[8.54] FrankFarmers Real Tibia Project [EPIC RELEASE] + FULL ZAO LINK


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Aug 5, 2008
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Welcome to the thread, thanks for visiting.
Here you will see one of the best and far most completed real maps currently released.
I have myself worked alot of hours trying to make the best real map server out there.
This was the result before I had to deal with my real life again.
I hope you like it.

Server information
Distro: TheForgottenServer Rev:0.3.6:3293
Map: 92.211 KiloBytes (92 MB)
MONSTERS: 502 MONSTERS (inkl. working monsters.xml file)

Raids is automated
77 Working Quests (from: Scale Armor Quest to: Fire Axe Quest)
All Real Tibia Spells
8.5 Carlin
8.5 Thais
8.5 Fibula
All Bugs Removed (Treasure Rooms Open etc)
All Real Tibia Addon NPC's
All Real Tibia Blessing NPC's
Real Tibia Travel System
Rare Boss Spawns (Such as "Apprentice Sheng")
All High Level Quests works (incl. Inqusition)
Working Phoenix Magic Shield
Guild War System (Requires A.C.C)

Scripts Count
ActionScripts: 148 files
MoveEventScripts: 98 files
CreatureScripts: 18 files
TalkActions: 53 files

Map Statistics
Cities: 16
Houses: 993
Monsters: 26331
Spawns: 15959

Statistics from Remeres:
    Tile data:
        Total number of tiles: 9874337
        Number of pathable tiles: 1939443
        Number of unpathable tiles: 7934894
        Percent walkable tiles: 19.64%
        Detailed tiles: 1031665
        Percent detailed tiles: 10.45%
    Item data:
        Total number of items: 11592290
        Number of moveable tiles: 84124
        Number of depots: 396
        Number of containers: 78
        Number of items with Action ID: 344
        Number of items with Unique ID: 225
    Creature data:
        Total creature count: 26331
        Total spawn count: 15959
        Mean creatures per spawn: 1.65
    Town/House data:
        Total number of towns: 16
        Total number of houses: 993
        Mean houses per town: 62.06
        Total amount of housetiles: 38295
        Mean tiles per house: 38.56
        Mean tiles per town: 2393.44
        Largest Town: "Thais" (5283 sqm)
        Largest House: "Unnamed House #1958" (530 sqm)
Here is the changelog

Fixed Paladins (Increased hitchance with dist. weap)
Fixed Depot (Venore's 2nd depot)
Fixed Treasurebug (Venore, above depot)
Removed Spawn (Vampires, Port Hope)
Fixed Mapfailures (Svargrond, Carlin, Darashia, Edron)
Fixed leveldoor (Yalahari Quest)
Removed NPC Soya (Liberty Bay)
Removed NPC Sweaty Cyclops (Yalahar)
Added Bright Sword Quest (Outlaw camp)
Fixed Monsters (Melee damage) - Thanks GM Sentielo
Fixed Yalahari Quest (Last Mission)
Fixed The Holy Tible (Item name)
Added Switch (PoI bridge)
Fixed Spawn (Swamp Trolls / Venore)
Fixed Spawn (Magicans Quarter / Yalahar)
Fixed Teleport (Rookgaard / Training grounds)
Removed Spawn (Vampire / Carlin)


Fixed Sickle (Atk/Def)
Fixed Bear Room Quest (Rookgaard)
Fixed Demodras (Loot/Attack)
Fixed Rotworm Spawn (Liberty Bay)'
Fixed Naginata Stone (Thais)
Fixed Spawns (Mount Sternum)
Fixed Drawwell (Fibula)
Fixed Deeper Fibula Key Quest (Door/Key)
Fixed Key 3940 (Fibula Key)
Fixed Simon the Beggar (Fibula Key)
Fixed item type 9671 (White Marble Floor)
Fixed item type 9672 (White Marble Floor)
Optimized NPC Nah'bob (Shadow Sceptre)
Added NPC Iskan (Svargrond)
Added NPC Nilsor (Nibelor)
Added Timed Apprentice Shang Spawn (Rookgaard)
Added Timed Arachir The Ancient One Spawn (Darashia)
Added Timed Arthei Spawn (Vengoth)
Added Timed Barbaria Spawn (Krimhorn)
Added Timed Big Boss Trolliver Spawn (Krimhorn)
Added Timed Dharalion Spawn (Shadowthorn)
Added Timed Fernfang Spawn (Plains of Havoc)
Added Timed Ferumbras Spawn (Liberty Bay)
Added Timed Foreman Kneebiter Spawn (Dwarf Mines)
Added Timed General Murius Spawn (Mintwallin)
Added Timed Grandfather Tridian Spawn (Liberty Bay)
Added Timed Grorlam Spawn (Mount Sternum)
Added Timed Hairman The Huge Spawn (Banuta)
Added Timed High Templar Cobrass Spawn (Chor)
Added Timed Inky Spawn (Sunken Quarter / Yalahar)
Added Timed Dire Pinguin Spawn (Svargrond)
Added Timed Morik the Gladiator Spawn (Yalahar Arena)
Added Timed Munster Spawn (Rookgaard)
Added Timed Stonecracker Spawn (Rookgaard)


Updated spawn (Edron Goblin Cave)
Updated spawn (Edron Troll Cave)
Added NPC Rudolph (Edron)
Added NPC Willard (Edron)
Updated spawn (Edron Cyclopolis)
Updated spawn (Edron Dragon Lair)

Patch 2.4

Added NPC Asima (Darashia)
Added Darashia Dragon Lair (Darashia)
Fixed Rotworm Spawns (Darashia)
Added Darashia Dragon Quest (Darashia)
Added Timed Demodras Spawn (Darashia)
Added Timed Necrophaurus Spawn (Darashia)
Reworked Medusa Shield Quest (Darashia)
Added Stealth Ring Quest Quest (Darashia)
Added Rabbits Spawn (Edron)
Fixed Troll Spawn (Edron)
Added Troll Cave Quest (Edron)
Added Barbarian Axe Quest (Edron)
Added Berserker Treasure Quest (Edron)
Added Dark Armor Quest (Edron)
Added Double Hero Quest (Edron)
Reworked Fire Axe Quest (Edron)
Added Parchment Room Quest (Edron)
Added Poison Daggers Quest (Edron)
Added Ring Quest (Edron)
Added Shaman Treasure Quest (Edron)
Added Strong Potions Quest (Edron)
Added Warlock Room Quest (Edron)

Patch 2.3

Added Battle Axe Quest (Thais)
Added Dead Archer Quest (Thais)
Reworked Deeper Fibula Quest (Thais)
Fixed Poison Fields (Ancient Temple / Not decaying)
Added Devil Helmet Quest (Thais)
Added Ghoul Room Quest (Thais)
Added Life Ring Quest (Thais)
Fixed Drawbridge (Beholders - Thais)
Reworked Mad Mage Room Quest (Thais)
Added Lost Devil Helmet Quest Key (Thais)
Added Mintwallin Cyclops Quest (Thais)
Added Naginata Quest Quest (Thais)
Added Scale Armor Quest (Thais)
Added Thais Lighthouse Quest (Thais)
Added Throwing Star Quest (Thais)
Added Six Rubies Quest (Thais)

Patch 2.2

Fixed Signs (Rookgaard)
Added NPC Santiago (The Beginning Quest  Rookgaard)
Added Bear Room Quest (Rookgaard)
Added Captain Iglues Treasure Quest (Rookgaard)
Added Present Box Quest (Rookgaard)
Added Combat Knife Quest (Rookgaard)
Added Goblin Temple Quest (Rookgaard)
Added Rapier Quest (Rookgaard)
Added Doublet Quest (Rookgaard)
Added Dragon Corpse Quest (Rookgaard)
Added Katana Room Quest (Rookgaard)
Added Minotaur Hell Quest Quest (Rookgaard)
Added Banana Quest (Rookgaard)
Added Honey Flower Quest (Rookgaard)
Added windows on Thais House (Above depot)

Patch 2.1

Fixed Critical Errors (When playing with 8.53 client)
Optimized Spells (Healing/Damage effect)
Changed distribution to 8.53 (Less lag/Better stability)
Reworked all monsters (All loot should be like Global - Thanks GM Sentielo)
Removed Save-message (Spamming the server, save is now every 30min but without broadcasting)
Fixed 374 NPC's (No npc is expecting you anymore - Fixed greeting)
Added Country Flags (Whoisonline/Createaccount/accountmanagement)
Patch 1.5

Fixed spawn in Shadow Tomb
Fixed spawn in Ancient Ruins Tomb
Fixed spawn in Tarpit Tomb
Fixed spawn in Stone Tomb
Fixed spawn in Mountain Tomb
Fixed spawn in Peninsula Tomb
Fixed spawn in Oasis Tomb
Fixed level doors at djinn fortress
Fixed citizen teleport (Carlin)
Fixed citizen teleport (Thais)
Fixed citizen teleport (Ab'dendriel)
Fixed signs (global)
Fixed Koshei the Deathless (spawn)
Fixed Ropehole (way to venore dragons)
Fixed Black Knight Quest (rewards)
Fixed Desert Dungeon Quest (rewards)
Fixed Mag Mage Room Quest (rewards)
Fixed Medusa Shield Quest (rewards)
Fixed Svargrond Arena (Quest/Rewards)
Fixed Dwarf Mines (Spawns)
Fixed Kazordoon Jail (Spawn)
Fixed Minotaur Mountain (Iron Hammer Quest)
Fixed Iron Hammer Quest (Reward)
Fixed Iron Hammer monsters (Spawns)
Fixed Yalahari Last Mission Quest (Quest/Rewards)
Added Timothy NPC
Added Palimuth NPC
Updated Oldrak NPC
Updated Zoltan NPC
Fixed more Signs
Fixed global bugs
Fixed Fibula Spawn (Thais)
Fixed Deeper Fibula (Quest / Spawn)
Fixed Deeper Fibula Key (Quest)
Fixed Tomb Holes (Shovel)
Fixed Triangle Tower (Quest/Reward/Wall)
Fixed Skull of Ratha (Quest)
Fixed Amazon Camp (Venore/Quest/Spawns/Bugs)

Patch 1.41

Balanced 'exura' (light healing)
Fixed promotion npc (use word; promote)
Balanced Dwarf Soldier (Melee damage)
Balanced Bandit (Melee Damage)
Balanced Nomads (Melee Damage)
Balanced Barbarian Headsplitter (Damage)
Balanced Barbarian Skullhunter (Damage)
Balanced Barbarian Brutetamer (Damage/Fighting abilities/Summons)

Patch 1.4

Added welcome message for players (onLogin)
Added "Death Channel" (Reporting player deaths)
Added "Anti/MC Hack" (MageBomb)
Added Level 100 broadcast (If you advance, it will be reported to all online players on the server)
Added Level protection for low levels (If you are under level 30, you will loose experience when dying but not items)
Added Level Difference Protection (High levels can't kill low levels)
Added Rook System (If a player gets 3620experience or less, the player will be teleported to rookgard)
Added Skill/Level advance message (If you gain a skill, there will be effects)
Added /restart command (Talkaction for an easy restart/instead of /shutdown -> only for admins)

Patch 1.3

Fixed minotaur spawn (Darashia)
Fixed troll spawn (Ab'dendriel)
Fixed Goroma spawn
Fixed rotworms (Edron)
Fixed Mt. Sternum -Cyclops (Thais)
Fixed Ancient Temple -Rotworms (Thais)
Fixed Mintwallin (Thais)
Added blue legs quest (Darashia)
Removed Addoner from house (Edron)
Removed treasure areas on the map (prevent abusing)

Patch 1.2

Balanced Spears (Drop chance decreased to 5%)
Balanced Royal Spears (Drop chance decreased to 4%)
Changed location of the banker NPC (Thais)
Fixed Depots in Thais
Fixed Depots in Carlin
Fixed Parcel System


Patch 1.1

Balanced Frost Dragons (Melee damage)
Balanced Dwarf Guards (Melee damage)
Balanced Mutated Humans (Poison hp/turn)
Balanced Mutated Humans (Gold drop raised to 0-130gp)
Balanced Wisps (Life drain damage -removed melee)



Fixed NPC Jake Fate
Fixed Desert Quest
Added NPC Azil
Added NPC Chemar
Added NPC Edoch
Added NPC Habdel
Added NPC Halif
Added NPC Hofech
Added NPC Ishina
Added NPC Kazzan
Added NPC Miraia
Added NPC Mugluf
Added NPC Muzir
Added NPC Omur
Added NPC Ahmet
Added NPC Arito
Added NPC Dario
Added NPC Feizuhl
Added NPC Fenech
Added NPC Jezzara
Added NPC Mehkesh
Added NPC Memech
Added NPC Tesha
Download Link

Upload Files / forgottenserver-0.3.r3425.tar.gz - UploadHyper.com

If you like this release! I would sure like some reputation for it!

+ Give Reputation


Thanks Ruse for fixing Inquisition
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Nov 4, 2008
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only 387 npc xml files? ;s

nice, for a public release


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Oct 23, 2008
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Whoaa, I downloaded it, and it's amazing! Cool server :D
I may host it :D Rep++!



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Sep 28, 2008
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lol, i cant imagine how many errors are there, in monsters and spells . :(


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Aug 5, 2008
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lol, i cant imagine how many errors are there, in monsters and spells . :(

there are some console errors but thats nothing to care about. Monsters are working properly and also does spells. Just some missing custom spells/monsters i've deleted that nobody cares about.


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Aug 5, 2008
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Frank, could you post the POS for the Cities?

Login on a GM.
Use command /town 11
Look at the blackboards on GM island
There you have the coordinates


Or open RME and check "Edit Towns"
Then check the coordinates there