1. Udun

    Objet Builder monster 10x10 and Ot client.

    Hello friends, I have an issue creating an outfit on objet builder, i'd tried to create an outfit for a monster with 10x10 size and I put all the animation and graphics together and it was succesfull, the outfit does what supossed to do, BUT! the problem is that when I test the outfit on OTC its...
  2. MagicWall

    OT Monster Maker JS

    Hello, long time ago I prepared Monster Maker Tool for OTClient, now I'm has rewrite it to JS + React. Some users have write (rightly) that is that bit useless as module for OTClient, so when I wanted to improved my Rect skills, decided to rewrite that module to JavaScript app. JS app benefits...
  3. E

    [help] addEvent to remove Summons

    hello my friends, i'm working in a summon action script and I want to remove the summon after x time, and put exhaustion (y time) on this script .. i have tryed make this with "addEvent" but i dont know how to make it correctly... TFS 1.3, 10.98 version i'm using this script as a base...
  4. K

    Increase amount of dropped gold from monsters

    Hello! So basically when for example in mummy.xml file I have: <item id="3031" countmax="100" chance="400" /> <!-- a gold coin --> It drops a random amount of gold. Sometimes 10, 20 and sometimes 100. I want to make it dropping around 60-100 gold, but as I though and tested there is no...
  5. M

    Help I've not located - C++/LUA

    I know it's available in the forum. But I couldn't find... If you find or can do I'll be grateful I USE TFS 0.4 1 - Message before the monster sends spell ---- Like Gaz Haragoth... 2 - Monster Spell Disarm Player weapon, the weapon goes to backpack... 3 - Spell of the character It is not...
  6. tonynh

    TFS 1.X+ Skulled monsters

    Hello guys! I'm creating a boss system, but I can not add the flag skull. I'm using TFS 1.3. Previously it was only to use <flag skull = "number" />. I did not find information about the update. can you help me? Thanks <3
  7. MagicWall

    [OTClient Mod] Tool Monstermaker

    I prepared mod for OTClient who may help with creating monsters for TFS 1.3, in fact it need tests and probably it have some issues, but all sources is open. A few months earlier I showed several screenshots: [Showoff] OTClient Monster Maker In fact, I created it in boring journeys from one...
  8. Booker

    TFS 1.X+ Creature() method with custom monsters?

    Hello, i'm using TFS 1.2 and i just cant get to return a monster instance using Creature() on a custom made monster passing in it's name as param. This works: local monster = Creature("rabbit") monster:getName() >> Rabbit This doesn't: local monster = Creature("myMonster") monster:getName() >>...
  9. rwxsu

    CreatureEvent [TFS 1.2] Task System

    Task System For TFS 1.2 Features: * You can add as many tasks as you want * You can add as many rewards as you want for each task * You can add multiple monsters to a task, so it registers the kill on different monsters (e.g. dragon and dragon lord) * You can change the name of the task * You...
  10. P

    Get all monster info

    I'm trying to print all monster info on my console, so I know how to use it to make my script. I've been making this but looks like there is a lot of tables inside other tables and I can't figure how to make print it all. Here is how I was trying... function onSay(cid, words, param, channel)...
  11. L

    Spell that make players hit back

    I have a passive monster edit in sources Feature - Simple passive monsters So i wanted to make monsters ignore players by storage but couldn't find anything for TFS 1.2 If someone can make me a spell (wave) that the monster uses and if the spell lands the player damages the monster so it...
  12. B

    Windows After killing monster, other monsters on the screen do not pass through the bodies

    Dear friends, can anyone help me? I am with a Global Server OT 8.6, I have the following problem. After killing monster, let's say I'm surrounded by dead body, the other monsters on the screen do not pass dead bodies to attack me. I have heard that it is problem in source file, I assume in...
  13. T

    Lua Variable Monsters Health (TFS 0.4.0)

    Hi there, I'm recreating D&D aspects in my personal server (TFS 0.4.0 based) and I would like to recreate the variable max health from creatures. I mean, actually the max health is based in the monster.xml file, as default (health max ="xxx"), so every creature from the same type has the same...
  14. S

    Spawn Lure Position - TFS 0.4

    Hello guys, How can i change the distance/sqms/radius to attract/lure monsters? I searched in many files at the source and did not find. My interest is to decrease this distance lure was the same in the servers OldSchool (like a 8 sqms, for example). Thank you!!!
  15. GhostWD

    C++ monster getAttackedCreature

    Hi there! I've got code like this in monster.cpp if(isSagaMonster() && valueses == sagaNumber() && creature->getAttackedCreature() == this) ){ return (!creature->isRemoved() && creature->isAttackable() && creature->getZone() != ZONE_PROTECTION &&...
  16. K

    Unmovable monster?

    Hello! I´m working on a little project, a 7.6 server (XML - it´s old, I know, but usually simple, just for a few friends and I.), and monsters can move diagonally, is it possible to make 1 specific monster/creature unmovable so it just stands still wherever it is placed in its spawn? Thanks, in...
  17. GhostWD

    C++ How to make monster attack only player with storage

    Hi there, I've got problem to solve, idk how to refere to attacker at isTarget method in monster.cpp bool Monster::isTarget(Creature* creature) { if(creature->isSagaMonster()){ return (!creature->isRemoved() && creature->isAttackable() && (creature->isSagaMonster() &&...
  18. GhostWD

    Lua Change monster flag

    Hi OTLanders, Got question to you, is there any possibility to change monster flag(attackable,hostile) with lua functions? I'm using tfs 0.4 Thanks in advance
  19. elnelson

    Lua Catch monsters

    Hello, otlanders, hope you guys are fine :). im trying to modify this script. these are the features: 1-.Use X ítem on monster 2-.% succes rate 3-.If monster captured (ex. Wolf) it soul get contained until use my requeriments are these: -If i capture a Wolf, when i use the ítem it should summon...
  20. Pluto

    [TFS 0.4] 8.6, Distance Attack stops while walking

    While using distance weapons (spears, bows etc.) and walking at the same time, player doesn't attack. To shoot any distance weapon, you have to stop first and not move. No problems with melee weapons. Any ideas how could I fix that, or solutions? -- SOLUTION -- Thanks very much to fla5h for...