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[CANADA] [8.6/Custom] TibiaAvatar.com - New World: Raava

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Oct 7, 2019
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Main motivations to enter the world Avatar:
• 4 vocations mirrored in the Avatar anime - Fire Bender, Water Bender, Air Bender and Earth Bender.
• Possibility to have your vocation promoted - Fire Lord, Tribal Chief Water, Air Monk and Dai Li Earth (with unique, offensive and defensive passive).
• 96 spells / folds also mirrored in the Avatar anime - being 24 for each vocation.
• Ability to hone your spells / creases through legendary stones.
• Enchantment system with runes - possibility to enchant your equipment with three different types of legendary runes.
• Map completely own - countless quests, dungeons, bosses, mini-bosses, global tasks, daily tasks, etc.
• Attribute distribution system - at each level the character will earn an attribute point to distribute in: Health, Mana, Bend Level and Dodge.
• Passive system - if the character is passive active and for some reason loses all of his HP, it will automatically resurrect this character with a small percentage of life.
• Event that works every 4 hours and that determines a new Avatar.

Good luck to everyone, we are waiting for all of you!