1. Z

    Compiling Problem with OTX 3.8

    What am I doing wrong? I use Visual Studio 2015 , boost_1_62_0 , tfs-sdk-2.1 Include: Lib64: Is anything else missing?
  2. Aldo Axel

    Windows Definetly not are raids

    The console continues to close, even deactivating raids... could be the console?
  3. Aldo Axel

    Windows Someone could help me with my console

    Good, straight to the point, my problem is on my console, Version OTX, TFS 0.4 Windows x64 bits OS Windows 10 My problem is to have my console open, this stable is functional, but in a couple of hours, the console closes directly without throwing any error, everything is fine, in a lapse of...
  4. SlaughterXd

    Can´t loging to my server

    Hello, i need help with this problem: i have been trying to make a ot server with otx and uniformserver, and no-ip, the thing is i can´t connect to my server. I have been looking different stuff in the forum, but nothing works. Could someone help me please? I can give more information if u want 2.
  5. DouglasII

    [Canada] Euphoria Custom PRO OT 8.6, Custom VC and Custom &Collapser Spells-Map-Systems. START TODAY

    Website: EuphoriaServer.com Host: OVH Dedicated Server Launch: Monday, October 24, 18:00 CEST Server: 8.6 Map: Custom Edited + Collapser Town and Islands Coll Island: Uptime: 24/7 Server Type: Highrate exp + Stages PVP Protection: to 130 level Exp: x600 1 - 100 level, 600x 101 - 150...
  6. Kvn007

    How fix packet problem?

    How :o
  7. Krajan

    Windows OTX Server 3 without _MULTIPLATFORM77

    Hello guys, I've been building OTX in Visual Studio successfully but there's one problem, server still requires 7.7/72 client version. https://cdn.pbrd.co/images/3nzSPgHiN.png Any ideas why? Thanks for your help!
  8. Lelodro

    OTX Server 3 - Based on TFS 1.2 (7.6/7.72 - 8.6 - 8.70/71 - 10.96)

    What is OTX Server 3? OTX Server 3 is a fork of OpenTibia based on: The Forgotten Server 1.2. We are trying to create the perfect OpenTibia server and personal status. Supported protocols: 7.6 (7.72 with flag: _MULTIPLATFORM77) 8.6 8.70/71 10.96 LATEST RELEASES OTX Server Releases FULL...
  9. Lelodro

    [CAST] - OTX Server 2.X.S-3 LORD ZEDD (7.x/8.x/8.5x/8.6x/8.7x/10.x)

    OTX Server 2 is a fork of OpenTibia Server based on: The Forgotten Server 0.3.7 - OTX Server 2.1 The main function of this series is retro compatibility. This tells us that it is a project that does not stay in one version or a more current version Tibia engine. Which gives us the satisfaction...
  10. Olddies

    Free Full RealMap Datapack 7.6 / 7.7 (OTX)

    Hello as title says i have done my full server based on this datapack, this datapack i used it and put it online 1 year ago the server did reach 80+ players online in test server so there are some bugs and shits you have to finish yourself, i cant explain them right now... this datapack is the...