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Hoster OTS Hosting Service 2023 w/DDoS Protection

Don Daniello

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Apr 11, 2008
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2023 ULTIMATE OTS Hosting Service - FULL DDoS Protection

I am offering an OTS-tuned hosting service. It's like getting a dedicated server, but completely ready to host OTS! Now available in Europe and NORTH AMERICA. You can choose the location when you launch your server.

The service has been provided since 2011 and there were hundreds of satisfied users who purchased over 700 servers so far.

Now you can run your Windows .exe on our Linux server!


Beside, I must say, impressive DDos protection you have! I was skeptical to how effective it is... but now I know for sure :) a claccis DDos guy tried to blackmail me and started to DDos me, all that happened was a 4-second lagg and then it was all gone and the blackmailer started swearing instead haha :D

I want to thank you for the service you provide to the community. Over the past month my OT has been steadily growing and it's because the first thing players notice is a smooth, lag-free playing environment. After that first step is secured then they feel confident to continue exploring the server. There is now an average of 90-110 players online during the peak hours and hopefully it will continue to rise! None of this would have been possible without your Hosting Service. Thanks!

  • 1 dedicated IP address
  • Intel-based 4 cores @3.4 GHz
  • Choose between 4 - 32 GB of guaranteed RAM memory
  • 5 GB disk space for OTS
  • Unlimited bandwidth, server connected with a 1 gbps NIC
  • Advanced network-level DDoS protection:
    • we have advanced, automatic malicious flood traffic removal
    • handles DDoS attacks over 160 Gbps
    • You can only obtain this level of protection using a global, data-center-grade network equipment. It's not possible to protect your home PC like that.
  • Only Solid State Drives to dramatically increase you MySQL server performance
  • Based on Ubuntu 22.04
  • Fully configured and secured Ubuntu Linux operating system according to our perfect configuration recipe.
    You do not need any Linux skills, you can learn how to use it in 15 minutes!
  • Pre-compiled forgottenserver 1.X (master) in /home/otsmanager/forgottenserver.
    If you want to compile old 0.3/0.4 versions, all packages and dependencies are already installed, you just need to follow attached instructions. Old 0.3/0.4 releases form private SVN are available here.
  • Auto restarted to automatically recover from crashes and easily start/stop the server using systemd
  • Fully configured nginx web server with PHP 8.X (based on PHP-FPM), serving files from /home/otsmanager/www/public_html
  • MySQL Server (MariaDB 10) with root access, phpMyAdmin interface and daily backups in /var/lib/automysqlbackup
  • All services configured for performance and DDoS mitigation
  • Full root access

Price & Payment

Sponsored Server
Regular Server
4 GB​
4 - 32 GB​
Your server must not be dormant
You can accept donations
You can run server for-profit
First available​
Europe or North America​
Payment method
P24 / Debit/Credit Card / PayPal or Tibia Coins​
Price for 4 GB for 30 days
How to launch?
Respond in this thread to ask for one​
  • Multiple payment methods including Tibia Coins are accepted (1500 TC for 4 GB server / month)
  • The price of the service is determined by the amount of RAM you need
  • The price formula is: 50 PLN (~10 EUR) / 1 GB RAM / month
  • Minimum RAM is 4 GB, maximum is 32 GB
  • It is possible to upgrade anytime by paying just the difference in price.
General guidelines for choosing amounts of RAM:
  • real map (100+ MB map): 5-8 GB RAM depending on number of players and MySQL optimization used
  • medium maps (30-100 MB): 3-5 GB RAM depending on number of players
  • small maps (<30 MB): 2-3 GB of RAM depending on number of players
Remember that the amount of RAM helps to increase MySQL speed and reduce lags if you have heavy MySQL operations in frequent globalactions or creaturescripts.
If you have improperly configured scripts or looped functions, the additional memory may not help you.
If your TFS always uses more than 50% of a core, there is something wrong with your scripts.

How to start?
Payments are handled automatically and you will receive your server within 10 minutes!
Go to our new website, create an account and order a new server now.

If you don't renew your service before it expires, all data will be permanently deleted. It's important that you add funds to your account for renewal in time.

How to use ?
When your server is installed, you will see a page with all the details how to use the server.
You will use PuTTY (SSH client) to manage your server and WinSCP (SFTP client) to upload files.
Further instructions are provided once you log in with PuTTY.

Remember ! We never use your files or data pack, it belongs to you.
We DO NOT take any money you make with it. All donations belong to you.
Your files are kept PRIVATE and will not be used or shared with anyone.

FREE OTS Hosting Service

We have decided to provide our service completely for FREE for promising NON-PROFIT OTS projects!
Update: as explained here, this service is now available for free to almost anyone. The main requirement is that you are not blatantly for-profit.

To qualify for free hosting, you need to:
  • have an established server (can be hosted at home) with at least 25 players online
  • perform regular updates
  • have absolutely no donations/payments on the server (SMS shops, etc.)
  • not have a download & run server
  • contact me through PM with details
I will only choose applicants that are convincingly serious.
You can start accepting donations/payments at any time by paying regular price for the server.
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Fallen a part of your staff?



Seems nice, maybe I'll be ordering soon.
Don is a trustworthy person. However, I have a question:

If I am using a multi-world system that requires several gigabytes of ram, is there a discount or a "price ceiling" of some sort?
(Assuming I would need 4 GB's of ram per world, and I wanted to host 6 or more worlds, I would be paying at minimum 240 EUR a month using your services.)

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Yes, there is a discount for multiple worlds. Individually negotiated.
Everyone is saying "Trusted" or "Recommended", but have you tried the services yourself?

They are trusted people of this community, correct.
Recommended? I would not recommend a cookie if I had never tried it.

Just an example.
Cause many of these people have used my hosting service in the past, not in this form, but still my hosting :) You thought they just like my name or what ? xD
Cause many of these people have used my hosting service in the past, not in this form, but still my hosting :) You thought they just like my name or what ? xD

Probably ;D

I wasn't trying to flame agaisnt your service, just people who say it's recommended, but have never used your services. If they have, then I will eat cookies and drink milk and say sorry.