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Aug 3, 2008
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Welcome to 3rd season of Erpegia Server!
Erpegia is an unique style RPG, Retro-PVP Server - created for players, by players. We are offering huge custom map, balanced gameplay, many quests and secrets to be found! Thanks for our approach and balance, both RPG-player and PVP-Tryhard will fit yourself there. Server will start on 30.03.2018, 21:00

Since last edition we have fixed shitton of bugs, released many updates, new quests and place, imporoved gameplay and security. You can check them at bottom of post

Basic info:
Strona: Erpegia.net - Sign up (https://erpegia.net)
Discord Server: KLIK
Client: 11.98
PVP: Retro Open-PVP (with few our tweaks)
Exp: x2
Magic: x2
Skill: x2
Loot: Our - We have system to monitor monster drops and kills to balance it real-time

Premium: Free
PVP: from level 15
White Skull: 15 minutes
Red Skull: 4 / 14 / no month limit - 4 days duration
Black Skull: 8 / 20 / no month limit - 10 days duration
Only two player killers receive unjustified frag (most damage one, and last hit one)
Rules: Serverrules - Erpegia Canada (https://na.erpegia.net/?subtopic=serverrules)

What do we offer:
  • Full Free2Play - in the store you will only find things that have little to no impact for the gameplay
  • Stable engine running on professional dedicated server.
    [*]Absolutely no tolerance for any automation tools, even Tasker
    [*]No tolerance for using Multi-Client
  • Huge custom map - you will find here our self-created places, places well-known from RL map or from other maps. There is enough space for everyone. Maybe some of you will reveal all the secrets?
  • Newest Client 11.98 with working features like Quick-Looting, Prey Dialog, Prey Window, Hunting Tracker, Loot Tracker, Hunting Statistics ,fully working Hotkeys, Daily Reward Bonuses, Daily Rewards, Multi-Channel. More features like Charms or Bestiary will be added in future updates.
  • 30+ custom quests where you need to think more or less to solve them and countless number of chest quests - also Annihilator, Demon Oak, Inquisition or Pits of Inferno.
  • Systems for smooth and more enjoyable gameplay
    -Professional Anti-DDoS
    -10 seconds login protection
    -Masskicks Detection
    -Connection Dropout Detection
    -Copression of packets for more optimized link
    -Simple and fast report system
    -Automatic rewards for reporting bugs (varying from 20 to even 2000+ coins)
    -Player saves every few minutes
  • Full integration with our Discord Server (you may track in-game World Chat or Help Chat in Discord, system of quick bug reporting, tagging a Gamemaster in in-game World Chat: "Please help me @Hafexo"[/img]


    • Unique boss system and special rewards for completing tasks
    • Reward system for being active: chests and keys with addon items.
    • House bidding system
    • Daily Tasks
    • Raid system with prizes for participation
    • Four custom 4fun events (more in-work) and one PVP:
      -Burning Man
      -Floor is Lava
      -Battle Royale
    • Imbuing System
    • Cast System
    • Full Prey System
    • Mount System (with correct monsters and items behaviour)
    • Offline training (only for houses owners)
    • Increased loot and tasks in teamhunts
    • War system and shared experience (with fixed bugs)
      [*]Many engine features that are missing on other servers:
      -Correct monsters behaviour versus fire/energy/poison fields
      -Anti-lure system like on RL Tibia
      -Correct shield system
      -Correct stairhop exhaust (only single target runes may be casted at only players without exhaust - checked with RL Tibia)
      -Correct counting tasks when in party
      -Fixes in PVP System
    • Stamina regeneration in PZ and on Training Dummies - two times slower.
    • Training Dummies (tp in temple) require 1 soul point per 1 minute of training. When you run out of souls, you may not use them.
      [*]Facilities for low-level characters
      -Free Adventurer Blessing till 30 lvl - it works as all 5 blessings, but you will lose it if you: get skull (temporary) or kill anyone unjustifiably (permanent).
      -Free ships under 20 level
      -Power Abuse protection
      -Special training spots for below 15 lvl
      -Heals from few NPCs
    • World light system synced with CET time - with sunrise, sunset, night and sometimes full moon. Light changes also during few raids.
    • Easy contact with adminstration - in-game, Discord, Teamspeak or just e-mail
    • Occasional events and contests with prizes.
    • For willing possibility to play on Rookgaard (custom).
Our changes to Retro-PVP:
  • Added Twist of Fate Blessing that protects all of your other blessings in PVP. It costs half of all 5 blessings for your level. Additionaly, you are required to complete a custom quest for that blessing.
  • Possibility to defend yourself without PZ block (if someone start aggression on you and you fight back). However, if you kill the attacker justifiably, you will receive 15 minutes PZ lock.
  • Power-abuse PVP protection (our original)

-Engine is now even more stable than before!
-A lot of new content! (Warzones, Hive Tasks, Fabulous Forest, Spike and many more!)
-Added new loot system for teamhunts
-Added 10 second protection login against monsters
-Added "Non-Transferable Tibia Coins"
-Fixed paralyze from monsters and players
-Fixed healing from paralyze
-Using potions is now possible without bugs while walking (aswell on mapclick)
-Fixed Free Prey Reroll
-Fixed Diamond Arrows/Spectral Bolts CD indicator in client.
-Fixed monsters respawn times
-More than 10 players on same SQM will no longer cause black screen.
-Added "Auto Prey Bonus Reroll"
-Added Auto-Loot icon indicators on backpacks
-Added default auto-loot backpack option
-Added unfair PVP fight death reduction
-Added extra loot when in Party
-Added Offline Trainers for everyone
-Added new tasks
-Fixed elemental imbuements to work with spells
-Added fully working Cast System
-Added new Bomberman Arena for more players
-Added more depot chests in depot.
-Added Mayhem and Destruction items for gold tokens
-Red Skull Remover is only usable once per 5 days
-Using Exeta Res will provide reduced monster's chance to retarget for 4 seconds
-Fixed and balanced Boss Loot system
-Added average Market Price to Cyclopedia
-Added many missing items to NPCs
-Fixed many BRs using bugs
-Fixed random client crashes
-Added 2FA optional security
-Added IP Protection security
-Added fully working Quick-Loot
-Added dedicated trainers for knights and paladins
-Added items, mounts and outfits for raid tokens
-Added drop indicator in Hunting Tracker
-Added new counting system for tasks in Teamhunts
-Added flood protection on website
-Fixed many minor technical and gameplay bugs
-Fixed TONS of minor map and script bugs
We count for a lot of fun together!


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Jan 1, 2013
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Gooddamn!!!!! i fell in love with that day/night cycle , really hated how players destroyed the ambient light within the game:( in tibia rl /otservers , in the server im helping, i like to put the ambient light client fixed at 15 , so torch/ambient light sources really have a reason to exist , btw, keep it up with the amazing work!


Aug 3, 2008
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on the 'Floor is Lava' event ;)


Aug 3, 2008
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Added skills stages, so it is easier for knights and paladins in the beginning


Aug 3, 2008
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From today's Server Save every hour server will select random creature (excluding bosses, no experience monsters etc) that will provide one of two bonuses: +50% Loot or +30% Experience. In next few days also -25% damage from monster and +35% damage against monster. Current happy hour creature you can check after login or at top-right of homepage.

Introducing Proxy Service
Since we were aware about lags that occured on server, we want to introduce to you our PROXY service
You do not need to download any program or update client! Just use !proxy command ingame to turn on service, then restart your client. You can select from 3 available servers: London, France and New York.

Some minor changes
Price of Amulet of Loss reduced to 30.000gp
Fixed problem that could cause item disappearance from houses
Fixed some minor map and script bugs
Increased maximum charges of Casks to 5000 charges
Added some cool rare things to Tier4 Box

Prey Bonus Reroll now has reduced chance to roll same bonus
Increased dropchance for PoC from Oramond Minotaurs