1. Krwawy^^

    phpmyadmin database errors.

    I have problem in database, when i go to players table, that warning hit me every time. Where is the core of problem, and what i need to change to delete that issues?
  2. C

    Houses database is maintained in new map

    Hello, about Otserv: Protocol 12 Client 12 Remere map editor 3.4 I tried a new map without houses. The case is that the houses on the previous map (map rl) are kept in the database. So I don't know if I should build houses yet, should I take any action first? Then to create new houses, should...
  3. Udun

    TFS 1.X+ Problem runing TFS 1.2

    Hello friends of Otland! Today a came with a lot of trouble, I'm a noob so please be patient! xD I want start a big project with TFS 1.2, the last 3 days I have been trying to get the distro, looking in the forums, searching as crazy. I was tinking to compile myself but I haven't able to do it...
  4. Togu

    Somebody is hacking my database

    So, I'm home hosting a server with Ubuntu 18.04 and there is a guy that is hacking my database and changing his level. I already blocked access to phpmyadmin from IPs that isn't mine and changed the address to enter phpmyadmin page. Is there any other things I can do to prevent the hacking...
  5. Znote

    [suggestion] Unique item reference database structure

    Check link for suggested schema changes: CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `items` ( `item_uid` bigint(20) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `itemtype` smallint(6) NOT NULL, `count` smallint(5) NOT NULL, `attributes` blob NOT NULL...
  6. M

    RL Map good base server?

    Can someone tell me where can i find a server base to make my rl based ot? Version 8.6 or more, would help if its the last version available I want to have real map on my ot if its possible... Thanks in advance
  7. kubqq

    Linux Problem with phpmyadmin in Ubuntu and import tfs database.

    Hello. From few days a tried to run my compiled tfs 0.4, complie was good, I did make a file forgottenserver etc. The first problem is connect to phpmyadmin, I have still this when I try to connect in browser: Not Found The requested URL /phpmyadmin was not found on this server. Apache/2.4.18...
  8. P

    Znote Online error players help me

    . Which server or site do you use as a base? ACC Znote What is the reason for this topic? Help Presiso, Players Online does not work It does not count how many players online has 0 shows no error in the list online scripts ja test several until another base date. I think we need to put...

    TFS 0.4 Console bug

    I have host with Ubuntu 14.04. When I have consoles turned on and I turn on the server tfs, everything works well. When I turn off the console or the computer are getting errors im database. Change vocations and skills. What am I doing wrong? do I have to enter any commands in the Ubuntu console?

    TFS 0.4 Bug database change vocations and give high skills.

    TFS 0.4 Bug database change vocations and give high skills. Server is then blocked and i can not log in. Only when I make a restart and change skills to old it works correctly for a few moments. I do not know what adds such high skills.. I use host with ubuntu 14.04 Can someone help me?
  11. dunnish

    Linux Znote Shop !shop problem

    hello! this script is working on windows. but when i move the db and the website only to ubuntu its dossnt work. -- Znote Shop v1.0 for Znote AAC on TFS 0.3.6+ Crying Damson. function onSay(cid, words, param) local storage = 54073 -- Make sure to select non-used storage. This is used to...
  12. K

    TFS 0.X mysql_real_query HELP

    Hello all When launching ots, I get such an error. I have already looked at the forum but found nothing mysql_real_query (): UPDATE `uptime` SET` time` = 0 - MYSQL ERROR: Table 'ots.uptime' does not exist (1146) mysql_real_query (): UPDATE `players` SET` train` = 0; - MYSQL ERROR: Unknown...
  13. V

    Invalid account name.

    8.54 0.3.6tfs First sorry for my english. Hi i have the problem becouse i can create account and character on the site if i try log in to the server i get the error "Invalid account name" only working password is 1/1 Zapodaj.Net - Darmowy hosting zdjęć i obrazków bez rejestracji! -...
  14. Togu

    TFS 1.X+ How to make changes in atk speed and database?

    This is my project: The Forgotten Tibia 1) How do I change attack speed permanently? I've seen in the sources that there is no lua function that changes the attack speed of a player, there is no "setAttackSpeed" function. How do I make that? What's the step by step? I know I could study and...
  15. H

    TFS 0.X Missing some line in DB. can someone recognise it?

    Hi guys, I just noticed an error on my console: mysql_store_result(): UPDATE `players` SET `online` = 0 WHERE `world_id` = 0; - MYSQL ERROR: (0) Anyone got any idea what should I do to remove this error? I believe it is a missing line in database, but I got no idea how to insert it. Thanks...
  16. S


    I am having trouble getting into ot serv tfs 1.2 if someone can help me thanks!
  17. Z


    Lately there are some strange results in my database, as well as the following represented below: Àé·� Could anyone tell me what this is about?
  18. Morpheo007

    Error on web

    i Have this error, do you kwon how to fix it? Error occured! Error ID: More info: CANNOT CONNECT TO DATABASE: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No se puede establecer una conexion ya que el equipo de destino denego expresamente dicha conexion. File...
  19. suicunei

    Windows Gesior doesn't update MySQL

    Hey guys, this is one of my first threads, I'm brazillian and sorry for my bad english... Well, let's to the issue About 4 days ago, I just downloaded Gesior 2012 for TFS 0.4 + directly from the official repository of in GitHub. The website seems like very nice, now I'm trying to edit...
  20. S

    Windows Setting up a TFS 1.2

    Hi everyone, im currently trying to figure out how to set up a blank (empty, no scripts etc) TFS for testing purposes. It's not a project, i just want to learn how to script and i thought that using a live ots with 5x5 area would be a good testing place. However, i cannot start up the exe file...