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[Germany] [Custom] Empearl OT | Endless Sailing Tower Arena | Loot-Fetching Pets | Leveling Companions & Much More

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At first glance the learning curve is huge and overwhelming, but I decided to spend a day playing around and getting used to thing, Talking to the community and Staff which were all fast responsive and awesome to be honest, Once I started getting used to thing I quickly grew an addiction. The server has a lot of Evola touches with a twist, It's a Clean and dope TP High-rate competitive server, the owner posts updates constantly and really listens to his community. Around level 400-600 I knew that this was gonna be a server I'm on constantly, I'm currently around level 6500 and that feeling is still there, the content even at my current level still seems to be attractive and growing, the owner is still updating new spells, mobs, quests and gear. with a server that constantly updates its story to continue I personally feel as if that's the kind of server OT used to be and really brings me back to my old days as a kid getting into OT for the first time, It's rare to see such a growing and expanding server thrive as much as it has. For those who like to play on a server for the botting the client the owner provides come with a built in extremely user friendly bot. There is a slight donation shop but nothing I've noticed is pay to win, Everything in the Donation shop is actually obtainable Via ingame content so thats a pretty sick option to have.

My cons would be
with how many areas there are to level in some are far to strong even as suggested and some don't give enough EXP so it can be somewhat confusing on "where tf do I level now?!!" situations.

This was my honest and personal opinion but I'd for sure suggest anyone and everyone that reads this take the time to login to the server and try it out for an hour or two.
  • Combat runes (FH/AVA/GFB) increased in base damages
  • Level 3K/5K/13K spells increased in mana costs
  • Divine healing spells increased in mana costs
  • Wings elevations added
  • Wings elevation disabled when a character has wings and is on a mount
  • Eryn's bp selling is now adjusted to the new stack size (total of 2,000 items -> 5,000 items)
  • Fellow's command store changed from selling 10x healing runes stacks to 100x stacks
  • Faith's charges cost increased to 1,300
  • Isaac's task points cost reduced from 120 to 80
  • Oblivion the Eternalfall [5500] and Stygian the Soulstealer [5500] increased in t6 droppings chance
  • All 3 T6 bosses now drop drastically more filler loots
  • Empowering Harmony party spell now gives "+220%" base revitalize skill "and +100 flat" revitalize skill condition
  • Fortify Defense "+150% of base defense skill" is now assigned to Warriors/Bards/Druids
  • Frenetic Swiftness "+150% of base attack speed skill" is now assigned to Archers/Arbalests/Swashbucklers/Wizards/BlackMages
  • Bard's Buff|Protect party buff spells increased to +250 flat skills
  • Bard's Ultimate Buff|Protect party buff spells increased to +250% base skills and +250 flat skills
  • Druid's Empowering Harmony party buff spell increased to +250% base skills and +250 flat skills
  • Druid's Rev. party buff spell and Bard's Rev. party buff spell can stack
  • Waver's potions buffed, T1 Rev. and Fighting skills increased to +150% base, T2 increased to +200% base

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  • Walkthrough any player in PZ
  • 'Knights essence call' is now changed to 'Garnet essence call', needs level 6000 to cast, '85%' mana cost, can be active at all times, can be casted by all vocations
  • Fellows following behaviors improved
  • NPC Shops now sell stacks of up to 250- Stamina is now valid with full 100% Exp/loot till 0 minutes
  • Premium stamina now gives 60% extra exp
  • Stamina pots increased slightly in prices- Fix with NPCs not showing high gold costs
  • Map patches