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Hellgrave Custom RPG Server 12.72


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Sep 16, 2021
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Hello everyone, I hope you are fine.
I Come to Share Hellgrave RPG Server 12.72 based on Low-Medium Exp Stages,

Website Presentation server: here.

Website available with this server here on Otland: ZnoteAAC Hellgrave.

In order to get the server updated, please download it from Github and get the src files

Credits: Team Edisondario (retired) to create the Server using the fork of Otservbr src code.
Map: Recreated 70% by me ( 50% Custom ), 30% Viktor.
Thanks to Otland & Tibia King for many Scripts with their respective creators.
Special Thanks to everyone who is involved on Tibia Servers, because Tibia, for me and much others is the first mmorpg where we start playing.
Account: Hellgrave/hellgrave

There is a Online version with high Exp Stages for everyone who wants to test the server before download it.

Official Github: GitHub - Open-Games-Community/Hellgrave-RPG: Hellgrave RPG Server, download it from forum, if you use this version it may not work properly. Only for work version. (https://github.com/Open-Games-Community/Hellgrave-RPG)
Issues: Issues · Open-Games-Community/Hellgrave-RPG (https://github.com/Open-Games-Community/Hellgrave-RPG/issues)
Pull Requests: Pull requests · Open-Games-Community/Hellgrave-RPG (https://github.com/Open-Games-Community/Hellgrave-RPG/pulls)

It Contains:
  • 5 Citys: Mordragor, Freewind, Falanaar, Dolwatha & Death Valley
  • Mining System with levels
  • Goshnar Bosses, with Daily Task ( Kill each boss ) giving you an access to the Reward room ( soul items ) Aleatory reward item.
  • Arena Monsters ( With 3 Levels ) Waves of Monsters with 3 Levels each arena, there are 2 Arenas atm, Fire & Earth.
  • Daily Quest ( different reward per day )
  • Cobra & Falcon Bastion
  • Spawns from level 8 to 1k.
  • Daily Dungeon ( 2 Now available, Abyssal Dungeon & The Brain Stealer Dungeon ) Include The Brain Stealer & The Mega Magmaoid bosses with respective loot Eldritch items.
  • Many Raids in Each Towns, Ghazbaran on Freewind, Ferumbras on Falanaar, Morgaroth on Dolwatha, etc.
  • Quests:
    • Dolwatha:
      • Crusader Helmet, Blue Robe Quest (Under the Pyramid)
      • 50 Tibia Coins, 10 Silver Tokens, 5 Gold Tokens ( Trefundos Lava Golem , below the dragons )
      • Vampire Shield ( Vampire cave junto a 3 minibosses vampires )
      • Beastslayer Axe ( Gravedigger Mountain )
      • Golden Falcon ( Gravedigger Upper Mountain )
      • 100 Platinum Coins, and some items ( debajo gravedigger mountain )
      • Platinum Amulet (Passage to Falanaar)
    • Falanaar:
      • Boots of Haste ( Bosque Behemoth )
      • Zaoan Armor, Zaoan Legs ( Depth Lizard Dungeon )
    • Mistfall:
      • 20 iron ores ( Dwarf Cave )
      • Steel Helmet ( Minotaur Mountain )
      • Golden Armor ( Warlocks Cave, way to oramond dungeon caves )
    • Mordragor:
      • Full Set all vocations (Leather Set) First time for each player in the Temple
      • Tower Shield (Trefundos Necromancer Land Sur de Mordragor)
      • Warrior Helmet (Trefundos Necromancer Land Sur de Mordragor)
      • Knight Armor (Trefundos Necromancer Land Sur de Mordragor)
      • Knight Axe ( Trefundos Necromancer Land )
      • Anihilator Quest ( Trefundos Necromancer Land )
      • Assassin Dagger, Minotaur BP, Crown Helmet, 50 platinum Coins ( Golem Land )
      • Dragon Shield, Noble Armor, 25 platinum Coins ( Dragon Lair, on Este de Mordragor
      • Sneaky Stabber of Eliteness, 10 Platinum Coins ( Elf arcanist cave )
      • Wand of vodoo, Underworld rod, spellbook mind control ( Elf arcanist Cave )
About Quests do not Worry there is an Interactive Map on ZnoteAAC Hellgrave showing Locations of Raids & Quests.


Client: ( available on Github, to high .rar to attach it here )

Custom Launcher ( not included )

Trinity Island:

Falanaar City:

Azura Palace:

Behemoth Forest:

Goshnar Bosses:


Deep Catacombs Entrance:


  • Hellgrave_12.72_server.rar
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Sep 16, 2021
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Update Information:

Github: GitHub - Open-Games-Community/Hellgrave-RPG-Reports: Report Issues, bug or other. Download Server from Original Thread below (https://github.com/Open-Games-Community/Hellgrave-RPG-Reports)
Issues: Issues · Open-Games-Community/Hellgrave-RPG-Reports (https://github.com/Open-Games-Community/Hellgrave-RPG-Reports/issues)
Pull Requests: Pull requests · Open-Games-Community/Hellgrave-RPG-Reports (https://github.com/Open-Games-Community/Hellgrave-RPG-Reports/pulls)

New Update v5.2
Stairs fixed #10 Demon Spawn & Dolwatha boat
Fixed Vampire Lands #8 Skeleton Elite warrior Spawn
Removed the locked door, added a new level 100 door for a new quest: Vampire Shield. 3 bosses: Arachir the Ancient One,
Diblis the Fair and Sir Valorcrest
Fixed #7 Warlock Cave, added more mountain in the black area.
Fixed daily quest #4, added a teleport near the reward, back to the daily quest entrance, not outside.
Added Npcs #6 and #5 in Mordragor, near the castle, added 6 Npcs, Augustin, Alaistar, Hjaern, Briasol, Telas, and Alexander.
Added a new Addoner Npc Stratios in the Temple of Mordragor
Added new items: Eldritch Items
New Dungeon available: Trinity Island Brainstealer Dungeon, Bosses The Mega Magmaoid and The Brainstealer added.
Added new monsters: Bashmu, Girtablilu Warrior, Venerable Girtablilu, Carnisylvans, Varnished Diremaw, Tremendous Tyrant,
Lavaworm, Lavahongus, Streaked Devourer, Afflicted Strider, Blemished Spawn, Murmillion, Hoodinion, Juvenile Bashmu.
Added bestiary charms for new monsters.
Removed all negative spawnTimes.
Increased spawn time from 60 to 85 in order x1 Spawn.
Terrorsleep spawn time reduced from 1200 to 200.
Increased default Stages.

Post automatically merged:

Update v5.5

Updated the Time Event of Familiars
Added Rascacoon Island
Added Tentuglys Head Boss with Lever giving the Rascohan Outfit: Tentacle of Tentugly = Base Outfit , Tentugly's Eye = Second addon, Tentugly's Jaw = First Addon.
Added Flimsy Caves with Flimsys minibosses
Added Grave Danger Bosses with their respective levers and Hand of the Inquisition outfit
Added the charms of the new monsters
Removed Npc Augustin
Added a shopping list to Yasir, for imbuements
Fixed more than 19,300+ frames, borders, water, mountains, rocks, molds, trees, stones.
Removed Elite Skeleton Warrior from some low level caves
Added the Cobra Bastion
Added the Falcon Bastion
Added mounts: Raven, Groothomotive and Shrine
Added Outfits, Formal Dress, Ghost Blade and Nordic Chieftain
Assets added to the Hellgrave client
Interactive map on the website Updated

1.pngjv3xbTz.jpgiTvbfDk.jpgrEPbiuf.jpgZrzut ekranu 2020-02-2 o 23.09.48.jpg


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Sep 16, 2021
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New Update Upcoming v6.0.0

Release: TBA

Thanks again to Otland, TibiaKing for the scripts, about crafting methods. Some of them converted to revscript.

As you know we can attach only 5 Pictures per message, here are a little preview:
1 - Minerals from Collecting ( Minning )
2- Herbalist by Gathering some Flowers & Plants
3 - Skinning ( monsters )
4 - Fishing ( same system ) using new sprites
5 - Emblems
Pictures not showed:
6 - Lumberjack ( butchers ) Cut some trees to collect materials
7 - Relics
8 - Artefacts
9 - Resources
10 - Chests & Keys
11 - New Items ( solo items, not part of a set )
12 - Set for each vocation

There is 240 Sprites added for Valuable Materials.
There is more than 20 Sprites for new items
There is more than 20 Sprites for new set items


Mixed this also is coming some others things:

Discover Places around Hellgrave Map then, unlock this Place as a Waypoint, from Temple of Each city, you can teleport to the places you have discovered using an item ( can be crafted ).
New token animated to use in game Npc Store called Hellgrave Token.
Quest Secret n°1: The 7 Fragments
A new Zone for new monsters: Morshabaal , unsolicited, unspected & unwanted
Some new Npc added around the world

Maybe a new ZnoteAAC Website huh ? ( yeah, with interactive map also ).
And much more !