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Do you practice a sport? Tell us which one!

@ond fotball LUL!
A UK term my good lad and today this statement is false. I apologize to my friends and family for causing confusion in this delicate matter.

However I used to be a pretty decent player, always at the absolute top of the scorers list in my team, weighing in that I was not, under any circumstances, alone of being a decent footballer in my team, or the current leauge my team was a participating in.

These types of colourful threads used to attract my attention to a point where I would participate in the given discussion topic and thus sharing parts of my life beyond Open Tibia. As of several years back, these types of activities are no longer common in my behaviour while visiting this forum of such important nature as is Open Tibia.

In retrospect I regret not deleting, or alter my statement regarding my sporting activities, as I knew one day my football career would be placed on the shelf, figurally speaking of course.

I would appriciate if you held your condesending laughter to yourself, as I clearly see it as an attempt from your side to diminish my past.

With that said, get to work you lazy noob and finish the map and also close the deal with that guy who is supposed to fix the web!

God bless.
eSports xD But if seriously, I also play football and sometimes ping-pong.
eSports xD But if seriously, I also play football and sometimes ping-pong.

I used to play table tennis aswell, not very good at it but I guess I liked it. Now I hardly ever have the occasion to play it.
Competitive eating, but only against myself. Dx

@Recreant u seen picture from september showing neptune's rings :p