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  1. Z

    TFS 0.X getSpectators error

    0.4 Hi guys, I am trying to learn more about getSpectators to make creative spells for monsters. I tried to make a simple script that would do the following: teleport the monster to a random player near it and start attacking that player, changing its target. function onCastSpell(cid...
  2. Y

    Spawn Monster Via Item

    Hail guys from OtLand, okay? I would like to know if someone can make a script for me, my idea is like this: I would like to have a specific item that when the player uses it, spawns a monster next to the player, but all the SQM around the player would have to be free , not being able to have a...
  3. Jpstafe

    when I add monster the edit is not seen Remere

    Hello community of otland, when I add monster they are not seen on the map, when I want to remove or edit I cannot see the monster or npc... is there a solution? monst
  4. S

    Fix/Patch [TFS 1.x] Monster Skulls

    This fixes skulls not appearing on monsters for some versions of TFS. (Nekiro's Downgrade personally). I saw many threads about this with no fixes. Credits @zbizu for walking me through this. In protocolgame.cpp AddCreature() method: msg.addByte(player->getSkullClient(otherPlayer)); Replace...
  5. D


    Hello, I'm using TFS 1.3 downgrade to 8.6. I have a problem, my monsters visualize the player are walking from one side to the other and after a long time attacks the player. This happens sometimes as if he had a chance to attack the player, he keeps moving away from the player then he goes and...
  6. Fabi Marzan

    TFS 1.X+ Monster Experience in Look

    I use TFS 1.5 Good, I had thought about how to make a script that when you take a look at the monster it shows you the experience that it is going to give you. Something like an example, using the (MonsterType("name of monster"):experience()) This scripts is an example, it doesn't work for...
  7. N

    TFS 1.X+ monster interval and chance HELP ME PLEASE

    Hi, I don't understand what do they mean. what is the interactions between them? I put high interval and low chance and my monster attack quickly, I put low interval and high chance and my monster attack quickly too.. HELP ME PLEASE :C oh, I forgot to ask about armor and defense in my monsters...
  8. Z

    Simple way to remove monster?

    0.4 Hi, I am struggling with some think I know its very easy. I want a way to remove a creature after some time after it has been created. I have a npc script where summons a creature, and it adds an event that removes it, but if a player kills the creature, obviously returns an error. So I...
  9. H

    Lua Monster AOE spell destroy magic walls/wild growth walls TFS 1.4

    Hello guys, good morning. Would like to ask if someone knows how to create a spell, to be used by monsters, to destroy a player's magic wall. Thanks, any help is apreciated :D.
  10. El Man

    C++ monster spawn in different place not on players

    HELP ! i have problem when monster spawn he goes down in the same place where the player is standing .. all just i need when the monster comes down it descends in a different place than the place in which the player stands I turn : allowBlockSpawn = false : to spawn and there are people in...
  11. Yan18

    TFS 1.X+ [TFS 1.3] How to Do Players No Hit Monsters Melee and Range Damage?

    Hello folks! I would like to know how to do players no hit damage monsters melee and range, however, the player can target monsters. In other words, I want players can target and focus monsters, but the monsters don't receive damage from players (0 damage when targeting). Although, the monster...
  12. Yan18

    TFS 1.X+ [TFS 1.3 - MonsterSpell] - How to Use MonsterSpell to Get an Existing Spell to add in MonsterType:addAttack(Spell)?

    Hello people! As the title said, how can I use the function MonsterSpell to get a Spell and add in a monster by MonsterType:addAttack(Spell)? I want to add spells not contained in xml from monster that respawns.
  13. Yan18

    TFS 1.X+ [TFS 1.3] How to Change Monster's Spell In-Game?

    Hello guys! Is there any event or function to change monster's spells in-game (real time, after loading distro)? Is it possible? For example, a Lava-Golem has Fireball spell and a player click in a lever in a quest, and after that, the Lava-Golem at the area lose the Fireball spell.
  14. Fabi Marzan

    Problem Loot (Bag) in TFS 1.3

    Hello I have a problem with the loot that when I kill the monster that contains a bag it does not tell me what is inside the bag. Some more explanatory images: The monster has a bag inside.. When I kill the monster, it doesn't tell me what's inside the bag.. As you saw, it does not tell...
  15. N

    the monsters are beaten for their own magic

    Can someone help me? the monsters on my server that have paralyze magic are also attacked by their own spell. Example: Medusa, Hydra, Serpent Spaw... medusa.xml seems to be all right, does anyone know how to fix this? My server is alkurius <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <monster...
  16. Z

    Lua Exori but healing if hit a monster or player

    0.4 Hello, I was trying to do this by myself, but I couldn't think in a way to make this work I want exactly like the title. Knight uses exori, if the spell hits a monster or a player, the knight get healed, if hits 2 monsters or players, heals 2 times the healing and so on. Thank you Exori's...
  17. El Man

    Monsters disappearing

    monsters disappearing automatic when i make hunt and after it tibia get bugs ;/ how to fix this problem ? Version : OTX
  18. El Man

    C++ Add skull monster/npc

    how to add skull on monster/npc evolution source anyhelp?
  19. M

    Lua Monster disappear after a minute

    0.4 Hello guys and good morning. I was trying to do some simple scripts, but one of them i can't solve. I want a script that, when the monster get created by doSummonCreature, it will disappear after a minute. I was trying to do by creaturescript and then use this in the monster.xml...
  20. M

    TFS 0.X Monster heals another monster

    Hello again. Today I'm trying to do some monster' spells and I'm stuck in this one. Its simple. One monster will heal another monster (in range) if the name is in the script. The problem is, i copied a script that i use to heal summons, and can't find another way to replace this function " for...