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  1. kuks

    Cos nowego? 10.98.

    Od jakiegos czasu tworze calkowicie nowy projekt, chcialbym go uruchomic przed zima jednak nie jestem w stanie gdyz brakuje kilkunastu expowisk oraz questow. Dlatego zamieszczam tutaj ogloszenia gdyz szukam pomocy w ukonczeniu projektu, jestem w stanie odkupic expowiska/questy lub po prostu...
  2. Phact Aaran

    Phact's Showoff

    Hi, I'm Phact Aaran, I've been a tibia player since 2006 and a hobby mapper. Without further ado, here is my first post. :) The entrance to the city The ship The shop lane In north of the shop lane, temple and magician shop
  3. vicki24

    Searching For Mapper for Custom OT 7.4 Paying 45 Euro /h Bitcoin / Paypal / SEPA

    Hello Searching for a daily mapper paying around 45 euro /h per work always paying before completing task. contact: Missvicki#0516 @discord
  4. Crazytoe

    Beginner: Got a question and looking for mapeditor tutorial

    Hello Otland. My name is Crazytoe and I'm a hobby programmer that got experience in HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, but also basic knowledge in C++. I have playing Tibia for a while now, and I start to get bored and want to do so much more in the game than just hunting and run away from another players...
  5. Kiln

    Mapper Mapper looking for orders

    Hello! My last thread got the screens down, so i'm creating a new one. I'm available again to take orders. Payment: I charge based on how big the map is and how much details do you want, because both will say how much time i'll have to spent doing it. Discord: Kiln#2290 - Some map pieces:
  6. Pequeno Rei

    Mapper for hire

    Hey, I'm a mapper looking for some short jobs, like a hunting place, a city, houses/shops, islands, this sort of thing. I have 5 years of experience. I'm unknown for the community, so, if u want a test map, before the real job, i can do it for free. Anyway, i can work with any tibia version. If...
  7. C

    New City

    Inglês I am new to ot land because I don’t like to post my work, I came from the Brazilian community and started about 10 years ago, and now I’ve been improving my knowledge with new sprits, always accompanying the forum mapers, and improving my knowledge Português Sou novato na ot land pois...
  8. Nekiro

    Mapper Looking for mapper

    Hi, some of you may know me some not, but it does not matter. I’m searching for a mapper to my custom project. I cant map myself so if you feel like donating some maps I will gladly accept them. Basically what I need is some spawns, cities, anything for a base. If you are curious about sprite...
  9. Amiroo

    Searching for a daily Mapper! Version 8.0

    I'm working on a server / Project for almost 10 years. Client info 8.0 Server Map = Real/Map with edited spawns / cities what i'm searching for is a mapper that have around 4-6h per day to do daily missions of what i want. i can't really give a price before i know the knowledge of your...
  10. Apollos

    Team Valor Online Searching for New Staff

    Hi everyone. I've been working on an english custom 10.98 based low rate RPG. It's been in production for around a year now and there is a lot of progress so far. My recent team has become too busy and hasn't been able to put the time into the server and they have agreed it's time to bring in...
  11. gunz

    Mapper Searching experienced mapper

    Hello, I am part of team running Gunzodus and Ezodus servers. Currently we are looking for experienced mapper to our team. Your task would be to create 100% custom map based on some special needs. You will map hunt spots, cities, houses and quests - basically every idea your creativity...
  12. pudim

    Looking for experienced freelancer mapper

    Hello otland. I've been working on a low exp RPG custom map server for 1 year now and it's time to remake some parts of the map(some of them lack a lot of detail).Your job will be to redo some parts of the map, respecting the overall 'fell' of the area(if its a desert I want it to keep...
  13. loreal

    Need Mapper /BR

    Need Mapper /BR i pay in paypal!
  14. ElefanteAfrican

    Ice Catacomb (10.98)

    I took catacomb from oramond and made a revamp to ice. hope you guys enjoy
  15. Sp0tl3ss

    Mapper Nestalia.org 8.0 RPG

    Hello im looking for a mapper for my 8.0 project. I am looking for someone who can: Map new content and have ideas and creativity. Can take and give criticism without getting offended like its 2025 already. Can speak english. Can map with an RPG feeling also has minimap in consideration when...
  16. W

    Mapper looking for team. any client.

    Mapper looking for team! personal I'm 21 years of age and live in Sweden. I have a full time job and do this as my hobby. Would be able to spend about 2 hours each day and more on the weekends. Experience Good with lore, detail and immersive scenery. Love to create maps and zones and put a...
  17. S

    Mapper Looking for a mapper

    Hi i'm looking for a mapper that can rebuild some released maps 11+ with my custom items.otb if you can do it pm me to negociate :)
  18. Neto Tourinho


    Ola boa noite a todos! estou a procura de um mapper experiente para um projeto que irei começar, irei dar um detalhamento maior do projeto caso você tenha interesse no mesmo, irei pagar pelos serviços valor previamente acertado com o mapper caso ele se interesse em fazer. Solicito que o mapper...
  19. S

    Mapper Need mapper for evolution!

    Hello guys! Im currently working on an Evolution server and need someone to help me with a teleport room and quest room. (Maybe some more stuff on the go) If you feel temptated to help me out pm me your discord name and we talk further about price etc. Best regards Sami
  20. nugo

    Looking to map for a project (new/established)

    Hello All, Got some time on my hands again and keen to get back into some solid mapping. I have been making Nutopia V3 on the side but im interested in mapping for a new/established project. Preferable one that already has a team setup (multiple mappers). The screenshots i have are the only...