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  1. Fabi Marzan

    TFS 1.X+ Error with Depot Duplicate - Nekiro 1.5

    Greetings, I hope you are well, I have a problem with the depot that doubles when placing items, that is, I try to add more depot to deposit and when placing an item in one of the depots, the ID is doubled in the depot, here I will show you some images and gifs. Code...
  2. Sprrw

    TFS 1.X+ Simple boss system by me

    Hey guys, I made a simple boss system (as said in title).... xd Well with the help of you guys ofc! Well after a couple of hours of trail and error I came up with this. CreatureScript: (This script was inspired like 100% by someone, I cant remember who. If you recognise this script. Please hmu...
  3. ausirosiris

    OTClient Channel Window.

    Anyone know how to make the channelWindow (console) able to be minimized/close and draggable (movable) like the MiniWindows such Inventory, Battle, etc...
  4. D


    I have a problem with the tfs 1.3 executable. I'm using Windows, this usually happens at dawn, I open the server and I go to sleep I do this to check for errors in any script, whenever I wake up and I see the executable has closed :( Is there a log file where I can see these errors? What could...
  5. VagosClubTM


    local rewards = { { item = 8298, count = 1, chance = 50 }, { item = 8299, count = 1, chance = 50 }, { item = 8301, count = 1, chance = 50 }, { item = 8302, count = 1, chance = 50 }, { item = 8303, count = 1, chance = 50 }, { item = 8310, count = 1, chance = 50 }, {...
  6. L

    Need command !adddonations

    Hello bros, I need help , to be exactly a command named !adddonations. When I say the command with the God: "!adddonations PLAYEREXAMPLE, DONATIONNUMBER" this must to add the DONATIONNUMBER to my column "donations" on the "players" table in phpmyadmin. Example: !adddonations Robert Otland, 100...
  7. VagosClubTM


    Hello friends I wanted to know if it is possible to make this rune work for the monsters to use on themselves, I want to create a creature called "transformer" which will change shape with this magic. Is it possible to use this same script to make the rune auto drop? or if you have any spells...
  8. VagosClubTM

    RevScripts HELP TFS 1.4 SCRIPT CHEST 24HRS

    hello friends I have this script that I wish it could work in TFS 1.4, with revscript. I tried but I could not adapt it if someone could help me it would be great I will leave the base code here thank you very much in advance. local config = { items = { [1] = {2160, 1}, [2] =...
  9. Cziks

    Tibia 7.4 conditions/states sprites

    I would like to ask how to extract old condition/states sprites from tibia 7.4 client? I found following .png on Otland but sprites are overlapping. I have searched entire tibia.spr file so I assume they are not there. Or maybe the only solution is to adjust these sprites in GIMP or Photoshop?
  10. F

    Help with Error in Dodge and Critical System tfs 1.3

    Hello guys, I came here to ask for your help. i am a very layman in open tibia and i am learning now! I was wondering if you could help me with the following mistake !. follow my login.lua:
  11. Daniel Kopeć

    Solved Gesior 2012 0.4 does not show support list !

    Gesior 2012 for TFS 0.36 and 0.4 Tibia 8.6 does not show support list. (GOD, GM, Tutor, etc...) How to Fix It? Its my team.php file: <?php if(!defined('INITIALIZED')) exit; $list = $SQL->query('SELECT ' . $SQL->fieldName('name') . ', ' . $SQL->fieldName('online') . ', ' ...
  12. Shehreyar Khan

    OTClient OTClientV8 Mutliple Character Settings Error

    I have three characters. One is mana sitting, the other two are cave-botting (cavebot 1.3). Suppose my internet disconnects for a second. When the characters log back in, the settings on my cave-botting characters have now been replaced by those of my mana sitting character. So basically, my...
  13. Alberto Cabrera

    Items are not stacked [OTX] 2.15

    Hi people, could someone help me, the items are not stacked, only the first one is stacked, why? Could someone tell me where I should compile that? first of all, thank you Bug Stack Item [OTX] 2.15
  14. jondropss

    TFS 0.X how to remove smoke effect from exhaust

    hello otland friends, i wanna know if is possible to remove the exhaust effect - smoke, when a skill is exhausted and instead shows a message in the Log ... do you have any idea if it is possible? and if there is already a tutorial for me to follow? or just removing the smoke effect would help...
  15. athenso


    I wrote an auto loot script and it is not working right. I have edited my tibia.dat and added custom items. I dont think that is the problem though (they are replaced in all appropriate directories. The commands in talk action do work as they should. Talkaction wise, everything is working. This...
  16. bybbzan

    Implement function to script

    Hello. is it possible to implement a function like this to the script? If so, could someone help me do it? implement part: if player:getStorageValue(22223) == 1 then -- Check if he has already started the task. npcHandler:say('You have...
  17. Razul

    Help me please, create client tibia 772

    Hello community, I ask you for help to create a client of tibia in version 772 (This to not use ipchanger) searched and searched and can not find anything. and the existing tutorials and guides have been made and there is no result. can someone help me please
  18. A

    Starting My Own Client

    Hello, I am interested in creating a server. I am not sure how to do it but I know what I want to do, I am aiming for a 10.00 client and I don’t want to have people use the ip changer. Is there a way so that people who play the server are able to download it without having to download OTland...
  19. J

    Linux Modern AAC "Only variables should be passed by reference"

    Hello everyone, I`m trying to set up a modern AAC webiste hosting it on my linux server, but I get several errors (9) of the following error: A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Notice Message: Only variables should be passed by reference Filename: codeigniter/Common.php Line Number: 148 the...
  20. Sotomayor

    Question: Players MC per IP

    Hello i have a question i want to know how mucho players can be online per ip with MC to not be banned from otservlist? thx and greetings for all