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  1. Petrus69

    Using Things Opening OTHIRE LAGS

    When I walk and open my backpack, the character stops I don't know in which source file to precisely set it? :
  2. kosamika

    C++ problem pushing monsters downstairs

    hello otlanders!!! im using vb2010 and last OTHire-master server revision im tryng to push monsters downstairs, but i always get ret_notenoughtroom the only holes that seem to work are the dirthole and the traphole but even those wont work once they are open. i can use them again when they...
  3. massuco

    C++ Engines for 7.72 nowadays

    Hey guys, I've been retired for alot time from the open tibia server world. Wonder know, whats the best engine to start a new server 7.72 nowadays? I saw alot of forgottenservers downgradeds, and idk whats the difference between them. 4 years ago, I was using OTHire 0.0.3, a nice engine, but...
  4. C

    [OTHire] - NPC selling runes individually

    Hello OTLanders! My objective is to make runes stackable but I'm having trouble with the shop module I'm using the following npc system: GitHub - peonso/tibialegacyserver: Tibia Legacy Server is a OpenTibia 7.72 real map server. (https://github.com/peonso/tibialegacyserver) I changed the...
  5. Terotrificy

    Dragon Lord dropping Golden Mugs with water

    Hi, i'm using Othire 0.0.3 and having this issue, Dragon Lords are dropping golden mugs, vials or whatever fluid container i set in loots filled with water.
  6. H

    Lua Storage Outfit OtHire 7.72 problem

    Hi everyone! I've got problem with storage outfits. For example: when somebody bought elf outfit through the shop from site, he can change outfit in client. If someone will have storage, let's set up 20001 This will be able to choose a necromancer in the set Anybody can help me with this?:)
  7. Terotrificy

    Display player kills and filter highscores by vocation in website

    Hi, i'm using this version of Znote ACC but it doesn't have filter by vocations in highscores, also i would like to add player kills history in the character.php so anyone using this version of ACC would add it too, but i haven't been able to achieve it, so anyone willing to help would be nice...
  8. Terotrificy

    Help setting new RSA Key for server and client (trying to make only my custom otclient able to connect to server)

    Hi, i'm struggling with my RSA Key on my server (peonso/tibialegacyserver (https://github.com/peonso/tibialegacyserver)) I generated my own RSA Key following this tutorial: RSA Keys Generator (https://otland.net/threads/rsa-keys-generator.266103/#post-2645772) My otserv.ccp in my otserver...
  9. Terotrificy

    Lua Bid System for Othire 1.0

    Hello, i have my site working 100%. But i can't make the startup handle it. I took this script from TFS 1.0, but receiving this error: Server Console on startup: Lua Script Error: [GlobalEvent Interface] data/globalevents/scripts/startup.lua:onStartup data/globalevents/scripts/startup.lua:9...
  10. Terotrificy

    (7.72 Client) (Othire 1.0 Server) Teleport to temple on login if no space (7.4) not working properly

    Hello, back in 7.4 you could do teleport to temple using chests, big tables, pots, etc. Right now i can only make teleport with magic walls, creatures and so on, no chests, pots or tables working, you just simply log in above. Anyone know where can i modify it on server? Sorry i've been long...
  11. M

    Shielding/damage monsters formula OTHire

    Is there any person here who has corrected or knows how to improve the shielding formula on OTHire?. Monsters are very strong piercing armor and take a little too much damage
  12. M

    scripter coder c++/lua OTHire

    Hey i need a person who know code engine OTHire and want help me fix some bugs in the code for $$
  13. M

    OTHire 0.0.3 Casting spell and moving

    I'm using OTHire 0.0.3, I want the player to be able to move while casting spells (right now if I'm attacking a monster, and keep holding the same arrow key or numpad the character will stop the moment the spell hotkey is used, then ill have to keep spamming the arrow key and the spell key same...
  14. M

    use spell/eat food (freezing/stopping) character movement

    Hey, I have a very big problem. When I walk with a character in the game, and uses a spell while walking, or if I eat some food, the character gets lag / freez, and simply moves back. Does anyone know how to fix this? Engine: OTHire 0.0.3 https://gyazo.com/171a57cd762cafa1cd564024888c63a2 I...
  15. M

    othire 0.0.3 pvp arena

    Hey guys someone know how to make a pvp arena script on othire engine? i think othire dont have function onPrepareDeath. Exactly what I mean is how a player gets transferred to the depot and he is not killed (pvp arena)
  16. Jpstafe

    Error my server :(

    Hello community, I have a problem with an othire 0.0.3 server, when I open it it is offline ... the ports I have correctly opened ... I have checked it with two other servers that I have and they open perfectly, this server that I try to open is with page ... and it won't let me enter with my...
  17. Jpstafe

    Task System and Bp manafluids and Blankrune (error)

    hello community, I have an otserver 7.72 and the task system and purchases of "buy bp mana fluid" and "buy bp blankrune" and the lever system to buy bps mana fluid and blankrune do not work .. the other npcs like rashid, food, parcels, djns, boats work perfectly ot is based on = [7.72] OTHire...
  18. Jpstafe

    Error Conecting my server(Help)

    Hello community, I have an error to enter my server ... this next error appears then after a few seconds try to connect again, but the same error comes out .. the selection of people appears to me, but does not enter the server the ot is mounted with znote .. it is server is othire-v0.0.3, I...
  19. CoolBuys1290

    Failed to Build Nostalrius's fork of OTHire

    Please help me build the server for 7.72. I am getting this error in VS2019. Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Error C2664 'void std::_Normal_allocator_traits<_Alloc>::destroy<_Ty>(_Alloc &,_Ty *)': cannot convert argument 1 from '_Alloc' to...
  20. M

    C++ increaseMagicPercent OTHire

    Hey guys someone can help me with attribute increaseMagicPercent ? i want add this on OTHire distro i want make custom item Like blue robe givings 5% offensive damage attack