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  1. bybbzan

    Implement function to script

    Hello. is it possible to implement a function like this to the script? If so, could someone help me do it? implement part: if player:getStorageValue(22223) == 1 then -- Check if he has already started the task. npcHandler:say('You have...
  2. R

    Help me please, create client tibia 772

    Hello community, I ask you for help to create a client of tibia in version 772 (This to not use ipchanger) searched and searched and can not find anything. and the existing tutorials and guides have been made and there is no result. can someone help me please
  3. A

    Starting My Own Client

    Hello, I am interested in creating a server. I am not sure how to do it but I know what I want to do, I am aiming for a 10.00 client and I don’t want to have people use the ip changer. Is there a way so that people who play the server are able to download it without having to download OTland...
  4. J

    Linux Modern AAC "Only variables should be passed by reference"

    Hello everyone, I`m trying to set up a modern AAC webiste hosting it on my linux server, but I get several errors (9) of the following error: A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Notice Message: Only variables should be passed by reference Filename: codeigniter/Common.php Line Number: 148 the...
  5. Sotomayor

    Question: Players MC per IP

    Hello i have a question i want to know how mucho players can be online per ip with MC to not be banned from otservlist? thx and greetings for all
  6. Sotomayor

    Gesior 0.3.7 support.php bug script

    Hello greetings for all, i have a problem with this scripth i try to fix my problem are the last access and status online or offline dont work, but down they work all, but i want the first table not the second tables because i dont like it jeje, could someone can help to fix this please? good...
  7. P

    Lua onUseWeapon(cid, var) HELP!!!!!

    Hi Everybody. My Question is this: ¿This function have the parameter of the item that is being used by the player? and if it is correct, ¿How ca i use it? (as actions: ¿¿¿onUse(cid,item)???) Thanks for ur Time! \/ function onUseWeapon(cid, var) local nameitem = getItemName(????var??????)...
  8. K


    Hello everyone, anyone who can help or collaborate I thank you immensely, I am having difficulty implementing the vocation acquisition by the site, my server is from NTO, instead of using item that the person receives the vocation, or NPC that sells the vocation , I'm trying to do the site, so...
  9. A

    TFS 1.X+ [DOUBT] Level for private message

    OTX 3.0 I would like to set the minimum level for the player to be able to send Private Message. I've already managed to set the minimum level for Chats: Help, World Chat and Adversiting. They are in Data> Channels. Then I opened the files and edited the codes. However, I can not find the...
  10. N

    Help with Object Builder.

    Back in the days when i had an OT, it was soooo much more easy to do all the stuff, at least as what i remember. Anyways. I'm trying to open all the items in Object Builder to see all the ID's and stuff. But this is the message i get when i try to load: Error: Unknown flag. flag=0x2b...
  11. C

    How can I compile OTClient for Android?

    Who could help me please with a more explained tutorial of how to compile OTClient for Android, I have tried by myself but I am halfway through, the tutorial is already incomplete. edubart/otclient Edit: I was try compiled but I have a error
  12. R

    Protocol "" Unknown on Tibia 11.49 client

    So I've compiled and have my server up and running, my problem lies (I think) in finding/logging into a proper 11.49 client that is compatible with the server and IP changers(I have) for Tibia 11. The closest I have gotten to logging into my server is going through the tutorial with the my...
  13. MeloB

    Compiling Im having this problem on login

    So i have everything correct znote website is working creating a account is working but when i go to login to the server it does this can anyone please help im litterly fucking desperate i dont wanna run a fucking shit 8.6 server
  14. D

    NEED SCRIPT use rune only on players

    I need script Sudden Death Rune can only use on players and you dont can use this on monsters PLEASE HELP!
  15. ECAl

    server is offline!, HELP!!!!

    hi, I'm trying yo run a ots in tibia 10.96, I'm using a web page to create the account, other people can see the web page using the ip "ot-maya.ddns.net",, they can create the account an the changes appear on my database, but in the page says that the servers is offline, when im running "the...
  16. F

    Gesior date problem

    I'm trying to create a website for my otservser, im currently using Gesior 3.6, and this is the problem im getting: Warning: date() [function.date]: It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings. You are *required* to use the date.timezone setting or the date_default_timezone_set()...
  17. D

    Lua Script Error: [Action Interface] HELP!

    what's wrong ? xd Engine Script actions.xml Like+best answer for help!
  18. Eduardo170

    Lua Zombie script problem

    Hello community. I have a problem with this scripts, first i use this distro [13/8/2017 18:27:45] The OTX Server Version: (2.9) - Codename: (VANXI) If I change function onTime() To function onTimer() I get this error [Error - Event::checkScript] Event onTime not found...
  19. Sizaro

    [LUA] requests - Sizaro #2

    Using TFS 1.2 #1: Adventurer's Blessing from Real Tibia. #2. EXP scroll that adds x amounts of exp based on rates up to a cap. #3. EXP scroll that sets your exp rate to +X% for Y minutes / hours. #4. SKILL scroll that sets your magic/skill rate to +X% for Y minutes / hours. #5. LOOT scroll that...
  20. B

    Load Map Error TFS 7.6

    Hello! I just downloaded TFS for version 7.6 to start edit it and my first error appears and I have tried to solve it but its impossible: 1. I wanted to change the map in the server (original map edron.otbm) so first I just tried to load the map that I wanted in the config.lua and then I get...