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  1. Hashcube

    TFS 1.X+ [8.0 dg by nekiro] [TFS 1.5] Walking lag/delay

    Hello community! 🫡 Walking with arrows or map click results with the same behavior - character stops for a very short moment and then moves forward. It happens very often with some short moments of absence (usually out of town). It happens both on cipsoft client and otc, and only when map is...
  2. kite28

    tfs 1.5 (downgrade 7.72) by nekiro NPC Trade

    hey, I have a little problem with tfs, as the header says, it's about 1.5 downgrade 7.72 by nekiro. Does anyone have a guide or could share here on the forum how to comment/add a trade system in NPC? Thank you very much in advance for your help. I tried various methods and read various forums...
  3. L


    I went through the whole process to try to add the market feature to the nekiro source (it is already in the source, I just had to activate it) I activated it in everything (I think) game.cpp const.h protocolgame.cpp player.cpp However, when compiling, I am encountering this error. Can anyone...
  4. SalvaART

    Compiling TFS 7.72 - Read map from 7.4

    Hello someone can explain me how to change otmb reader from 7.60-8.40 version to 7.40 map file? Quick info: On version map 7.60-8.40 i have bad sprites, grounds, and more On version 7.40 everything is okay and i want run my TFS with this version (7.40) When i open original Nekiro world.otmb...
  5. SalvaART

    Lua the simplest way?

    Engine: Nekiro Downgrades 1.5 [ 7.72 ] Question: Hello everyone, I wanted to ask what is the best way to use rl map npc from 8.6 to 7.72 server. For any help ++
  6. Rondel

    26.08.2023 TFS NEKIRO 7.72 <fmt> lib problem

    Hey, I've just followed the Compiling on Windows (vcpkg) (https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/wiki/Compiling-on-Windows-%28vcpkg%29) tutorial. I've succesfully went through all the steps, however when I tried building the Nekiro 1.5 TFS 7.72 downgrade i've encountered few errors: Severity...
  7. N

    Lua [Tfs 1.5] tibia 8.6 Wall problem

    Hello. ive got a little problem with all walls when ive want throw rune diagonal of any wall. With spells ive got the same problem. Tfs 1.5 downgraded by nekiro. look here: https://gyazo.com/098ecf992f29c73951a494c399c9377a
  8. G

    TFS 1.X+ Server Crash Nekiro 8.6 Downgrade

    Hello guys,, recently I've been receiving crash using sources Nekiro 1.2 8.6 downgrade. Can someone explain who causes this crash?
  9. Error 502

    C++ [1.5 Nekiro 8.00]Depot Chest not saving or clone item

    Nekiro 1.5 downgrade 8.00 locker ✅ work Depot Chest ❌ bug Depot Chest not saving 1.- Login to game 2.- Put ITEM of your INVENTARY in Depot Chest 3 .- Relog 4.- no save item in depot chest Depot Chest clone item 1.- Login to game 2.- Put ITEM OF LOCKER in Depot Chest 4.- relog 5.-...
  10. Z

    Rarity items tfs 1.5 7.72

    trying to implement [TFS 1.X] Rarity Rolls & Custom Attributes Library (https://otland.net/threads/tfs-1-x-rarity-rolls-custom-attributes-library.268888/) on nekiro tfs 1.5 772 everything working with some changes to source and script but when i use element damage it doesnt work. The damage...
  11. Error 502

    C++ change your stats percent // Points

    1.5 Nekiro downgrade. I don't have much experience in C++. I come to ask how to do an IF function without dying trying xd I want to know if the way of coding in c++ is correct, especially the storage Context: how to change the way to display HP and mana according to storage , changing them...
  12. Error 502

    [1.5] Simple Task 4.0 | Vodkart

    Créditos : Vodkart & Demonbholder I am migrating from 0.4 to 1.5 I really liked a script of a Brazilian "Vodk". take the script and convert it to resvscript with 1.5 functions tested on 1.5 nekiro downgrade 8.0 Context: task:kill certain amount of monsters, to receive rewards such as Exp, money...
  13. Paulix

    TFS 1.5 8.6 downgrade randomly crashing

    I'm hosting it on windows 10 64bits, pretty good machine with plenty of resources available, my server crashes 0-3 times a day without errors on console... the server saves before closing which means that isnt a critical failure. I tried to use visual studio to check whats happening, but didn't...
  14. Slatera

    Attempt to index nil value(Nekiro 7.72 TFS 1.5 downgrade)

    Hello everyone, I've been searching and searching for a fix for this but I'm not very good at compiling and that's where the issue seems to lie, I've downloaded Nekiro's 7.72 downgrade of TFS 1.5 on the github, compiled it but when I start the server I get this error: PANIC: unprotected error...
  15. ralke

    [VIDEOTUTORIAL] Learning how to compile TFS 1.5 on Windows (8.60 downgraded by Nekiro)

    Hi, I recently helped a member of otland @IsseB to compile it's server. So I decided to record the process, because it was the perfect moment to make this tutorial. It is not planificated, it's just me working on the video. But with the video-editions, I did some cuts and accelerated some parts...
  16. G

    [Bug] TFS 1.4+ InitDamage attribute in fields doesn't work properly.

    TFS 1.4: "InitDamage" doesnt work properly. When I step on the "field" one more time it deals "damage" instead of "initDamage". gif: https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/45514240/145229495-03eb59bf-d5eb-447e-b45b-e479e47eadc2.gif What is more if I use double "damage" (the first one...
  17. Nekiro

    [8.60/8.00/7.72] Clean TFS 1.5 Downport

    Hi, as in title, this thread is the main thread of the downgrades from this repository here: https://github.com/nekiro/TFS-1.5-Downgrades (Switch branch to the top left where "master" is written) 7.72: (Direct download) https://github.com/nekiro/TFS-1.5-Downgrades/archive/refs/heads/7.72.zip...
  18. CoolBuys1290

    I can connect but can't log in.

    I can connect to my server, but can't log in. Using Nekiro's server at Here. I had to add a name field in the database and change the default value of number to NULL. Please help. Thanks. CoolBuys1290 1623528659 I imported the database that came with Nekiro's downgrade 1.4, edited config..php...
  19. psilocybusmaxim

    OTX2 7.72 DLL and XML PLUGIN TREE FOR Nekiro's ItemEditor 0.4.3

    I thought I could save some people some time if I upload this, seems people have this problem time to time. Took me sometime to navigate to this amazing resource! I compiled a DLL tree so I could edit my items.otb with Nekiro's ItemEditor 0.4.3. thought i'd share it with the community for...
  20. B

    TFS 7.6 - 7.72 by Nekiro... Only clients with protocol 10.98 allowed! Error?

    I was able to build Nekiro's TFS downgrade to make my 7.6 OT servers, but after opening the server and trying to connect the following warning comes up: "Only clients with protocol 10.98 allowed!" Any ideas on why this is happening and how can I fix it? I'm pretty sure I cloned nekiro's TFS...