Rebuilt systems, completely new locations. We have prepared PKT per level for you, so that the experience does not...
  12. tomaszek123

    [GER] [12.86] Eloria | EVOLUTION

    General Informations: Website: Eloria (https://eloria.pl/) Map: Custom evolution with teleports World type: PVP Clients: Tibia Client and OTclient Version: 12.86 Engine TFS 1.5 No p2w Experiance Stages 1 - 50 x 300 51 - 150 x 200 151 - 200 x 150 201 - 350 x 100 351 - 500 x 50 501 - 750 x 30...
  13. G

    [Poland][8.6]| Evo | Santera OTS | Start 19.04.2023

    Hello :) I am pleased to present you, 2 Editions Santera Ots Evo8.6 Start 19.04 06:00PM Over 43 Quests Various Missions events CTF DTT firestorm Battlefield Zombie Event For events you get Exprince, Money and rewards in the form of Items, for each event you get Event Tokens for which you can...
  14. Odysseia

    [France] [10.98] Odysseia War - Custom made EVO pvp-e - Longterm server

    CUSTOM EVO map - 10.98 PVP-E with selfmade sprites and events You can create your account already here: Odysseia - join now! Starting Date 11th April 18:00 CET 2023 Odysseia is an unique war server never seen before on tibia or OpenTibia worlds! We have combined the best things from other...
  15. zbizu

    [France] [13.13] Noveria Beta | Evo | Skill Wheel | March 31st 19:00 CEST

    Server Info Website - noveria.online Discord - Noveria Client - 13.13 (available at website) Location - 🇫🇷 France Start - March 31st 19:00 CEST Map - Custom (teleports) World Type - PvP Login servers in case you intend to use your own client, these are our login servers web -...
  16. C

    [Germany] Evolera Server 9999x custom evo

    Indeed, some features have been added to the server and all problems within the server have been resolved Server Starts on: 24/3/2023 - 20:00CEST Swedish Time Basic information about Evolera: Client: 8.6 Ip: Evolera.Eu Port: 7171 What kind of server is Evolera? Evolera is a high exp server...
  17. mRefaat

    [Germany] [Custom] OxygenOT | New Season | RPG/PVP | Custom Map | Start Monday 20-3-2023 at 18:00 GMT

    OxygenOT - Come and join the fun! Starts on Monday 20/03/2023 at 6:00 PM GMT time Features: Hosted 24/7 in Germany Custom Map Custom Client Based on 8.6 Mid Rate Exp High Attack Speed Attribute Points Auto Loot System Custom Promotions Monster Orb Monster Skulls Bosses with Mechanics Addons...
  18. S


    Hi everyone! I'm currently working on my own OTS and I'm looking for some help with balancing the items. My server features custom systems, craft system, hammer system, tier system, and many others. However, as I have a high level and many rebirths, I find it difficult to balance the items on...
  19. Mariuskens

    [FRANCE][13.11+] Huntera - EVO/CUSTOM - RPG/PVP with XP

    Join now: Latest News - Huntera (http://huntera.sytes.net/?news) 💎Server with 3 Months editing & now is under Test.💎 EVO type RPG/PVP with XP server custom updates and RealTibia zones so as not to lose the essence of the game. 📌Main features FastAttack custom: Knights: 2 Sec -> 1.2 Sec Basic...
  20. Caravaggio

    [Poland] [8.54] Bleach Evolution

    Bleach Evolution OTS is starting at: [17.02.2023] 16:00 - 11:00 The best 4fun Bleach OTS !! Create your account today! Events on start: -Guilds with 5 members can receive points for guilds. -17:00 - 12:00 everyone online will receive a gift! -Dice event will take place on Thursday at...