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map editor

  1. maxumic

    OTClient Any in-game map editor?

    Is there any in-game map editor for OT Client? When hiring mappers it would be useful if they could log on and edit the maps directly in-game. Not just because it's live/real-time, but also because you wouldn't have to give them any proprietary server files (e.g. world.otbm) It would also be...
  2. SparvenBara

    Mapping Services

    Do you need help with new maps for your server? - Need help with certain maps created for your server? I have been mapping for about 2-3 years now, and i love doing it. I was one of the 2nd season mapcreater for OseraWorld. a pretty big server back in the days. Do you have certain requests that...
  3. Glaszcz Koldre

    [TOOL] Convert any map between ServerID and ClientID

    Hi. With this tool OpenTibia - Convert any map to 7.6 (https://otland.net/threads/convert-any-map-to-7-6.259410/) (thanks to @Peonso ), and this tool GitHub - Inconcessus/OTBM2JSON: OTBM2JSON - A generic framework for programmatic modification of OTBM files...
  4. loreal

    Leveraging AI to Modify Maps in Remere's Map Editor (RME) for Open Tibia - Discussion and Possibilities

    Hello everyone, I would like to initiate a discussion on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for modifying and optimizing maps in Remere's Map Editor (RME) for Open Tibia. I've been thinking about this idea for some time, and I believe that with recent advancements in AI technology, this...
  5. W

    Open map from files .map

    I am looking for someone who can open maps in the editor that were saved to disk while playing ots. Files like the ones in the screenshot. https://gyazo.com/2b2a685eb3fdf5c2edf8c39a24fb8cc6
  6. TibiCAM

    CipSoft's "Creator" software (Map Editor and more)

    Today on 07 Feb 2023 the fansite Rookie.com.pl published an interview with Satudo, one of the testers at CipSoft GmbH. In that interview, CipSoft GmbH provided screenshots of their internal tool, called Creator. It's not just a map editor by the looks of it. It appears they also create other...
  7. hellboy

    Compare map files

    Is there any simple way to compare every sqm in two otbm files an show differences as list of positions? Something like diff for txt files. Few years ago I asked about same thing. I hope after five/six years there is an easy way to do this. Previous thread...
  8. fschuindt

    Recommendations for building a 7.4 custom map server

    Hello there, I'm willing to build myself a 7.4 custom map, and if I ever get to finish it I'm willing to maintain it online too. But the last time I tried making a custom 7.4 map, the auto border wasn't working for 7.4, only for 7.72/7.6. Also, I did not find a good 7.4 engine. So I'm here to...
  9. K

    Problem with add sprite

    Hey, Tibia 10.98 I have a problem adding new sprites: 1. Create new sprite in gimp 2. Open this sprite in Object Buildier 3. Add new sprite in Item editor 4. Add id and name in items.xml 5. Open Remeres map editor but the item is not there Tibia 8.20 I do...
  10. Jean Dark

    Mapper Search for Mapper 8.60

    Searching Mapper 8.60 Paid Discord: Kamolos#1975
  11. Bebzon

    OTClient House doors - different id

    Hello! (at first sorry for my english) I am trying to fix a problem with changable doors id. So, iv made new city - ok, depo - ok, shops - ok, houses - fail In map editor i'm givind doors with id 1239 and 1237, but in game it automaticly change 1239 to 1234 and 1237 to 1231 (BUT NOT EVERY...
  12. Alkenyx

    RME: How do "Friend" work?

    Hello everyone. How do the <friend name=""/> -thing exactly work? I want to use item 413 and block 10164's (earth) autoborder. <friend name="all"/> works but it blocks 22749's (stone floor) autoborder as well. How can I avoid it?
  13. Magick_Bu

    7.6 map - Remeres unserialize item attributes

    Hi, so i got full map 7.6 and when im using remeres map edit at 98% loading its showing errors - unserialize item attributes and its not loading at all, i dont even know where to start with this so if anyone can help id be glad, thank you.
  14. Doyouevenlift

    Not vaild OTBM file or does not exist

    Hey guys, Getting this error after a PC-crash from yesterday. File was working without any problems and all of a sudden I got this message today. (no backup :( ) Would really appreciate some help. Thanks
  15. ayusutina

    RME graphics problem

    Hi guys, i have a problem with the RME, i can't figure out what problem is affecting it, so i decided to post here to see if some of you know the answer to this problem. I have my drivers updated, but if i have to download something else, please let me know I posted this before but no one...
  16. Kuantikum

    Lua [RME] ¿Full printscreen of the entire map?

    Hello, There is a hotkey i can take some pictures, but I would like to know how I can make full printscreen of the entire map, can anyone help me? Thank you so much!
  17. S

    Looking for experienced Mapper/Scripter for our Tibia inspired MMORPG - Paid Job

    Hello, as a company, we are starting pre-production for our new game which will be Tibia inspired 3D MMORPG. That's why we are looking for an experienced mapper/scripter for a partial/full-time job related to designing the overall game core, our custom map editor, creating levels, and many...
  18. Yan18

    Problem with RME - Map Loader Errors ( Failed to load Houses and Failed to load Spawn)

    Hello everyone, I'm with the problem in RME with loading map, when I open the map, RME don't load spanw and houses, what could be? I tried to format my PC, I have installed differents versions of RME and my last try was install the last version of RME (from github) 3.6.1, and I continues with...
  19. Kuantikum

    Windows How can i open muiltiple MAPs on REMERES MAP EDITOR ?

    HELLO! I'm trying to open 2 maps simultaneously, but when I open one, the other closes and only keeps one open.
  20. Fifflaren

    New sprites in rme

    Hello Otland, I know this question have been asked quite alot over the years and I have tried following the threads I could find but I still have the problem that RME wont register new sprites :( I do have the same Tibia.spr in rme as the pics say. But is it something Im missing, do I need to...