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  1. CWMsollutions

    Programmer CWMsollutions Sp. z o.o. programming services

    Hello, We are small company located in Poland named "CWMsollutions (CWM [solid]lutions)". We are mainly focused on micro/small/medium programming systems/projects. I'm a Tibia related topics fan and that's why I decided to be open on otland programming requests. We are fluent in C, C++, C#...
  2. L

    How to parse server ID to client ID?

    Hello, I don't know if this is the correct section to point this (if not, please, tell me). I'm studying some structure of the old 8.6 Tibia.dat and Tibia.spr and finnally got reading then correctly (I think). However, I'm still having problems while getting data from the .dat file. For...
  3. A

    Programmer [TFS 1.X+] Aurelion's Services

    Hello guys, i'm Josh, i got a decent amount of time working as freelancer here at OTLand (as jobhunter xD) and i decided to make my own thread as long i feel that i need jump into a formal level of working with the people of otland. I have decent knowledge on the following areas: C++ Lua...
  4. Fox Rother

    TFS Architecture

    Hey, everybody! I'm trying to understand TFS' architecture, but as I'm still a n00b in C++ (currently reading the Deitels), I thought someone more experienced would like to share their knowledge on its innerworkings. I'm very interested in contributing. It doesn't need to be very detailed...
  5. slavi

    How to deal with common errors while compiling!

    Hey there, As the title describes, this tutorial aims to give you a background about a programming topic, which is compiling. This tutorial is targeted to people with none to beginner knowledge in programming. We'll be using visual studio. The reason behind posting this, is that most people...
  6. danne3131

    OTC - Disable targeting player with runes on battle list

    Hello guys, im wondering where i disable the targeting of players on the battle list on OTC Right now you can just right click a rune (SD for instance) and shoot a player through battle list. Since im working on a 7.4 this is not the way to keep it for sure! Any help is appreciated! Cheers
  7. Snavy

    C++ Inheritance (Practice)

    Hello otlanders! I have been learning C++ inheritance for about a week now and I have grasped the basic concept of it and understand the basic questions that are Frequently Asked. BUT it is time for me to get a bit advanced on this field too, and of course I need Tasks or Some sort of Project...
  8. Snavy

    Gimme some Ideas bruh

    I have no clue what to do so I thought it would be good to practice some Python (3.x). The problem is that I do not have ideas to work with, ideas that would help me learn the standard libraries in Python 3.x I'd be glad if you could post any ideas & libraries to work with.
  9. Humberd

    Lua IntelliSense in a Visual Studio

    Is there a way to configure a Visual Studio or other IDE/editor to put hints about available methods, fields, global variables in LUA?
  10. SlaughterXd

    what to learn for ot server?

    Hello community, i´ve recently been creating a ot tibia server, but how i don´t know anything how it works, i was wondering what should i learn so i can manage my ot server? I know in the community are lots of experts who know well how ot works, so what should i learn?
  11. G

    Solved How to insert db.query on function in talkactions?

    Hi guys, I need to run a talkaction is made an update on the table players, set cast = 1. I tried as follow, but not work. function onSay(player, words, param) if param == "on" then param = nil end if player:startLiveCast(param) then db.query("UPDATE `players` SET `cast` = 0...