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  1. slaymymind

    [Germany] [7.4] Tibiantic BETA Starts 10.01.2024 18:00 (GMT+1)

    TIBIANTIC 7.4 BETA Official Website www.tibiantic.com Tibiantic is a realistic 7.4 server project. All items, map and game dynamics have been reverse engineered to version 7.4. We are planning a long-term gaming experience, not seasonal. There will be original experience and loot rate. There...
  2. W

    [BRA] [7.4] - OldTibia - Open Today 26/11/2023

    Server Grand Opening Today! -Embark on the ultimate journey in the best 7.4 Server ever. -Relive the most cherished moments of nostalgia in the finest version of Tibia. -Confront powerful monsters, challenging bosses, thrilling invasions, and much more... -Server 100% BOT-FREE... That's right...
  3. tdp157


    Tibia Titans - 7.4 - https://tibiatitans.com Opening on 18/06/2023 at 4:00 PM. About the Server: Exp: 15x (Stage) Loot: 2x Skills: 3x ML: 2x Complete quests New cities (Svargrond, Yalahar, Liberty Bay) Unique PVP system Unique Bosses Roulette system Constant invasions Events with cash prizes...
  4. maykelotmaker

    [FRANCE] [7.72] Zajawka [29/10/2022, Saturday, 18:00 CET] BR,NA Proxy

    Launch date: [29.10, Saturday 18:00 CET] Website: www.zajawka.org [World configuration]: -Datacenter France, -RPG 7.4 Reallmap server with custom content, -PVP(Enforced in Warmode), -Custom, smooth Antibot Client, -BR,NA Proxy. [Experience stage]: Level 1 to 30 : 5x Level 31 to 50 : 4x Level...
  5. J

    [USA][7.6] Saylerium NFT - BETA

    We at the Saylerium Team thank everyone who was present on the first and other days of the server Our aim is to deliver a fair and fun server for those who want to make money in R.L through an economy that really works in the long term. In addition to bringing the reality of NFTs and...
  6. tiag0_bn

    [USA] [7.4] PhantomOld | Starting 31th JAN 18:00 2022 | OldSprites | News Items | No vip itens | Join us now!

    Welcome PhantomOld PhantomOld Server was created with the purpose to revive and >extend< the oldschool experience. With the real map and features of the 7.4 tibia version and new areas, quests, items and monsters! Without changing the oldschool gameplay that we love so much! Below is listed...
  7. Pyrka Leci

    8.0/7.4 War OTS High Peaced Levels?

    Hello old players. Does anyone of the present and interested have a complete engine / files to create WAR OT with large lvl from the start I mean the server on which from the start we have a given lvl, for example 60lvl and we knock the lvl for frags and we lose it asymmetrically? More or less...
  8. miguelshta

    Dolnera Official NEED HELP!

    Dolnera Official Why i Need Help With my proyect? -im out of money to invest in advertsment & dedicated servers -Worked alot of hours in this proyect maping i made all own solo What Proyect Includes? -Website -Custom Client Open Source Sprites (you need to hide them all) -OtServer Compiled +...
  9. tjafs

    [France] RealMap 7.1/7.4 [HIGH EXP PVP-ENFORCED NO SKULL SYSTEM] START 2018/04/07 18.00 CET

    Welcome to OldTibia V.1 Balanced Vocations 7.1/7.4 Gameplay: * Real Tibia Map *NPC System *Quest System *Monster System All 7.1 & 7.4 Features such as: *UH Trap *Not overpowered manafluids *Lure system *Cannot push people if there's a parcel i.e *7.1 & 7.4 Graphics *Custom City Gengia)...
  10. F

    Creating a 7.21 OT Server

    Hello everyone, I've decided to open a 7. 2- 7. 23 server to revive the old tibia gaming feeling. To be honest I don't really like new tibia and the oldest otservers you can find right now are 7.4 (very few are good) and some of them are actually 7.5 (you can see they have Hydras). I...
  11. oldinferna

    [France] TibiaClassic 8.0 | Real Map PVP-E No Skull High Exp| Start 20th Sep 18.00 CET RESET

    Uptime: 24x7 Datacenter: Strasbourg, France Website: tibiaclassic.eu Worldtype: PvP-Enforced No Skull System- 1 29 50x 30 49 35x 50 69 25x 70 79 20x 80 89 15x 90 99 10x 100 109 8x 110 119 7x 120 129 6x 130+ 5x -------------------...
  12. T

    [CANADA] MORTEM 7.4 |DDos Protected|- START 13/12 - 06 AM GMT +3

    IP: MORTEM.IGZHOST.COM Features: - Custom Sprites, hunts, monstros. - Realmap 7.x - Facing to PVP/RPG. - Host from Canada (OVH), Anti-Bot, Custom Client, Cast System, War System, POI, Port Hope, Etc. - Exp/Vocations balanced. - Server on a super structure, Anti-DDoS, leaving the game without...