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[Znote AAC] - Interactive Map for Servers - Work in Progress


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Sep 16, 2021
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Hello everyone,

I hope you are fine.

As i create many layouts for ZnoteAAC i decide to start creating an Interactive map to add on website and add some information.
I Done this because some servers have several custom modifications and a lot of text to explain, where to go, where find it, etc.
So i decide to create an Interactive Map where you can place a Spawn location with a picture, a header picture while click on it and Text explaining what you can do here or find a World Boss, etc.

It uses css & js, the page is in html you can covert it in .php format.

Working for any website, Gesior, MyAAC, ZnoteAAC, custom, electro...

Work in Progress on GitHub : GitHub - Open-Games-Community/Interactive-map: Interactive Map for Tibia Servers (https://github.com/Open-Games-Community/Interactive-map)

We accept Pull Requests about adding markers on map.

To check a live version of the map see here : Hellgrave RPG Custom Tibia Server (http://hellgrave.ddns.net/map.php)

Note: While i think you understand , the picture was taked very large and the folder in rar is 70Mb+ i cannot upload it here but i want to share it with the community.

File attached is not complete. Check GitHub.

Original Huge detailed Map: ( Removed ) picture size 32000x32000 1.3 Gb ( to much load ressource )
Detailed Picture top 30 Hight: ( Used on Interactive map ) 7056x6720 29.2 Mb Ultra Compressed , from original 115Mb+


Real Map ( 12.72+ )


From Hellgrave Server where i created the interactive map:


  • Interactive-map-main.zip
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