tfs 0.4

  1. Fir3element

    [8.60] The Forgotten Server 0.4

    Report any bug. - Changelog: * Yellow skull fixed * Fixed monsters walking through corpses * War system fixed * Advertising block otimized * Cast system fixed * Crash bugs fixeds * Added exhaust on buy/sell items * Account manager with options for town * /ghost stacking fixed * !disband fixed *...
  2. TomCrusher

    [poland][10.1].~:FireWave:~. START!|TASKS|EVENTS|PVP|PLAY&EARN MONEY!

    .~:FIREWAVE:~. PLAY TIBIA AND EARN REAL MONEY! Website: .~:FireWave:~. IP PORT 7171 CLIENT 10.1 HOST 24/7 FireWave is a longtime project and still under development. Will surely find both supporters and opponents. The first edition appeared in client 8.1, and at this time we are...
  3. cbrm

    Action .::1-Row Slot Machine::. TFS [0.3/0.4/1.0/1.2]

    A script someone requested me, just a slot machine. Tested in TFS 0.3.6, TFS 0.4 rev3884, TFS 1.0 and recently TFS 1.2 Video (available in HD): Default Fruits: Default Prizes Combos: Visually ilustrated Code form WIN = { -- [FRUITS] = {PRIZE,#PRIZE}] --MIXED COMBINATIONS...
  4. Helga

    [Gesior AAC] Skull/frag remover in shop (TFS 0.3.5-6 & 0.4)

    Since loads of people are asking about it, I'll post it here. To get the skull and frags remover to work, you need to change the sql query in shopsystem.php 1. Go into shopsystem.php, find the line where the remove-skull sql query is. In widnet's fixed v6 it's on line 584. Search for this...