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tfs 0.3

  1. A

    TFS 0.X Create New Poke Cooldown Bar (Help)

    I'm creating a new look for my Cooldown bar, but I can not move the icons to the Right. and I need to make this change to get the alignment and power to continue the project. Poketibia TFS: 0.3.6 this image is just a "TEST" will not be like this. LoL -- Privates variables local cdBarWin...
  2. beliar34

    /m spawn player

    sup, i am looking for script that will auto log player and send him to god who is using this command, something like "/m" creature spawn but for players (spawn player from database or spawn sample with random name) TFS 0.3.x
  3. Bruce Leal

    Source TFS 0.2 | 0.3 or 0.4

    Haail, any source for tfs 0.2 , 0.3 or 0.4 ? I'm use global 8.54 full server.
  4. Bash

    OTClient Quest Log

    Hello! Im using OTX based on tfs 0.3 runing a 7.72 server, and im wondering if i can enable the quest log system. When i press it nothing happens (btw nothing was edited from questlog module). So, it is possble to enable questlog on 7.4-7.72 ? Thanks!
  5. Bash

    Vocation restriction OTX

    Hello! Im using OTX 7.72 based on tfs 0.3. I want to add the vocation restriction (i know it is in movements.xml) for some items that gives magic level for example dwarven armor: i tried both codes, and didnt work, still all vocations can wear it. <!-- Dwarven Armor --> <movevent...
  6. GoalTV

    Rebirth ACC Marker Gesior 2012 for TFS 0.3.6 and TFS 0.4 up to revision 3702

    Hello. Today I want to share Rebirth ACC for my Rebirth Script CreatureEvent - Best Rebirth System Mysql By mlody.1039 With Gesior Script Please note I never tested Acc Marker in game so bugs may apply you using it at your own risk. Please Report any bugs in this thread. Please note all...
  7. alissonfgp

    [10.10] Global Server 0.3

    Hello! Well I did not want to post in version 0.3 but on 1.0 already, but how have people posting without putting the credits my then already set to 0.3 at once. i have fixed: * Sem os novos sistemas de Browse Field, PVP(10.10) e Guild mark 10.10 * New Ab'Dendriel 98% * Houses De Ab'Dendriel...
  8. cbrm

    Action .::1-Row Slot Machine::. TFS [0.3/0.4/1.0/1.2]

    A script someone requested me, just a slot machine. Tested in TFS 0.3.6, TFS 0.4 rev3884, TFS 1.0 and recently TFS 1.2 Video (available in HD): Default Fruits: Default Prizes Combos: Visually ilustrated Code form WIN = { -- [FRUITS] = {PRIZE,#PRIZE}] --MIXED COMBINATIONS...
  9. Texon

    0.3.4&0.3.5[PHP]Top Frags

    Hay Top Fragers 0.3.5 & 0.3.4 : Look Screen's : Look Website : TexoniaOTS - top_fragers Start : Step 1 : GO to C:\xampp\httdocs\index.php case "top_frags"; $topic = "Top Frags"; $subtopic = "top_frags"; include("top_frags.php"); break; Step 2 Create New...
  10. Helga

    [Gesior AAC] Skull/frag remover in shop (TFS 0.3.5-6 & 0.4)

    Since loads of people are asking about it, I'll post it here. To get the skull and frags remover to work, you need to change the sql query in shopsystem.php 1. Go into shopsystem.php, find the line where the remove-skull sql query is. In widnet's fixed v6 it's on line 584. Search for this...
  11. Erikas Kontenis

    Donation System For 0.3.5

    I Saw Alot of players in support channel pleasing donation system 0.3.5 :D So I Tried To Fix That One... Anyways credits going to gesior :) I just small edit it... Then you put the good pin code it will gift some errors in web site. but it nothing special your account will get the points and...
  12. Koci1994

    [Gesior AAC] [0.3] Census

    Hello I would like to show you the script which counting vocations and sex Players Script: <?PHP $voc=array (1 => 'Sorcerer', 2 => 'Druid', 3 => 'Paladin', 4 => 'Knight'); $genderCensus = $SQL->query('SELECT `sex` AS `key`, COUNT(`id`) AS `value` FROM `players` GROUP BY...
  13. Koci1994

    [Gesior acc. maker][TFS 0.3.5]Powergamers and online time stats

    1.How to install? 1. In MySQL execute (phpmyadmin -> 'SQL'): ALTER TABLE `players` ADD `exphist_lastexp` BIGINT( 255 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', ADD `exphist1` BIGINT( 255 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', ADD `exphist2` BIGINT( 255 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', ADD `exphist3` BIGINT( 255 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0'...
  14. Norix

    [Gesior AAC] Support Page (fixed)

    Hi Since the support page doesnt work with TFS 0.3.4 i've edited it so it works again ;) . Hope you like it: <?php $list = $SQL->query('SELECT name,online,group_id,world_id FROM players WHERE players.group_id > 1 ORDER BY group_id DESC'); $groups =...
  15. Pitufo™

    [Gesior ACC] WhoIsOnline Flags show

    Other request from a user: Version: 1.0 Tested in: TFS 0.3+ Credits: Me(Pitufo)! Features: Select your country in "Createaccount" and see the flag in WhoIsOnline! Guide to setup: 1. Create a empty folder in htdocs and name it flags. 2. Add this array into config/config.php...
  16. Fablow

    Gesior's Acc. Maker for 0.3.3/0.3.2 [Bugs Fixxed](including multi-system in)

    Gesior's Account Maker 0.3.3 and 0.3.2. This is only for account names. FEATURES: *Account manager: -create account (account name, e-mail, verification image, show server rules from file) -create character (accept names like RL tibia character names, diffrent outfit for male/female...
  17. V

    Website monsters kills counter

    Hello. I havet o present you my new script(s). How it work: - creaturescripts - when player kill monster, script add a record (or change to +1) kills value in database - globalevents - script looks on globalstorage and reset statistics when they are older than 24hour (configurable) - php -...