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rme map editor

  1. P

    [13.21 Canary] Issues attempting to load Canary map with RME.

    Hey, there. General Info: Canary 13.21 remeres-map-editor-13x distributed by otservbr (The RME I have been using) convert-map-to-client-id distributed by otservbr (Old RME used to convert map files between ClientID and ServerID) ServerId and ClientID Map Converter distributed by otservbr...
  2. darkangel1

    Lua Lever Teleport

    Hello. I'm trying to make a teleport lever, similar to the annihilator quest. But nothing works for me. A character stands on a certain plate z-y-z, press a lever and he will be teleported to another x-y-z location. Can anyone help?
  3. F

    RME comprehensive setup guide

    Howdy, I'm interested in dipping my toe into Tibia mapping. While I understand the appeal and nostalgia for older versions of Tibia, one can not deny increase in quality and diversity of assets that come with the latest Tibia version. So what I'm looking for is to setup a RME that will have all...
  4. Glaszcz Koldre

    [TOOL] Convert any map between ServerID and ClientID

    Hi. With this tool OpenTibia - Convert any map to 7.6 (https://otland.net/threads/convert-any-map-to-7-6.259410/) (thanks to @Peonso ), and this tool GitHub - Inconcessus/OTBM2JSON: OTBM2JSON - A generic framework for programmatic modification of OTBM files...
  5. leo9393

    OpenTibia [RME 4.x] RME Modification 4

    Firstly, apologies for looking extremely similar to @RokojoM post, used his as inspiration. This is built upon @RokojoM's post of [RME 3.x] what I've done is updated the files to include most of the walls and grounds from 13.x REQUIREMENTS Any version of RME HOW TO INSTALL Download the .rar...
  6. D

    I beg for help with RME

    Hello friends, my name is Daniel. In upfront I want to say sorry for everyone who waste time of reading my thread. I beg for help with download, open and prepare newest RME with the newest tibia assets/tiles however its name (don't have to be really really newest, just the newest possible)...
  7. L

    I'm looking for RME

    Hello. I need RME which will have all Tibia 12.86 items working with items.otb and spr / dat. I would be grateful if someone sent me.
  8. Bebzon

    TFS 1.X+ Houses - door id, automatically change.

    I have a problem with houses, so... when i put doors in the houses and select exit in front of them, in the map editor is fine but when i put a map on the server and reloading, in game doors are with different id and i cannot open them even on GOD. Anyone had the same problem? As you can see it...
  9. Alkenyx

    OpenTibia 10.98 - RME with modification (Compiled for Windows)

    Hello everybody. Today I'm sharing with you the RME I'm working with on my 10.98 Map. :) + The 1098 Clientfiles (Tibia.spr & .dat) you need. Reworked trash-List. Reworked coffins-List. Thanks for the basic-mods (updated them): https://otland.net/threads/rme-3-x-rme-modification-3.235972/
  10. Alkenyx

    TFS 1.X+ Quest Chest gives Key for special doors.

    Good Morning everyone. Somehow I can't figure out how to create a simple quest: 1. Open the chest, give a key. 2. Key opens door, other chest or something else. Thats my actual not working setup: 1. Created a keychest_pergamon_graveyard.lua in my actions/scripts/quests folder. function...
  11. Alkenyx

    TFS 1.3 - Buggy Doors

    Hello everyone. Server: TFS 1.3 Client: 10.98 Remere: 3.2 and 3.7 Am I the only one who places a normal door (ID 6252) in an stone wall for example that's locked in game? I guess I must do smth wrong.. And don't tell me to use RAWs..
  12. Alkenyx

    RME 3.6.1 - Different walls don't combine.

    Hello everyone. I can't combine for example a stone wall and a framework wall. Map version: 8.6 RME version: 3.6.1 Mod in use: OpenTibia - [RME 3.x] RME Modification 3 [8.6 version] (https://otland.net/threads/rme-3-x-rme-modification-3-8-6-version.269151/) Edit: Tested it without the mod: Not...
  13. E

    Problem z rme :<

    Siema. Pracuję na remeres map editorze w wersji 3.2. A teraz przejdźmy do meritum. Mam problem z map edytorem po przejściu serwera na nowszy silnik wyskakuję mi takowy błąd przy uruchomieniu mapy : Dlaczego tak może się dziać? Przy dodaniu mapy na serwer po jakimś czasie ją crashuje z powodu...
  14. L

    Problems with RME

    I'm having trouble with my Remere's Map Editor. I use a version of RME 2.2 compatible with 10.31. I would like to leave version 10.31 to 12.0,. the problem is that I can not convert the .otb map from 10.31 to 12.0 because I need to exit the RME 2.2 client and go to a 3.++, and when I do I lose...
  15. nugo

    Programmer Looking for a programmer to do some RME modifications

    Hello, Looking for a programmer to do some RME modifications, i will pay of course. Im not sure on the complexity/work load of the below items but ill put them down anyway. One condition is that on the completion of the upgrades i can release the upgraded version on OTland for free with credits...
  16. nugo

    RME/Map Editing - How to take one collective detailed screenshot of a map

    Hello All, Im wanting to create a detailed screenshot of my entire map, i would rather not have to take 100 screenshots and copy paste them all together. The mini map export function in RME is not detail enough for what i need. Anyone know of a method/program to make this process easier? Cheers
  17. ROKI721

    [RME] Problem with map properties.

    I have, a problem with map properties on all RME versions. Screens: Can u help me? :) If wrong thread, please moderator to change thread forum.
  18. Udun

    TFS 0.X More than 15 floors

    Hello all, Im looking for a way to make more than 15 floor levels on RME and TFS 0.3.6, for example, do 150 upper floors from main floor (for now floor 7 on all tibia ots) and for example 50 cave floors, and if we can modify the main floor to be another one different, not the 7 anymore. I found...
  19. J

    [RME 3.3] Can't see the map to edit it.

    Hello all My initial problem is there are no NPCs loading in my new TFS OT that I am running at home. No issues logging in and moving around. I see the bunnies and rats, but no NPCs. Using RME 3.3 to try and edit the default forgotten.otbm that came with TFS 1.2, it ends up looking like the...
  20. Nosferatu88

    RME editor addons/mods

    I seen, someone wrote that he uses some mod into RME that enriches and make adding borders easier. If someone is experienced with rme editor and can link me to some usable addons to this program, and explain what they do/how to install.