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[France][Custom] Only Fortress Online - Tibia Inspired Strategy RPG - The new Tibia like Genre! [Sep 25th]

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Server launch in less than 1 hour! I am glad to announce that the game is properly polished and we all will have pretty decent production launch. I did not prepare grand hype and grand advertisements on the launch day, because the goal is that game will be running years without resets and major game content breaks. Today we will be having soft game launch and after stable week I will start promoting the game on different channels as google play store ads, steam store and others. Basically at the channels that every OTS are prohibited due of copyright restrictions and that is the major uniqueness of only fortress. It is only inspired by Tibia but has zero copyrighted materials in use. See you in game soon and take a beutiful chance to participate in early soft launch where only open tibia players has the very first experience to try the things out!


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Happy to announce the very first patch after the game announcement! Its been a great launch day! Here we have some fixes. First of all, the battle commander raids now have way more information in its raid reset window. Now when you complete a raid you will see the reset fee icon, profit icon and a tooltip which explains that selling all that resources to Market Owner will profit you amount of gold. Meaning that resetting the raids are profitable always. The better raid you do the more profit you make! As well, a quality of life change that now raids window will remember your previous selected raid category- so when on raids you don't have to click category selection again. Furthermore, for mobile players I disabled the possibility to change actionbar spells because it current implementation always leads to missclicking clear until I make more user-friendly solution. See you tomorrow for next updates!
Second day patch news! Implemented "my fortress protection" display in fortress list. Reimplemented every date time text to be displayed in a countdown- like 2h 21m 20s remaining till protection zone expiration, boss raid reset and etc. Implemented more new comer friendly protection zone times. Newcomer which has lower than 20 level or has lower than few K resources in total will get way more protection duration on login and in case of attacked. Fixed for some specific corner cases the battle commander dialog bug.
Third day patch! First of all, huge apologies for that. Fixed an issue where after fortress attack the fortress didn't receive any protection. Fixed this and huge apologies again! Also, fixed noble knight stats, he was as strong as elite knight and now have balanced attributes.
2023-09-25 17:00 CET

Welcome to Only Fortress, the ultimate fortress-building experience where you are the hero! Dive into a world of strategic PvP and PvM challenges, where your skills and tactical prowess shape your destiny. Customize every aspect of your fortress, from the grounds to the walls, and construct buildings instantly without the hassle of waiting. Embark on epic explorations with your troops, mastering powerful spells and engaging in cross-platform battles with players from all around the world.

Important notes:
  • Account creation in client directly when you download.
  • Client download available only through google play store or steam store.
  • Website: onlyfortress.online

You are the Hero!​

The "Only Fortress" game uniqueness is that you are the hero of your fortress and you play the main role in PvP & PvM challenges! Bored from games where you have to watch how your troops are fighting? Not in "Only Fortress", here your skills and your tactics plays huge role in how You win the game!
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Your Fortress - Your Sandbox​

The game is itself limitless in how you organize your fortress. Customize everything starting from grounds ending from walls!
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Build IT!​

Nobody wants to wait hours till your buildings gets built. Just build it and everywhere!
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Embrace For PvP​

You may enter outside of your fortress together with your troops. Form alliances and attack other player fortress with your friends!View attachment 78548

Play Everywhere​

The same game world connects cross-platform players. The android and windows PC!
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Amazing Work ;)
Perfect !
Implementing many new quests which will help to better understand the game mechanics and goals. As well will reward you some gold that you really need in the early steps. Also fixed quite many trivial issues and expanded the fortress list to show more player fortresses to attack.
Implemented steam wallet for in-game micro transactions. Now you may purchase golden account, fortress protection and other perks for a real money in exchange for Only Fortress virtual currency Gems.
Implementing guild management system. There are lots of fun being a member of guild. First of all, you can meet your friends in their fortress and help for friends to defend the fortress. Secondly you can participate in Sunday guild fortress siege. Where other guilds will try to recapture available fortresses from map or from other guilds. Having your own guild fortress lets you to build buildings, harvest them, make guild raids and other stuff together with your guild members!
Introducing new highscores category the Might. The might is an calculated unit of your overall fortress strength. Including your player level, your player skill levels, spell upgrades, number of buildings, the upgraded levels of buildings, the troops you currently have and their level. Basically anything you can achieve, even being in the guild gives you might because it means your character is stronger. Also fixed many trivial bugfixes.
Implemented account linking with Steam and Google providers and local account password change. Now you are able to use same account between PC and Mobile platforms!
Today we have HUGE update! First of all, introduced 5 more raids for raids level 50 - 70 including new raid boss the el champion. Introduced new tier 3 troop the noble swordsman. Fixed druid damage formulas, a little bit nerfed the sir wolf so now he is easier to complete. Also, major change that now raids have daily raid limit which is 300 and it resets every day. Assuming one raid takes one minute to play there should be available 5 hours of active game play (and single reset possibility for power gamers for 25 gems). This change was introduced in order to prevent 24/7 macro raids and for that reason I have noticed several players have been used macros. Undoubtfully within this critical change, I have applied penalties for everyone who I have identified to be using macros. The use of any cheating is not allowed and in further cases may lead to a permanent deletion of account. Lastly, spoiler alert- this week I will be working on open world creature camps and an amazing RPG story lines related within the open world creature camps. I hope to deliver those changes soon!
Elven camp in the middle of open world map. Soon we will have new major content in the only fortress. The possibility to explore the only fortress open world. Make RPG quests and form alliances with different parties. Among the elves, a deep divide exists between the royal-blooded and the "vergo" elves. It is clear rule that vergo elf is no equal to pure elf.
Dwarf camp in the middle of nowhere. People say that friendship with dwarf lasts even after death. They are kind and supportive however hates elves and goblins for variety of conflicts in the past.
Goblin, elves and dwarfs camps are really coming up soon from the development environment to the game! This is how raiding the goblin camp will look like!
The main benefit (but not only) of exploring for outside camps will be looting the +20% resource harvesting booster. The higher level monsters you spawn the higher percentage they have to drop the booster. The chance to loot the booster is approximately 1 out of 100 kills but depending on the monster level.
The outside camp changes have been shipped to the game! I have still many great ideas upcoming for this outside camp feature such as: specific trades, specific quests and unlocking next tier heroes. Stay tuned because more changes are upcomign! As well I have increased the world map from 114 houses to 228 houses. That means the map is twice bigger for free fortress to raid and explore!
midiprod_7 (1).png
Great update for newcomers! The most important news is that I have refactored the tutorial to be even more user friendly from now on! And within this server save we had huge nice to have improvements such as: guild raids now have more bosses to raid, it is by 15-20% easier now to get the resource booster from outside camps, fixed not cool bug that guild new members could be resource thieved by other guild member friends.
Introducing new outfit addon the staff! Also refactored the outfit addon rewards. From now on, for level 8 you will receive outfit cape, for level 50 outfit staff, for level 75 the outfit hat and for level 100 the horse mount. The old achievements from players won't be purged and this will apply for new players only.
Spoiler Alert! New Tier IV troops incoming! Soon in the game will be possible to recruit new and much stronger every military barrack tier 4 troops. All of them will be called imperial tier troops and this will be the final tier in the game which will have not 4 but 8 upgradable levels! Stay tuned :)