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  1. P

    [EUROPE] [10.98] Vesiana | START 14.02.2020 | EVO/RPG

    We invite you to the first edition of the server OTS Vesiana.eu! Information: IP: Vesiana.eu Port: 7171 Uptime: 24/7 Site: Vesiana.eu Version: 10.98 Exp: x500 Magic: x12 Skill: x50 Loot: x3 Spawn: x1 Runes: Normal charges and prices Server type: Pvp More Features: -We have original Vesiana map...
  2. P


    Nexara.eu We invite everyone to start today at 23:00 New Evo server! There is our map on the server (Custom) where you can find a lot of Exps, we introduced Fast ATK, we downloaded the LVL and HP limit, we added a lot of Quests! On the Server you will find: Start Quests (Start Quests, perfect...
  3. Unspecified

    [Sweden] [8.6] | Edited Evo | LAUNCH FRIDAY 18:00

    We are proud to announce the comeback of great old GhostOT! We are back as PVP-E Server! - OFFICIAL LAUNCH 2019-11-15, 18:00 CET! *Website: GhostOT.zapto.org *IP: ghostot.zapto.org *Client: 8.60 *Port: 7171 Cool events & wars can be found on ghostot aswell as custom quests & custom hunts -...
  4. Execut’e’

    [Sweden] [8.60] Natala | Edited Evolution | Starts Friday 18:00 CEST

    Natala old but just as good! Natala was once good, lets make it great! We are happy to announce the rebirth of a old evolutions server. It's launch is this friday 1st november 18:00! *Website: NatalaOT.com *IP: natalaot.com *Client: 8.60 *Port: 7171 * Something you can be sure to find in...
  5. valorek

    Unsupported client version (8)

    Hi, I've downlaoded this 8.0 Evo XML and I can't open the map. I just get the topic message. I've read something that I'd need to replace the items.otb and xml in RME's files and so I did. I also imported the map, but the message shows that items.otb was different to the one used in this map...
  6. H

    Create custom evo 8.6 [no noob]

    Hello I create a new evolution server. Map: 60-65% done [~26Mb, no water zone, 29.04.2019] Editing monsters: 60% done Npc: 40% done Scripts: 30% done Start time: 2-3 months No super mr/uh, no infinite ammunition/runes/potions - like no noob play Oldstyle spell formula (like old tibia...
  7. Senzation96

    [Sweden] [8.6] Senzation Land | CUSTOM EVO | 24/7 |

    Senzation Land | 24/7 SWE | CUSTOM EVO | Welcome! Welcome to Senzation Land | Enjoy your stay Website - Senzation Land (https://senzationland.com/index.php) Custom Client - Senzation Land (https://senzationland.com/downloads.php) Discord - Join the Senzation Land Discord Server...
  8. gicu0770

    [France][Custom Client] Raxandor START 6.02.19! | 16 Vocation | Monsters Level | Upgrade Item, Character System and more!

    Server Information: 10.98 highrate custom map with teleports Website: Latestnews - Raxandor :: Open Tibia Server Worldtype: PvP-Enforced with Skulls (unjust system) Raxandor client: Raxandor Download General Information Unique 8 Classes with 16 Sub-Classes! More Info here: Classes - Raxandor...
  9. TibiaBooa


    What happend with all evos with 8.6? What i can find, there are only rl maps with 7.x or newest client.. I want 8.6 evos back ;(
  10. Asheex

    [GERMAN] [8.60] Sarah OTS Evo Start 03.01.2019 on 18:00 CEST

    Signup for the SarahOTS server! 8.60 Evo Custom OTS High EXP Website: Latestnews - Sarahots.zapto.org The server start is scheduled for January 03. You'll be able to login and create your account and characters, but you'll not be able to login untill the server launch. Game Features: Many...
  11. zbizu

    [8.60] clean evolutions map

    Hello everyone! As a tribute to the best, most universal and most often remixed ot map I decided to remaster it. I kept as many aspects of clean evo as possible to keep the clean map to edit experience. Original map was made by Xidaozu, around 2007 - over 10 years ago! Screenshots...
  12. S

    Mapper Need mapper for evolution!

    Hello guys! Im currently working on an Evolution server and need someone to help me with a teleport room and quest room. (Maybe some more stuff on the go) If you feel temptated to help me out pm me your discord name and we talk further about price etc. Best regards Sami
  13. D

    [Poland] [8.60] SRYNCERIA

    Srynceria is not just another boring ots from the evo map downloaded from the Internet or events that you can find on any other server, oh no! On Srynceria you will find many interesting innovations and systems, such as: Dungeon system, original events such as Escape room, 25 room event, or...
  14. H

    [Poland] [8.60] Zeldera low rates evp-rpg

    . delete thread please.
  15. reddit1

    [GERMANY] [8.60] Cinara EVO | Launch November 23rd, 18:00 CET

    CINARA 8.60 - EVOLUTION Cinara.org:7171 IP: cinara.org Website: Cinara.org Dear OTLand community, after some Beta testing we reworked lots of the systems and features we use on Cinara. A totally different game is awaiting you! The Server will be online on Friday 23rd 18:00 CEST! EVERYONE...
  16. Zoolek

    [Poland] Kosmos OTS | HIT | PVP-e | EVO | START 16.02 | Epic Quests

    Ots by player for players! OTS made for PVP Kosmos OTS coming back after 8 years... "New record: 766 players are logged in." - 2009 What is so special in this ot: 1. Runes end, potions & amunition dont (small stones does ^^) 2. Every item from sms shop you can get in game (quests) 3. Balanced...
  17. Phemus

    [Mexico] Vincera Online - 8.6 - EVO-RPG SERVER

    •Ip: www.vincera.net •Accounts: Vincera - Createaccount •Version: 8.60 •Port: 7171 Site: Vincera - Latestnews E-mail: [email protected] Forget all the hundreds of Real map servers now and welcome back the old and epic Evolution map servers! Vincera Online is the best and renovated...
  18. C

    [Poland] Dragon Ball Inferno (wodbo) 8.54 ENGINE

  19. M

    [Szukam] paczki data EVO z rebornami 8.5-8.7

    Siemka, szukam jakiejś ciekawej paczki z rebornami pod wersję między 8.5 a 8.7 Byle jaki to by był ten reborn system, poszukuję z powodu gry ze znajomymi na sieci hamachi. zew ip i blokowanie portów przez usługodawce nie pozwalają na nic więcej.
  20. S

    RoXoR 10.94+ project

    Hello! I want to introduce you my roxor project with 10.94 items. Tell me if you like it or not... ;)