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  1. L

    Hosting website on another machine.

    Hi guys, I'm new here. Are you okay? I'm having trouble splitting my otserv and site on separate machines. Something strange happened. The machine that is the server is a ubuntu 14.04 and the site is hosted on another ubuntu 20 machine. I did the configuration, the server connected to the...
  2. Stellow

    [Infrastructure and Automation] Private Tibia Server Consultancy

    Hello all! Introduction I would like to continue (with slight differences) the consulting service I have started in 2016 (Programmer - [Tibia, Websites, Mobile Apps, Marketing] Looking to take your project to a new standard...
  3. Stellow

    Hosting a server in the Cloud (AWS)

    Hello guys, I have recently posted an article on my experiences hosting a TFS 1.2 on AWS. It does not go into much detail, with respect to the knowledge that you have on custom Tibia servers, however, it is a nice starting point. I am happy to share my experiences with you, and welcome any...
  4. T

    Real costs of the server

    Hello! I think it would be great to have a thread where we have information about the real costs of the OTS. 0. What are the costs of having your own server? 1. Maybe we can create a simple calculator to create estimations? (map size + estimated players online needed?) 2. What are good options...
  5. Kuantikum

    Linux 1 core or multicore?

    Hello guys, I have a question related to the host of an OTSERVER. Which configuration would be most effective when hosting the otserver in relation to the processor. 1 core or multcore or is there no difference in performance? I have understood that TFS use only 1 processor core even though it...
  6. Soulless213

    Questions Regarding Hosting a Server (8.6 + RealMap)

    Hello, I am new to trying to start and host an OTS. I am a rather experienced Tibia player, but I have recently decided to try and host a server. So, I wanted to know if anyone could help me on how to run a server? How to edit my server? I don't know anything about it except from little bits and...
  7. G

    Jaki hosting pod OTS 2k19

    Cześć! Jestem ciekaw waszego zdania na temat aktualnych ofert hostingowych (2019r.) oraz rad jakie możecie udzielić przy wyborze takiej usługi. Aby zaoszczędzić sobie czasu, chciałbym w ramach hostingu korzystać z systemu Windows. Mapa jaką przewiduję w swoim projekcie to ok ~30MB. Klient 8.6...
  8. moekl

    Server Hosting Assistance / Help me to figure this out

    My Idea So i basicly own a server IBM x3650 m3 and would like to know before i start offering a hosting service, what is the main thing that i should keep in focus when it comes to security of my network and the Hosting service, what should i consider. then im thinking about doing hosting via...
  9. N

    coul you recommend me a ddos protected dedicated hosting service?

    I am looking for a good service to host my server so I would like some recomendations. Please state the price and some info. Thanks for reading, looking forward to some recommendations! Also I would prefer it if you did not recommend your own service (won't be objective). If anyone wants to...
  10. Misha123

    Hoster Hosting a server!

    Hello everybody on Otland, i've played tibia alot in my life and i've also hosted many servers that i worked on myself. I'm in the mood for being a Gamemaster again as before on a server i like that would be RL map or custom OT maps like Evo. Anyway i can offer to host your server without any...
  11. Mhako

    Character login screen but "greymarked" and cant login

    Hello! I have the following problem: I can login into character screen, but i cannot join the game. "Connection failed" etc. Ports forwarded: 7171 -> 7171 7172 -> 7172 80 -> 80 They are forwarded to my laptops "internal" IP within my router with TCP/UDP. IP used in config.lua: My global IP...
  12. M

    Planning ahead - looking for some advice in creating OTS

    Hello Everyone! I am very fresh to OTLand community, although I always preffered to play on OTS rather than original Tibia servers and used to host some tibia servers back in the day with .exe file on my PC. I miss old 7.4-7.6 tibia with low exp rate so I've started gathering up some info...
  13. bok


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  14. Imereth Popis

    Linux How much could this VPS support?

    I am thinking about how many people in a small map like only Thais city, or Venore City or Rook City (war server) will this VPS support. Details: -Linux Ubuntu 16.04 64 bits -KVM OpenStack -1 vCore -2,4 GHz -2 GB RAM -SSD 10 GB -RAID 10 local Thank you for help :)
  15. lompik

    Windows Looking for cheap windows hosting!

    Hello. I want to host a 7.6 real map open tibia server. My map weights around 70mb. I need windows host. I looked at OVH but they are very expensive (100 euro+ per month) I'm a beginner and won't be having too much players online that's why I need cheap hosting so I can work on my project...
  16. pasiak12

    I need an advice on choosing a host server.

    Hey! I would like to rent some small server to host my tfs project. The engine hasn't been hard modified, so let's say the server would need to be able to run original tfs 1.2 engine + database + zznote AccMaker Site (or I should use another serv for the website?). The number of players...
  17. Eddie TheGod

    Hoster Free VPS Hosting

    OPEN NOW My name is Eddie, and I want to host a server. I would like to host any server for 1 week, after that week goes by if the server doesn't have 20 or more characters on, I will shut down the server. Okay, how do I apply? Reply to this thread or PM me with the following information...
  18. Don Daniello

    Hoster OTS Hosting Service 2023 w/DDoS Protection

    2023 ULTIMATE OTS Hosting Service - FULL DDoS Protection NORTH AMERICA & EUROPE I am offering an OTS-tuned hosting service. It's like getting a dedicated server, but completely ready to host OTS! Now available in Europe and NORTH AMERICA. You can choose the location when you launch your...