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  1. F

    Tibia 7.4

    Hello im Loking Merania Map and tibia if some one remember and have file send me pls ASAP
  2. alexv45

    [Znote AAC] - Interactive Map for Servers - Work in Progress

    Hello everyone, I hope you are fine. As i create many layouts for ZnoteAAC i decide to start creating an Interactive map to add on website and add some information. I Done this because some servers have several custom modifications and a lot of text to explain, where to go, where find it, etc...
  3. R

    Team Several OG servs rebuilding project. (Scripters,Mappers,Coders) *Structured*

    Hello. I've missed this game too much and the creativity which comes with server making. Therefore I made the choice to come back now, after my long break. I have been with this community since 2010, but ended up leaving a few years ago around the same time all my buddies did cause IRL takes...
  4. R

    How's the OTland community doing in 2021?

    Hello. Felt to check on y'all and how the forum is going. Still seems active after all those years, fun to see. My big question is however, how are YOU guys feeling? Is the community for OTs growing or is it slowly dying? I have some ideas for a server and therefore wish to get some intel if it...
  5. lionginas

    YourGamingDude - The new Open Tibia Servers list

    Hello, i am YourGamingDude.com site owner and i would like to invite you all to submit your tibia server website to our server list! What exactly is YourGamingDude.com? YourGamingDude.com is a website where people are able to advertise their quality Private Server, Fan pages, facebook groups...
  6. kubqq

    ***VOTE*** What servers do you like the most? (8.60)

    Hello everybody on OTland. I want to create my open server. Itd my first time with ots making from almost 10years. At first I want make a server with my original own map but I am really scare about this because I think nobody wanna play at this server. So I wanna know on what servers you...