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[Germany] [Custom] OxygenOT | S8 Official Launch | RPG/PVP | Custom Map | Start on Saturday 15-06-2024 at 16:00 GMT / 18:00 CEST

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Jan 18, 2014
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OxygenOT - S8 BETA

Start on Friday 03-05-2024 at 17:00 GMT

After almost one year of being offline for development and changing things, I would like to announce that we are going to start BETA version before official release of season 8.
The point from BETA is to test everything done during the development period and hear feedback from you, we did a lot of changes in almost everything in the game.
We got a lot of plans for what coming after.
I hope you enjoy your stay with us and give us a lot of feedback.

Create Account:
Account Management - OxygenOT (https://oxygenot.live/account/create)
Account Management - OxygenOT (https://oxygenot.live/wiki)
Official Discord:
Join the OxygenOT Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/y6vXVJ4rmB)
Facebook Page:
Oxygen (https://www.facebook.com/OxygenOT)
Instagram Account:
Login • Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/oxygen.ot)
[email protected]

Here is a list with OxygenOT features:
Hosted 24/7 in Germany
Custom map
Custom client
Mid rate exp
High attack speed
Auto loot
Custom promotions
Monster orbs
Monster skulls
Bosses with mechanics
Reward chest
Addons bonus
Tasks & Daily tasks
Upgrade items
Custom spells
Custom item stats
Custom player stats
Lottery ticket
Guild wars
Tokens shop
In game store
Daily events with Premium Points reward
Wand, Melee and Distance skills
Custom description on characters
Balanced vocations
Balanced PVP
A lot of client modules to enhance QoL such as bank, boss check, task tracker and more...
Active and friendly staff
Much more waiting for you to explore...

Let me give you a close look on the features:

New town with a lot of changes in map (hunts, quests)

New Mounts and newly added Wings, Auras and Shaders

A lot of new client features to make the game experience more enjoyable

Auto loot with different options to use such as commands, client or key


Attributes which are new stats can be added to your character and enhance it

A lot of information can be found with character description

A lot of custom spells with unique effects

Dungeons to complete, have the ability to meet the boss and get your reward

A lot of new features for monsters such as
Orbs which is giving you extra bonus like extra exp, loot, damage or etc...

which is giving the monster and you extra stats such as more exp, more health and more damage


Boxes which is spawning a lot of monsters around you once you step on them

Also new features for bosses such as
Boss bar which is giving you information about the progression toward that boss

Reward chest which will have your rewards from the killed bosses

Also newly added to client the tokens shop and the ability to buy unique items by collected uber tokens

We got also upgrade system to increase your item level with increasing in its stats and power

Waypoints to make it easier to reach the place but first you need to discover it

We always make sure to offer an excellent quality for our players to enhance the game experience.

Don't hesitate to give a try and invite your friends to have fun!
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We did a lot of work and worked hard to give a good quality, i hope people have fun and enjoy!Also we are ready with a lot of ideas to offer during what is coming .
Your a scammer, that's what u are. Go pay peoples money back first of all before starting another server. Don't recommend people to try it or even donate here because they will just scam you as they did with many people on their last server.
Almost 20 hours to start!

1 hour to start!

[04.05.2024] - S8 beta 0.1
  • Disabled the limit of characters per ip due to an issue and we are working on it to be fixed and get back the feature to work.
  • Fixed an issue with bank button in the client.
  • Nerfed monsters damage.
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing the boss to respawn again after 1 hour.
  • Fixed an issue which was letting the players to put trash on quest items.
  • Modified !spells command to show you the whole spells list no matter what level you are.
  • Modified UH rune to be used with mlvl 0.
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I want to warn you guys about this server that is not worth your time. It is simply a bad imitation of EvoliscaOT, lacking any originality or excitement. Additionally, the owner of this server has a reputation for being untrustworthy and driven by greed for money. They have a pattern of running the server for a few months and then disappearing for a year, only to return when they need more money. They never refund the points from the previous season, and it's clear that they are repeating this behavior once again.
New record: 50 players are logged in.
We reached today more than 50 in the beta version before season 8 which is great, wishing you all good experience and good luck.
You should pay back the money you owe the people first Mr Refaat. You reached 50players yeah, but 40 of them is some mcs you made and put in trainers as you always do. Don't join this server, scam Admins all they want is to get some money and scam the people as always. Pay back our money first before doing shit like this. Not recommended at all! They copy Evolisca server which has 400+people online and is 10x much better than this. I recommend everyone to join that server instead of this trash scammer Admins.
Pay back what?
You played the server, you donated and now you want your money back????

Go into store
Buy banana
Eat banana
Go back to store
Run out on the street
[05.05.2024] Changelog - S8 beta 0.2
  • Nerfed monsters of zaoan legs and carapace shield quests.
  • Nerfed hunt entrances.
  • Nerfed damage of some monsters.
  • Fixed an issue with zaoan legs quest stone.
  • Fixed max characters per ip and it will work after server save 2 per ip.
  • Fixed an issue with pvp as players weren't able to attack each others.
  • Fixed the effect of corpses as it was appear when summons die and they got no corpse.
  • Fixed the timer of lottery ticket as it was running every 2h not 4h.
  • Modified the broadcast of online checker to be every 1h.
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[06.05.2024] Changelog - S8 beta 0.3
  • Added command !pz to check your pz time left.
  • Added 3 new pages on Wiki. (items/others, bosses, npcs)
  • !hpmana command now will change your health/mana from percent to numbers.
  • Nerfed healing of mutated bat but increased its damage.
  • Fixed the issue with destroy field rune.
  • Fixed an issue with guild commands in game as some of them needs premium.
  • Fixed an issue with guild management on website.
  • Modified Yakchal monster to not be immune to earth damage.
  • Modified the mc limit to be 4 instead of 2 and we will make a poll at the end of beta to see if we keep 4 or go to 2.
  • Update your client by just closing and re open it again. (ver 2.1.2)
[07.05.2024] Changelog - S8 beta 0.4
  • Added !autoloot money command to loot all kind of money and send to bank without need to add to the autoloot list, you can remove money from list and enable the money option. (This option will save slots for you)
  • Added a confirmation window when you try to buy from tokens shop to make sure that you want really buy.
  • Added limit to attribute points that can be obtained from successful transactions through the store.
  • Added 2 new pages on Wiki (Outfits&Addons and Mounts)
  • Fixed an issue with a house made it looks like a normal building.
  • Fixed some beds in certain houses.
  • Fixed a hidden attribute point.
  • Nerfed all monsters damage by 5%.
  • Update your client by closing and re open it again. (ver 2.1.4)
[08.05.2024] Changelog - S8 beta 0.5
  • Added an option to buy stamina ticket from game for 20KK, it is located in depot.
  • Removed gold nuggets and uber tokens from store.
  • Reduced all cosmetics prices in the store.
  • Reduced addons price from game 50%.
  • Fixed issue with some tiles in certain places make the player can't deal damage.
  • Nerfed certain monsters damage.
  • Update your client by closing and reopen it again. (ver 2.1.5)
[09.05.2024] Changelog - S8 beta 0.6
  • Modified all start spots in hunts/quests so monsters can't attack you and you can't attack them, it will be suitable if you want to lose pz and avoid fast respawn. Beware that players can attack each other in that spot and it is no longer protection zone. (Works only as protection zone from monsters)
  • Increased the damage from AOE runes. (Avalanche, Great fire ball, Stone shower, Thunderstorm)
  • Fixed some map bugs.
  • Corrected wrong information on wiki.
  • Update your client by closing and reopen it again. (ver 2.1.5)
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[10.05.2024] Changelog - S8 beta 0.7
  • Reworked spells from spells quest level 500.
  • Increased size of certain backpacks to 50. (Only applied on backpacks from Wiki page)
  • Removed all elemental immunities from monsters.
  • Fixed a problem with NPC Yassin.
  • Nerfed damage of certain monsters.
[11.05.2024] Changelog - S8 beta 0.8
  • Reworked the attributes window and now can be opened from a button in the right-side panel under your equipment and no longer right click on yourself.
  • Added new attribute bonus called mana boost to increase healing from mana runes.
  • Added option to reset your all attributes for 50 silver tokens.
  • Reworked mana runes and how they are working as they won't work as stages, but they will depend mainly on your level and magic level.
  • Fixed a problem with bony sea devil monster as it wasn't counting in tasks.
  • Nerfed damage of certain monsters.
  • During beta only: increased the frequency of boss, zombie events also increase the chance of all bosses to 100% to spawn.
  • Client update will be added after next server save to apply the changes of attributes window and its button. (ver 2.1.6)
[12.05.2024] Changelog - S8 beta 0.9
  • Changed attributes to accept 1% for 5 points not less than that, all attributes will reset one time after you login.
  • To remove 1% attribute you will need 1 silver token.
  • To reset all attributes you will need 10 silver tokens.
  • Modified mana runes to be better after last update.
  • Fixed certain map bugs.
  • Fixed some addon statues which weren't working.
  • Be sure to update your client to be able to use new attributes window. (ver 2.1.7)

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