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[8.0][TFS 1.x] Realera - Real Map

[Fatal - Map::loadMap] [x:32116, y:31007, z:10] Failed to load item 1740.
> ERROR: Failed to load map
>> No services running. The server is NOT online.
Hello, you can know how to fix NPC spam problem after bye?

Lua Script Error: [Npc interface]
data/npc/lib/npcsystem/npchandler.lua:173: bad argument #1 to 'remove' (position out of bounds)
stack traceback:
[C]: in ?
[C]: in function 'remove'
data/npc/lib/npcsystem/npchandler.lua:173: in function 'releaseFocus'
data/npc/lib/npcsystem/npchandler.lua:506: in function 'onWalkAway'
data/npc/lib/npcsystem/npchandler.lua:445: in function 'onThink'
data/npc/scripts/Benjamin.lua:60: in function <data/npc/scripts/Benjamin.lua:53>