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  1. potinho

    Lua [TFS 0.X]Skill Scroll - Skill booster

    I would like a script (action) that, when I use the item, the skill rate (skills axe, sword, club, distance, shield, fist and magic level) would be "x" times faster for "x" time. can you help me?
  2. P

    Lua help skill craft system

    hi all, I am trying to add a skill bar for crafting, the problem is that when raising skill, it is not reflected in the crafting system, making it impossible to create items http://imgfz.com/i/kqPcdlv.png an example of the problem local storageOffset = 1000 local skillRate = 30 function...
  3. Togu

    How to change manaGain and healthGain during game

    I was looking on sources where to change theses values but I couldn't find. It looks like these addCondition, updateCondition and setParam are a little hard to understand. Do you guys have some tips? I want to make it based on skills
  4. Togu

    [Brazil] [Custom / 10.98] The Forgotten Tibia: No-vocations | No training | New skills | RPG-PvP | Season 1 | 04/10/19 What makes it different from Tibia / The Forgotten Server 1.3? There are no vocations Everyone starts as a normal human being with points to be distributed among the skills There is no skill training Each level you advance ou receive points to be distributed...
  5. F

    Skill Rate Problem

    Helo OtLanders, i need help again :/ if I increase my skill rate in the config suddenly nothing happens anymore what can i do?
  6. Togu

    OTClient Why is this happening (see gif)? / Setting minimum width to label

    I've made some changes on game_skills module and I'd like to set minimum possible width to a label based on the text of the label. Is there a way to do that? On the gif you can see that when game starts it loads a default width and when I reload the module he sets the minimum possible width...
  7. cdpa2000

    Blacksmith Level Limiter

    Hi, could anyone help me put a limitation when creating items The items are divided into ranges, C, B, A, S, S +. The idea would be something like: blacksmith level: 10+ = Class C blacksmith level: 25 = Class B blacksmith level: 50 = Class A blacksmith level: 75 = Class S blacksmith...
  8. I

    Help with post my server online

    Hi guys!! I got the release 1.2 (forgotten) and I'm using this with orts (server and map). And I already finished my first version to put it online my server. My doubt is... I implemented everything in Windows... If I download it in my server on digitalOcean (linux (ubuntu)) it will work...
  9. leonardo ramos

    Stats system - Like Archlight Server

    Hello, I would like to know if in the forum there is any system of Stats like Archlight Server, with a longer list of options and with configurable bonus. Works as follows: For each point added to any of the above options, the player receives a percentage increment in the selected status. I...
  10. K

    [VENEZUELA] Danera-Ot

    Ot Map Rl of low exp, low skills and an aggravating difficulty for the player. We have many events, custom sets, custom maps, custom quest among others. hosted in a 100% secure vps, with the facility of donating in several countries with multiple routes. The way to get the vip items is totally...
  11. Keru

    Change Skills to Attributes

    Hello Im using 1.x(1.3 latest) and looking to change how skills work right now, and change the sword, club, axe, etc. I want to change into something similar to D&D style. Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma Luck I would like to create something in which all attributes...
  12. F

    OTX 3 isStrengthened exists?

    i created a script that adds skill but i noticed that when people have utito tempo or utito tempo san and they use they script they get more skill than what they should get, basically the formula i use is getcurrentskill + 50 so lets say if they actually have 150 and utito tempo makes them have...
  13. miens

    Lua cant advance in skills

    Hello! Im using tfs 1.0. For some reason characters on my server cant advance in any skills. When I fight creatures skills percentages are not growing. I checked my vocations xml and all skills multipliers are set to 1 there. I also checked config.lua but "rateSkill" is set to 3. I have no idea...
  14. HeberPcL

    CreatureEvent Start Skills TFS 1.x

    Hey... Today updated the @Ratser script for last TFS. Version Tested: The Forgotten Server - Version 1.2 local firstStorage = 56364 local firstSkills = { [1] = { { amount = 55 } }, [2] = { { amount = 55 } }, [3] = { { skillid =...