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[8.0][TFS 1.x] Realera - Real Map

1>c:\users\oza\desktop\forgottenserver-8.0\src\lockfree.h(27): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'boost/lockfree/stack.hpp': No such file or directory (compiling source file ..\src\outputmessage.cpp)
need help
Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
Error (active) E1696 cannot open source file "boost/lockfree/stack.hpp" theforgottenserver
\forgottenserver-8.0\src\lockfree.h 27

This server has one issue ... looks fine in remeres map editor, but when you try to run forgottenserver.exe, you get this issue loading the map.
Can you guys help me with it?
I can load the map in program

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i found this spot but i dont know what is it
this spot was in real map?
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Hello, i got problem with movement, when I go diagonally and then forward, it makes me a second break
Do you know how to fix it?
I managed to make stackable gems and life crystal. They can be combined and disconnected. It doesn't work for runes. Anyone have any idea? Please help.


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Using all includes, and libs of tfs sdk and boost, search in google on tutorial how to compile in visual studio, will find a complete package with all libs and includes, or if you want to send me a private and I will send you the link because The link is not otland
You can send me good libs ?
I got this problem with a chest then next chest and next next
[Fatal - Map::loadMap] [x:32116, y:31007, z:10] Failed to load item 1740.
How to create an account? I created an entry in the db but it keeps saying my password is incorrect. Is there a hash or something?
edit: got it.. need the sha-1 hash
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there was a guy who made out a new repository of this and was updating it constanly anyone here remember his name or the repo?
comment the links pls and thanks
edit: nvm found it his name is celohere