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[Global ] REAL MAP! New server low-mid rate (8.6) Questions


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Mar 22, 2021
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We are starting a new server in the coming month and have a few questions that we would like to ask you, the community. We are starting a serious low-mid rate 8.6 server. But we have some questions that we would like to ask the community. We as developers want to have a serious "longer" term 8.6 server that you as a player have to grind a bit to get higher level and get better equipment. The server will keep the old quests that were available at the time and some quests that we developers have created ourselves. There will be no portals for easy travels, but you can easily travel by boat to the other cities around the map.

The only thing that you can buy in the shop is Premium membership in two different sets, either you buy 14 days premium or a months premium membership. We would like to have a server that are not a PAY TO WIN server but instead you have to work for your levels and care about dying etc, more of how Tibia was back in 8.6 but with a bit higher exp rate etc.

1. Do you guys think that we should use training monks?
2. Should you be allowed to bot on the server?
3. Sell rare addon items (and lower the lootrate for addons to 1x) OR only be able to do the quest to obtain the addons.
4. Do you guys think its a good idea to have original 8.6 quests such as Djinn/Rashid and the quest to be able to go to Yalahar?
5. Purchase AoL and Bless like in RL? OR should it be possible to purchase with commands like "!aol" "!bless" (AoL will cost 5cc)
6. Do you like the idea of buying houses with just "!buyhouse" or should we add a feature such as bidding on our website?
7. Is there even an interest in having Rookgaard and to have the old school Tibia feeling (You will spend approx 15-20 minutes here) then go to main. Or should this be removed?
8. Should we add custom towns such as Gengia and Pyre OR should it be pure RL map (alternatively add the custom towns later on).