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Looking for a mentor (and eventually a team) to put together a new server


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Nov 12, 2020
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Hi all,

I've got a fully drawn out idea for a unique tibia server that focuses on the community aspects of the game, pulls from the classic tibia feel and playstyle, and separates itself from every other "LONG-TERM LOW-RATES 7.4 REAL TIBIA (the most authentic classic tibia ever)" style servers.

The only issue is, I have very little experience managing a server, and even less with any specific aspect (programming, scripting, web dev, etc.). My skills lie in the creative side, management and community development.

I'm looking for a mentor who has been around the block a few times to help me flesh out the idea, organize what I need in a team, and if the interest is there, help start up and run the server!

I do have a budget set aside for expenses, but I'm still at the early stages of finding what I need. My priority right now is finding someone in the community that is a bit more knowledgeable in server management. What I am looking for is:
  • An English speaker (Doesn't matter if it's not your first language, as long as you are fluent. I myself can only speak English, so thank you in advance.)
  • A Tibia player that loves the community aspects of MMOs. My favorite moments are made with friends, guildies, RPers and the works.
  • Someone who has experience in managing servers, running servers, or a specific skillset within the OT community.
  • Someone who is interested in trying a brand new style of server (More information will be provided in a direct conversation).

Feel free to respond here on OTLand or pm me on Discord: Kazilmin#4509

Thanks all!

i just started a low-rate, custommade, open-world PvP/PvE-server. i could really need help to build this. if you are interested in collabing, PM me :) otherwise, good luck with everything