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[Germany][Custom] Gothania - Gothic II with Jarkendar released[16th December, Saturday 16:00 CEST]

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Mar 1, 2011
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Gothania is a hobby project that was created for years to one day connect all Tibia players, fans of Gothic II and everyone who likes good RPG in the online world.
Our dream was to bring the world known to us in Gothic to the one in Tibia, while keeping the Tibia gameplay.
On Wednesday, 1st June, 2022 at 16:00 CEST the first official start of the server is planned and we would like to invite everyone on our server.

Official server start​

Gothania starts on June 1 (Wednesday) 2022 at 16:00 CEST
It is possible to register and create new characters now.

Register on our website​

Join our discord:​

Server information (short version, full presentation available below)​

Map: 100% custom, based on Gothic 2
Client: custom, download on the website
Exp/Skill/Loot/Magic Rate: 1x (new monsters, spells, skills, spells)
Available professions: Militia (Paladin), Mercenary (Dragon Hunter) and Novice (Fire Mage)
Type of PVP: Open PvP with experience for players
Bots: not allowed (GM checking players and reports)

Information about the server is also available at: Gothania.pl (http://gothania.pl/serverinfo.php)

Server trailer​

Full server map based on the Gothic II​


The world of Gothania is located on one great continent called Khorinis and several islands.


The most important decision for new players is chosing one of the guilds.
First join of the minor guilds: militians, mercenaries or novices in the monastery.
After that you will be able to advance, becoming a full member of one of the "major guilds": Paladins, Dragon Hunters or Fire Mages.
The full description of the profession is available at: Vocations ~ Gothania.pl (https://gothania.pl/vocations.php)


The basic character factors are Strength, Dexterity, Hit Points (life) and Mana Points.
Out of these four, three can be trained, e.g we can learn them during the game by spending the gained learning points on it from NPCs.
Additionally all of them can be permanently gained by drinking special potions, dishes and so on, or temporary increased by wearing special items.
Furthermore player can learn also abilities such as fighting skills etc. which are also described below.
This creates a lot of opportunities for individual development of your character.

Magic Circle & Magic Level​

Both abilities refers to the magic, but they are completely different.
Most of the magic scrolls have their counterparts in the form of magic runes that can be used any amount of time.
These runes require learnt specified magic circle depending on the spell.
Magic Circles can be only learnt by mages from NPCs.

On the other hand, magic level increases whenever you spend your Mana Points using magic.
The higher magic level you have, the more damage you deal with the spells.

Strength / Dexterity​

Strength is one of the basic skills in the game that every warrior who wants to use melee weapons or crossbow should focus on it and develop.
By increasing our strength, we have the opporonuity to use better weapons that are heavier and at the same time, better.

Dexterity is also mainly dedicated to the warriors, but unlike strength, dexterity plays an important role in your bow career.
High dexterity is also important for thieves eg. during pickpocketing.

One-handed / Two-handed​

These skills are for people who like to fight with melee weapons.
Thanks to these skills, we can learn and develop in the art of using one-handed or two handed weapons.
We can learn it from NPCs or train it by dealing attacking another creatures.
The higher skill, the bigger chance for critical hit.

Bow / Crossbow​

These skills are for people who like to fight on distance.
Crossbow usually require more strength than bows, but they also deal more damage.
Successive levels of these skills increase the accuracy of your shots and dealt damage.

Take Trophies​

Learning some field of this skill is one of the ways to make money easily and quickly.
Possibilities in this vast and quite interesting field are extremely varied.

Create Runes​

Creating runes, as the name suggest, we can create runes.
With the right ingredients, we can create the rune we need.
Unfortunately, this skill cannot be acquired by anyone except the Innos' servants.


It is one of the most practical skills we can learn.
By learning alchemy from a master, we discover the secrets of ancient methods of treatment with plants.
It is worth remembering that when we know this specialization, we can create any amount of healing and mana regeneration potions once we have required ingredients.

Forge Weapons​

It is very useful skill, because after learning how to blacksmith, we can create weapons from the weaker to the stronger.
Lately we can learn how to make weapons from magic ore.

Detailed information on the skills can be found here: Skills ~ Gothania.pl (https://gothania.pl/skills.php)


There are over 160 custom NPCs from Gothic available on the server.
Below in the link you will find all the NPCs grouped by location.


There are over 60 regular monsters on the server and over 20 that can be found while completing quests,
which gives almost 100 unique monsters based on those of Gothic II.

In addition, there are dragons in the mining valley that can only be defeated while wearing the Eye of Innos.

Detailed information about monsters can be found here: Monsters ~ Gothania.pl (https://gothania.pl/monsters.php)


There are over 483 items on the server. By dividing them into categories, we have:
  • Consumables: 56 items (food, herbs, potions, etc.)
  • Equipment: 67 items (armor, amulets, rings, etc.)
  • Magic: 96 items (scrolls and runes)
  • Miscellaneous: 139 items (accessories, trophies, etc.)
  • Weapons: 126 items (swords, bows etc.)

What else has Gothania to offer?​

  • no hp/mp regeneration after eating food, food adds life and / or mane immediately
  • mages in temples heal players for free (Vatras etc.)
  • permanent bonuses of life, mana and skills after using potions, etc.
  • 5 learning points gained with each new level that can be used by an NPC to learn a skill
  • pickpocketing, i.e. stealing from NPCs in order to get gold / quest items.
  • 5 blessings that can be learned from water and fire mages.
  • Pray for Innos statuettes for permanent bonuses every day
  • system of collecting the trophy from monsters only after learning
  • unique gameplay
  • conversation with NPCs using dialogues like in Gothic
  • the opportunity to become an apprentice to Bosper, Harada or Constantino in Khorinis
  • story and quests based on Gothic
  • frying meat on a fire using a pan
  • charging innos eye with dragon hearts
  • transformation into monsters makes them not attack us if we are not aggressive
  • the ability to buy a premium account and XP Boosts (50% bonus XP per hour)
  • the ability to sleep in any bed to heal yourself

  • herbs and mushrooms spawn based on the location in gothic

  • and much more waiting for players





Had a lot of fun on test server, gameplay quite challenging just as Gothic is, can recommend!
Thanks for your feedback. We really appreciate it.

Start of the server wasn't supposed to be as big as other OTS usually have. We're hitting new online record everyday and we just had 60 players online, comparing to 38 during the start of the server. It's huge sign that we are gaining players instead of losing and we are slowly reaching the maximum limit of slots (100) due to small map.

Unlike the other servers, we do not have any trainers or other possibilities to stay afk and create runes or whatever, so all players online are active all around the map.
I know that people are nowadays used to swap servers every month waiting for next edition, but Gothania won't go this way. There's enough content from all addons, modifications, Gothic 3 and so on to add, so we there always gonna be updates that will keep server alive and active.

You will almost always meet someone in Orlan's Tavern :)

Everyday our community is growing and we're hitting new records of online players - 66 players (on Jun 6 2022, 21:45:49 CEST).
That's like 10% increase per day on a server that does not have any AFK activity such as trainers, rune makers (I already stated that in previous post)

Gothania was noticed by popular polish game magazines, eg. Gothania: Tibia doczekała się serwera opartego na Gothicu II – CD-Action (https://cdaction.pl/newsy/gothania-tibia-doczekala-sie-serwera-opartego-na-gothicu-ii)
None of articles about Gothania was paid, not a single penny was spent on server advertisment. We wanted to make sure everything is perfect before we bring more people on our server.

Server is developed everyday and there are changed pushed literally few times a day - join discord to see all changes (Join the Gothania Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/YeA4XAuCuC))

Yesterday we finally published new client that fixed rare problem for some people preventing client from start. Everyone who struggled with that problem can download now the newest Gothania client and play on our server.

We have added today HotPay as our main payment method for polish people, so it's possible now to pay via BLIK or traditional bank transfer.

Upcoming huge summer update will contain Jarkendar - new place from Night of the Raven addon.

Before that, more things will be added, that were requested from people such as:
  • translate game and dialogues to polish language
  • add auto looting
  • add detailed information about character on website
  • add more details to npcs on website (teaching, pickpocketing etc.)

Moreover, server has less than 1 week and war is about to start, so enjoy RPG and fight for yours!
really fun server but mostly for people who played gothic in past

admin put a lot of effort to make map as most accurace as he could (including item/herb spawns)
really fun server but mostly for people who played gothic in past

admin put a lot of effort to make map as most accurace as he could (including item/herb spawns)
We're a few players that have never played Gothic, and we're really enjoying our self on the server!
Its a rough server compared to todays AFK Mobile game OT's with pay2play models.

Lovely to see more and more players log in from day to day also.
We had recently hit again a new record of players online: 71 players (on Jun 8 2022, 21:47:03 CEST) which is big success for us.
Join us and play on Gothic 2 OTS at Home Page ~ Gothania.pl (https://gothania.pl/)


- You will gain experience if you kill a character whose level multiplied with 1.1 and rounded down to the next whole number is higher than your own level,
e.g. a level 40 will only get experience if his opponent is level 38 or higher.
e.g. a level 50 will only get experience if his opponent is level 47 or higher.
e.g. a level 80 will only get experience if his opponent is level 74 or higher.

- The amount of experience you will gain is capped.
For level 20 and above, the maximum amount of experience you can gain per kill is limited to 200% of your character's current total experience points.
Below 20, the maximum amount of experience you can gain per kill is limited to 25% of your current character's experience points.
eg. a level 18 with 69700 exp. will not gain more than 17425 exp. (25% of his total exp)
eg. a level 44 with 1,238,400 exp. will not gain more than 2,476,800 exp. (200% of his total exp)

  • Only your first five kills of the same player during in last 20 hours will grant you experience. Moreover, the amount of experience you gain gets reduced by 10% with each kill.
  • All players who participated in a player kill receive experience for the kill. The amount of experience depends on the dealt damage.



Screenshots from players:




Example of GOOD custom server and how it should look like
+fresh idea (not the same custom otland maps over and over)
+cool adaptation
+gm putting time to fight vs bots

Recommend playing there for people who seek for mysteries + new adventures in tibia
Changelog for Gothania 1.4 (October Update)

I) Polish translations on Gothania
We have noticed that majority of our players are from poland thus, we have released translations for all NPCs available in Gothania.
So far, 324 NPCs were translated to polish language, which contained in total 4699 unique dialogue lines.

However, server is not fully bilanguage yet, quest log, books, scrolls, items and some other parts of the name still are available only in english.
I hope players will experience Gothic RPG even more now.

II) Outfits & Addons
Since premium account does not offer any P2W benefits, we decided to use same addon and outfit system as real Tibia uses.
  • only premium account players can wear outfits that are obtained in game (exception for vocation outfits)
  • only premium accounts can wear addons to their outfits
  • outfits bought in store do not require premium. They can be worn with no limits.

There will be more outfits and addons added to the server to bring more content to the game.

III) New frags system for PVP.
On Gothania, for killing other players you gain experience, so current system that we have is PvP with player experience.
We decided to limit available frags on server similar to real Tibia, thus you will get red skull if you kill more players than:
  • 2 per day
  • 4 per week
  • 9 per month

For example, if you kill 3 players within 24 hours, you will get red skull. This limit is doubled for red skull.
If you still continue to kill players you will get black skull.

Red skull lasts 30 days and black skulls 45 days.
There are no frags removes on game, so watch out who you kill.

By this frag limits, we want players to hold their frags for value enemies and minimalize potentially PA on server on newcomers.
You also gain 20% less experience everytime you kill same person within 24 hours.
First kill on same person will give you 100% experience, second 80%, third 60% and so on.

IV) Vocations balance
Every vocation gets one-time permanent bonuses from now.
  • as novice you will get: 15 extra mana
  • as militia and mercenary you will get: 50 extra hit points
  • as fire mage you will get 35 extra man
  • as paladin you will get 30 extra mana
  • as dragon hunter you will get 150 extra hit points

End-game combat and distance weapons are now limited to dragon hunters and paladins.
Heavy mercenary equipment and dragon hunter equipment will now have more fire resists in favour of magic.
Paladins will be most likely strong against magic. Note that magic and fire are two different damage sources on Gothania.
By giving extra hit points to dragon hunter and making his equipment strong against fire, we want them to be front line on dragon hunts.

Fire mages now will deal more magic damage based on their full mana. Each 10 mana will increase their damage by 1% (halved for AOE spells), eg.
- fire mage with 150 mana will deal 15% more damage from magic spells now
By making this move, we want makes to invest into mana, so they can cast more spells and deal more damage instead going into hydrid mode.

V) Silver tokens & Raids
This update, we have finally added raids on our server, available raids at the moment are:
  • field raiders raid on Lobart Farm
  • field raiders raid on Onar's Farm
  • orcs castle raid in Valley of Mines
  • seekers raid in entire khorinis map

Raid monsters drop now silver tokens that will be able to exchange for:
  • magic bow, magic crossbow and magic ammunition (bolt and arrows)
  • house furnitures
  • new outfits
  • and more...

At the moment, silver tokens can be only looted from raid monsters, but in upcomming update they will be obtainable from task bosses and non regular bosses.

VI) Houses
Only premium account players can own a house. If premium time run out, all items are moved to player depot and house is now available.
Also rent must be paid every 30 days.

VII) Gothic content & Gothania adjustments
  • missing NPCs and new quests have been added (mostly in valley on mines)
  • vatras now accepts all old stone tablets (gives permament mana bonus, experience, some potions and scrolls)
  • added new graphics for scrolls and runes (based on gothic)
  • added minecrawler set and outfit
  • dragons are now more challenging
  • every player deals by defalt 10% less meele damage and 1% less distance damage
  • every player has now 10% less armor
  • added heavy mage to crafting system
  • fixed all known bugs that were reported in the last 3 months

Next update is planned in 1 week, on next Friday.
Thanks to everyone who is with us since beginning and to current new players.

Winter is comming, so let's MAKE GOTHANIA GREAT AGAIN.
I hope to come back to this server one day with a fresh restart. and another chapter in the game history if it exists. Some balancing and tweaks. and the owners own touch. Loved the weeks i played this server. hoping hey can bring it to a new level for next launch.

It's been 8 months since the launch of Gothania and we have to say we're positively surprised by the players' interest.
We have spent the past half a year fixing bugs, adding new features such as translating the server and balancing the game.

Therefore, we would like to warmly invite all players, both old and new,
to participate in the latest edition of Gothania v2, which will start on February 11th at 4:00 PM.
In order to give everyone a fair start, we need to restart the characters.
We have decided to preserve these characters, reset them and transfer everything that was purchased in the Gothania Store.

More information on Home Page ~ Gothania.pl (https://gothania.pl)
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Cooilio ! :) To everyone who's nostalgic about gothic - absolute must play ! Admin is doing such a great work <3 To anyone else: It's very uniqe and good server - worth giving it a longer try; you might love it :)

By registering from this link, each player receives 2 days of premium for free:

Since the launch of our server, many things have changed, and our most important goal was to fix all known bugs, balance the game and, above all, translate the server into Polish, so that everyone can feel like in the real Gothic world.

1. Vocation balance

So far, we've focused the most attention to the rework of professions in Tibian style. Previously, the fire mage was too strong, the paladin had unbalanced runes, and the dragon hunter had nothing special, which made the game unattractive.
Spells have been added that resemble those of the global Tibia, as well as unique spells to recreate the world of Gothic.
Thanks to this, the gameplay has become more dynamic and interesting.

We've also changed the health gain for Militians and Mercenaries, and the mana gain for each vocation, with the fire mage receiving the most.


  • everyone without a guild (no vocation) gets per level: 5 health points, 0 mana points and 10 cap
  • Novice receives 5 health, 5 mana and 10 cap
  • Fire mage gains 5 health, 20 mana and 10 cap

  • Militian gains 10 health, 5 mana and 15 cap
  • Paladin gains 10 health, 10 mana and 15 cap

  • Mercenary gains 10 health, 5 mana and 15 cap
  • Dragon hunter gains 10 health, 5 mana and 20 cap

It doesn't matter at what level we join the guild (we choose a vocation), because the points of health, mana and cap will be converted accordingly.

2. Custom system of training, exercise weapons and trainers.

We have introduced a universal system of skilling and training stamina. Now players can practice their skills up to 4 hours a day thanks to our optimized system.
Skills have been separated into those from different sources, meaning that players no longer have to worry about potentially losing Learning Points or having to keep them for later in the game.


(game is now multilingual, this screenshots is in polish language)

The cost of learning skills, rate of growth, and permanent bonuses are now clearly defined and separated from each other, allowing players to focus on developing their skills without additional worries. The choice of vocation affects the pace of development, e.g. fire mages develop their combat skills slower than other professions, but they increase their magic level much faster.

Players also have trainers and exercise weapons at their disposal, which additionally enable effective training. The choice in which we will skill our character does not affect his speed - classic training and exercise weapons work at the same pace.

Training camps have appeared in every city to allow players to improve their skills.


Exercise Weapons (lasting 15 minutes) can be purchased for small amounts of money (about 20 gold from NPCs). There is also an "exclusive exercise weapon" available in the Item Store that lasts for 4 hours.

3. The Criticals Hits system has been completely reworked and rebalanced.

We got rid of issues like low critical hits and scaling crits that were hard to control.
As a result, players can now enjoy a more even and fair gaming experience.

4. Currently, the number of online players in the game has a greater impact on the respawn time of monsters, mushrooms and herbs on the map.​

5. Item prices have been re-priced, eliminating situations where rare items from monsters were very cheap. Most prices have been drastically increased.​

6. New mechanics known from other MMORPGs have been added to the game, such as a revamped food system, quick loot, fishing, raids, task system, quests, Innos preys, loyalty, house system based on real tibia (furniures etc.), transableable coins in-game and much more in-game and changes on website.​


All NPCs have now their location on website.


Gothania coins are now sellable in-game.

7. Apprenticeship has undergone major changes. We introduced advanced systems for forging, alchemy and obtaining trophies.​

8. Changed the appearance of a large part of the monsters and cities (custom graphics reflecting those from Gothic in the future)​


9. In order to balance and increase the difficulty in the late game, we introduced a custom EXP stage and modified the monster stats.​

From now on, EXP. rate for players above level 50 will progressively decrease until it reaches its minimum at level 100. Each level above 50 slows our experience rate by 1%.

10. New weapons have been added to the game and the existing ones have been rebalanced. Players can now take advantage of new items such as wands for mages and quivers for ranged characters.​

11. Unique, custom items with Gothic style graphics have also been introduced, such as runes, scrolls, belts, tablets and sextants.​

12. Players will also have access to new locations, the orc city, or temple of the sleeper known from Gothic 1, which will be available in the upcoming update after the game starts.​

We have introduced many new features to give our players even more fun on our server.
The last more than half a year of work on the development of the server has brought many positive changes that will surely surprise every player in the upcoming edition. We are sure that our server will remain in the players' memory for many years.

See you on February 11 on the server, we are starting at 4 pm.​

In addition, by registering from this link, each player receives 2 days of premium for free:

Just so I get this straight, best ammo or weapon for range attack, is arrow (19) and bolt (25)?
Well, besides the magic arrow 5+19, and bolt 5+25 atk.

Is this correct? That seems like shit damage compared to any paladin damage... ever.

Also, for the "tank" roles, maximum they will get 10hp, even promoted characters/vocations?
That also seems very low. But then you have mages with 2x (or 4x) mana, depending on what you compare it with.
Im just confused on the balancing, by sheer numbers.. haven't played ever obviously.
Just so I get this straight, best ammo or weapon for range attack, is arrow (19) and bolt (25)?
Well, besides the magic arrow 5+19, and bolt 5+25 atk.

Is this correct? That seems like shit damage compared to any paladin damage... ever.

Also, for the "tank" roles, maximum they will get 10hp, even promoted characters/vocations?
That also seems very low. But then you have mages with 2x (or 4x) mana, depending on what you compare it with.
Im just confused on the balancing, by sheer numbers.. haven't played ever obviously.

Regarding the magic ammunition, the calculation method for its effectiveness is unconventional, resulting in it being overpowered in-game. A slight reduction in power may be necessary.

In terms of tanks, melee weapons have been divided into two categories: two-handed and one-handed melee weapons. One-handed weapons provide a more "tanky" approach with benefits such as reduced damage from multiple monsters (depending on the player's skill level) and the ability to cast the "protector" spell on certain skill which functions similarly to the "utamo tempo" spell in the real Tibia . This allows for better absorbance of incoming attacks.
Creating a server like this was my dream for many years. Can't wait to play it, good luck on the launch!

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