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[France] [13.13] Noveria Beta | Evo | Skill Wheel | March 31st 19:00 CEST

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Client Protocol
Starting from Monday server save (April 17th), you will be able to choose up to 3 repeatable tasks.
Example task:

The moon rabbits will be departing soon. If you haven't fought raid bosses yet, this is your last chance. Raids will be available until Monday (April 17th).

Task system now available!

Special thanks to @Sarah Wesker for providing a framework for dynamic quest log!

Weekly recap

last week, we have
– added plenty of items as sellable loot
– reworked most of spells and fixed their damage
– fixed a lot of bugs
– adjusted over 40 monsters and their respective hunting grounds
– added new hunting areas
Full changelist is available at our Discord in changelogs.​

  • players who bought loot pouch will also unlock auto-loot feature
  • auto-looting can be configured through "Manage Loot Containers" dialog
  • any amount of items can be assigned
  • in case of party hunt, the auto-looting triggers for party leader only (assuming he has the system unlocked)
  • available in Store under Extra Services -> Useful Things category and for Noveria Tokens (more information in "Noveria Tokens" section)

New commands
  • !manatrain - enables/disables automated mana training - burns a portion of your mana if above 40% or 4000 MP (resets after logout)
  • !autoeat - enables/disables auto-eating (resets after logout)

Training system update
  • Added Target Dummies as an alternate way of training your skills (faster than offline training, but slower than exercise weapons). As in other training methods hitting the dummy also trains your shielding (applied every time the dummy gets hit with a basic attack).
  • Paladins can buy an infinite training spear for 5 gold
  • Special Zone: the target dummies area has active resting area bonuses and is NON-PVP ZONE

Noveria Tokens
  • a new in-game resource has been added to exchange for various rewards (visit depot +3 floor for more details)
  • players will receive one Noveria Token in their mailbox for every hour spent online (max 4 characters per IP, counting may be paused for afk players)
  • the tokens may also be obtained from bosses and in Store (more token granting in-game activities may be added in the future)

  • a new type of equipment for ammo/trinket slot providing various useful stats
  • charms do not have any level/vocation restrictions (this may be a subject to change)
  • 6 new charms are available for Noveria Tokens (more will be added in the future)

Map Changes
  • updated Quest Room - more space and improved layout
  • new VIP spawns: vexclaw/grimeleech/hellflayer, hero, cobra bastion, worker/rustheap/glooth/war golems
  • added Vile Grandmaster to both hero spawns
  • Vip Town no longer accessible (may be repurposed in the future)

  • fixed a bug that prevented players from pushing other creatures
  • phoenix amulet and holy scarab ring are no longer stackable, players with "overstacked" versions can contact us to "split" them
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