1. bpm91

    Spell monster tfs 0.4

    I have a question when using the script in creature events, and and mark the monster with the script, My monsters do not heal. Example hydra. Could someone tell me how I can get my monsters to heal again, and summoned monsters to damage the scripted monsters again? </immunities>...
  2. metiu11

    TFS 0.3.6 Spell transform

    Heyo, I found script, which add effect on player but i want to change lookType, so i edit it like this: local tempo = 60 -- tempo em segundos. local ml = 35 -- quantos ira aumentar o skill de ML local skillfist = 35 -- quantos ira aumentar o skill de Fist local skillsword = 35 -- quantos ira...
  3. M


    help me fix this error .. it's spells ....... with cooldown I have a script and I will post it down here. local combat1 = createCombatObject() setCombatParam(combat1, COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE, COMBAT_PHYSICALDAMAGE) setCombatParam(combat1, COMBAT_PARAM_EFFECT, 26) setCombatFormula(combat1...
  4. M

    Help I've not located - C++/LUA

    I know it's available in the forum. But I couldn't find... If you find or can do I'll be grateful I USE TFS 0.4 1 - Message before the monster sends spell ---- Like Gaz Haragoth... 2 - Monster Spell Disarm Player weapon, the weapon goes to backpack... 3 - Spell of the character It is not...
  5. S

    Lua Double exhaust rune

    Hello, is it possible to create a rune which reduces the exhaustion of each type by half for a certain time without source code? If possible, please tell me which set of functions to use to achieve the goal. I'm using TFS 1.2 Thank you for all the answers!
  6. Togu

    TFS 1.X+ Making two-handed weapons give bleeding condition

    How am I suppose to do that? I was looking on movements folder, I couldn't understand how it works. I don't know if I should do that in C++, in Lua or in both. Is there some way of adding bleeding condition in C++ (I just found it in the lua file for the bleeding spell)? Cause I know I can...
  7. elnelson

    Lua [0.4] Dispel is not working.

    Hello, otlanders. Im trying to make a spell that "cures" all status, including buffs, haste, burning, etc... but it is not working at all. here is the script local combat = createCombatObject() setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE, COMBAT_HEALING) setCombatParam(combat...
  8. C

    Block Renegeration

    Hello. I'm developing a spell that the user stays invisible for a certain time. So far so good, but I wanted to make sure that while the character is invisible, he does not have regeneration. Is there any constant or something I can set in the player so that it is unable to regenerate HP / MANA?
  9. D

    Healing over time spell tfs 1.2

    Hello, im looking for healing over time spell, with healing values same as exura lets say about 4 ticks every 1 second that heals Can somebody teach me how to do it? Thanks
  10. elnelson

    [0.4] Elemental resistence

    Hello, otlanders i got an idea: I need a spells that add player % elemental resistence (fire, Energy, earth etc) for 35 secs Also a 3x2 square that bring 100% elemental resistence when standing there :) I really dont know where to start tho. Im using tfs 0.4 r3774 (8.6) Thanks
  11. M

    TFS 1.X+ addEvent with Spell Behaviour

    for the past few hours I was trying to figure out why my spells behave that way, here is an example video. Followed by the actual script. If anyone has solution, please let me know. Thank you :p <instant group="attack" name="testb" words="testb" lvl="0" mana="0" prem="0" direction="1"...
  12. gicu0770


    HI If not working please write errors! -add line spells.xml <instant group="support" spellid="144" name="Immortal" words="Immortal" lvl="1" mana="1" aggressive="0" selftarget="1" cooldown="1000" groupcooldown="1000" needlearn="0" script="immortal.lua"> </instant> ---create lua...
  13. gicu0770

    Spell TFS 1.2 Invisibility, Ghost Spell, Hide.

    -----------------START-------------- Hello ;) I see many question about this spell i make this for all. can crash so make copies! English LOW ALERT! -add line to spells.xml <instant group="support" spellid="144" name="INV" words="INV" lvl="1" mana="1" aggressive="0" selftarget="1"...
  14. D

    TFS 1.X+ Help me understand object and effects display

    Hello, Im about to edit some existing objects and effects, and my problem is that i cannot figure out how to make a 1 effect to spell, that hits multiple tiles. For example (Effect made by object builder) How to make spell with area damage {1, 1, 1}, {1, 3, 1}, {1, 1, 1} That displays only...
  15. I

    TFS 1.X+ Exhausted from spell.cpp

    Good night everyone, I come across a rather annoying problem and wanted the help of you, tidying up the Exhausted from my server I came across a problem, in which a heal spell, not used with a combo spell, etcc. I noticed that they were separated into groups, even when editing xml, one can not...
  16. E

    Mana healing spell, spell that gives resistance

    I need a spell that heals mana for 5% every 1 second 6times, then last one for 10%. another spell i need is a spell that gives 10% resistance for 10 minutes. Tfs 1.3
  17. astamor

    C++ Custom spell effect doesn't disappear and doesn't follow character.

    So, I've added new spell effect to my server, animation works properly, it doesn't bug anything but.... I took exura spell and changed the effect from CONST_ME_MAGIC_BLUE to my CONST_ME_PRAD. It kinda works, the new effect is animated, the problem is: * It does not follow character, if I'm...
  18. nevereq

    Looking For Old "Blazing Berserk"/Calcitro Mass Please help - video

    Hello! Like in the thread... Im looking for this spell for years... :(:mad: ~need it for tfs 1.2
  19. Misterion

    Lua Limit spell range when targeting

    EDIT: I forgot, im using TFS 0.3.6 I know it sounds like a simple question but it's for a custom spell, where the caster becomes invisible and sneaks up on the enemy when he clicks to attack. I wonder if there is any function to activate this only if the enemy is melee. Explaining the spell...
  20. JohnColner

    Slow Rune Help

    I'm trying to make a rune to slow down the player attacked by it for 3 seconds without utani hurting the effect, could someone help me? dry my test. local combat = createCombatObject() setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_EFFECT, CONST_ME_ICEAREA) setCombatParam(combat...