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[France][13.20] Noveria Online - 1st July 2023 - FULL LAUNCH!

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Nov 22, 2010
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Start - July 1st 2023 20:00 CEST
live countdown here

Server Info

Website - noveria.online
Discord - Noveria
Location - 🇫🇷 France
- Custom (teleports)

Client - 13.20 Custom - SUMMER UPDATE 2023, MOST RECENT!
(will be available on launch)


Skill stages​

skill x7 if skill below 100
magic x6 if magic below 100​



World Type

PvP (classic, adjusted for modern playstyle)
– No more accidental skulls when hunting with secure mode! (applies to all sources of your damage)


Magic Wall and Wild Growth

– always blocking EVERYONE
– doesn't count towards frags

Magic Shield

– works in old way
– can be cancelled with Exana Vita
– energy ring for all vocations

Hunting spots

– every hunting spot has protection zone on its entrance (except for tile with exit teleport)
– exiting a hunting spot while PZ Locked will teleport you to one of random exits in the city


Kitsune 1.7
– TFS-based with lots of fixes (some contributed back to TFS repo)
– 100% custom code for new systems (all self-written, nothing outsourced)
– Over a full year of intense development
- Vastly improved since BETA

Server Features

Custom monsters in Prey System


Our prey system comes with some gameplay adjustments, namely:
– You will only roll monsters that are present on the map.
– You can stack multiple bonuses for the same creature.
– If two bonuses for same creature differ in type (eg. one slot is XP bonus, one is damage bonus), they are fully effective.
– If the type of bonus is identical (eg. 2 slots with 40% exp for same creature), the second XP bonus is less effective.

Skill Wheel


Noveria has fully functional skill wheel which allows you
to customize your character as you progress.

– Allows adding stats, effects, spells and passives to your character
– Available through client button
– Available from Level 50 onwards
– Changes can be made near City Temples

Free blessings until Level 200


Characters under Level 200 are automatically protected with all blessings available.
After crossing that threshold, blessings can be purchased with !bless command.


Througout the years we have analysed results of countless server crashes on entire OT scene.
We understand how frustrating it is to lose hours of gameplay, progress or even worse - rare items
in most unexpected situations. This inspired us to write a custom anti-rollback system
that will allow you to play the way you like without having to think when was
the last time your character was saved.

VIP System


– Account-Based
– Better daily rewards
– More hunting grounds
– Better resting area bonuses


Our server has unique approach to training which solves issues
existing training systems found everywhere else have.


– Three training modes - Offline, Golems, and Exercise Weapons
Exercise Weapons will also train your Shielding.
Paladins can buy Infinite Training Spear for 5 gp to make training on Golems more afk-friendly
– commands !autoeat and !manatrain to enhance your training experience
Exercise Weapons can be stacked by using them on each other as long as they are identical

– Training area is fully protected against griefing and safe for afk
Resting Area Bonuses fully functional in training area.

Daily Rewards

– Visiting Daily Reward Shrine for the first time allows you to pick an Exercise Weapon (2 if VIP)
with boosted attackspeed and more charges than usual. These items cannot be traded.
– Reaching daily reward streak of 6 days unlocks 10% attackspeed bonus on Exercise Weapons. This bonus stacks with the one above.
– Training in houses is 10% more efficient. Private training dummies for your house can be purchased in Store.

Equipment Upgrade

Throughout your adventures on Noveria.online, you will be able to upgrade your equipment in various ways


You will also be able to drop upgraded items randomly



Imbuing Components can be acquired through exchanging Gold Tokens at +1 floor in depot.
Gold Tokens will be available as Event rewards and Boss loot.

...and many more!​

Join us at Noveria.online!



True masterpiece worth to try for sure, played some on beta tests and can fully recommend the work of these guys.
See you guys at start :D
This actually looks incredible. Hands down the cleanest new work right now, hyped to give this a try!
The amount AND quality of changes that have happened to this project is simply astounding. I was super disappointed by the early days of the beta, but what this project is today is basically nothing like what it was back then. Phenomenal job -- I'm excited!
Discord invite link is not valid + tutanota.com mail is not suported. Pls fix both
Fully recommend anyone to at least try Noveria. Very professional members in the team who have created an extremely fun server. Wish you all the best!
Can you explain what is the point of the discord server for this server? There is not a single channel that people can type into, why do you suppress the ability for people to speak? Seems shady. I had some questions but now everything about this server looks weird.
Can you explain what is the point of the discord server for this server? There is not a single channel that people can type into, why do you suppress the ability for people to speak? Seems shady. I had some questions but now everything about this server looks weird.
Trust me, having a discord server for general information, and support tickets etc is the best way to go...

But they do have english chat/polish chat, you just have to select a role first...
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Good server :)
Post automatically merged:

just could be better if it was 10.x client :/ but ok
Discord links on website fixed

Good server :)
Post automatically merged:

just could be better if it was 10.x client :/ but ok

We are using some 13.x features that don't translate well into old clients, hence why we decided not to support hybrid protocol. If you are interested in alternative client, please consider contributing to OTC Redemption.
1 day and 8 hours until server launch

Added !help to show list of available commands:

(screenshot from development, the message may differ slightly)
I highly recommend it, I played the beta and really enjoyed it, what I would like to mention is that I am not a big fan of evo servers, but somehow I still found it very enjoyable. I think that not only evo fans would find it entertaining. Besides, the number of features and thus the amount of content is very impressive, as is the overall high quality.
Server is online, going to hit 200 players on launch, it's absolutely nuts
It hasn't updated yet, code probably refreshes every 30 minutes, if you look at online list it's going crazy

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