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[Sweden][8.6] Highland | Low Rate RL Map | RESET NOV 25

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Jan 20, 2022
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Why should you play on Highland?

One thing that makes us unique is that this server is completely free from Pay To Win! No donate weapons or bonus XP (exception is stamina bonus with premium), you earn everything in-game! The only items you can get in the shop is quality of life items such as larger backpacks, multitools and premium days.

Highland is a server focused on RPG and exploration using the real Tibia map with some with some custom quests and systems for you to explore. We don't want to stray too far from the original game as it was back in the day of 8.6, the new items and spells are more focused on expanding the endgame instead of changing the already existing parts of the game.

Start your journey in classic Rookgaard

You'll start off in the classic tutorial island of Rookgaard until you're level 8 where you'll be able to leave for the mainland. Or if you choose to stay in Rookgaard you can compete on the highscores among other Rookstayers. We have a specific highscore on the website for players that stay in Rookgaard where we've also added a custom quest for the legendary spike sword.


Here's what you can expect while playing on Highland:

  • Instanced dungeons where you can earn tokens to spend in the dungeon shop for unique gear and items.
  • Custom quests focused on exploration, solving riddles and more.
  • Custom weapons, ammo and spells available from quests and raids.
  • Fully functional quests from RL Tibia such as: "The Inquisition", "Pits of Inferno", "Demon Oak", "Annihilator" and much more.
  • A fully functional task system.
  • Offline training.
  • Players can spawn raid bosses through certain items that drop some of the best gear in game.
  • All outfit quests working, outfits gives different bonuses when equipped.
  • A friendly community on Discord.
  • Bounty hunter system.
  • Daily events with unique rewards.
  • Minibosses spawning all over the world every 30 mins with over 80 different spawns for variety.
  • A custom client for Android phones.

This and much more coming in the future! We hope that you will enjoy your stay here with us, and please do let us know if you need any help or have any feedback on how we can improve the server!

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We hope to see you online on November 25!
So excited for reset, loved the server before and I love all the changes with the server. I think this will be awesome, community have been great, updates and management aswell! I look forward to reset and the race is on :D.

I hope everyone that sees this will give the server a chance. More serious and pvp-e which u rarely see with these rates :)

Looking forward to these changes that have been done!
Alot of nice and helpful people on this server and GM an owner is a class of their own when it comes to helping and taking suggestions. Really nice server.
This server has really good potential. Jeff is always listening to the community and implementing new stuff every day.
Jeff is very good gamemaster and hoster. This server have a good community - recommended!

I also like the combination of PvP-E and built-in bot.

If you like to bot - go ahead. If you don't like botters, hunt them down for experience.
Just added a new update to the server! A new dungeon called "Chambers of Despair" filled with Dark Torturers and Nightmares!

chambers of despair.jpg
Lots of new updates the latest week!

2 new quests

Chains of Death: a "poi" like quest with lots of tough riddles and puzzles to solve with a custom boss at the end. New custom gear as a reward!

Quest description: Long ago the Mad Mage imprisoned Death deep within Drefia to save Tibia from the Old God's destructive power. Rumor has it that something's gone horribly wrong and the warden of the prison has perished which means that the prison is now left unattended. Who knows what horrors lurks down there with no one to guard it. You must not let Death escape his chains. Find the prison located somewhere deep beneath Drefia to the west of Darashia. Countless measures has been taken to make sure that Death stays locked up, be ready to face many challanges!


Quest series: The Cataclysm: The start of a new quest series that will have chapters released when they're ready. The series will en with a bang and a tough challange and new custom rewards! Heavily lore and story focused.

Chapter one: Yog the Betrayer: The sky suddenly turned dark and a distant lightning strike could be seen hitting the ground to the north-west of Carlin. There's something unnatural about what's going on and someone should investigate.


New area: Roshamuul

We've added Roshamuul from version 10.30 so you can hunt Guzzlemaws and Frazzlemaws. We've also added them as a new task.


New tasks: Area Tasks

A new type of tasks are available from the taskmaster: Area Tasks. With these types of tasks you need to kill all kind of monsters withing an area, for example: Pits of Inferno, The Inquisition area, Orc fortress and more. We hope that this will add some variety to your hunting experience.

New items

We've added new custom rings that focuses on protection against different elements. We've also added a bunch of backpacks from future versions of the game. And on top of that we've also added a bunch of house decorating items from future versions of the game and lots of cool carpets to decorate your house with. We got much more coming!
This and much more coming in the future!