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Nostalther Violet - True 7.4 Reverse Engineered Project


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Sep 10, 2016
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About 22 years ago, a friend I'd met online had introduced me to Tibia. Even thinking the graphics were terrible and with my very first experience in the game was a stranger taking me to the Tutorial Room below Seymore and telling me that stepping on the Fire and Energy fields would make me stronger (Yes, I did. No, I didn't have anything other than my Coat, Club and Apple), I was hooked. A little over 3 years ago with the same passion I picked up a repo from the downloads section of OTLand and started the Nostalther server project. Still hooked today and having taken on a lot of feedback from all kind of players, today I want to now discuss the development of Nostalther Violet!

Nostalther Violet is based on The Violet Project engine to re-create a realistic, true classic Tibian experience. The purpose of this thread will be to showcase some of the servers features, invite you to join in on the Test Server and provide further back on this project.

The formulas of spell damage, monster damage, shielding defence, armor, are all reverse engineered from original server files. All NPCs and original monsters are the original cipsoft monster files, so there is no inaccuracies. Player regen and spells are also using classic 7.4 values. That's slower regen and less mana than it was in 7.72 and above.

Nostalther Violet aims not only for that nostalgic feel but also longevity. We want achievements to be earned and truly feel rewarding but take into consideration that many of us have busy lives and are not able to commit the same amount of time we once did back in the day. Accordingly, the server rates are kept low. With consideration not everyone has 24 hours a day to commit to training, skills advancement rates are slightly higher. We will carry out a testing phase prior to official launch, but the proposed live server rates will be as follows:

  • Experience: 1x
  • Skills: 2x
  • Magic: 1x
  • Loot: 1x
  • Gold: 1x
  • Respawn: 2x

Community and Administration
Wanting to ensure their is a level playing field, we will stand firm on the rules. Use of any external software outside the the client engine itself will be considered against the rules. Use of bots, macros and multiclient will not be allowed. If you're aware of the Nostalther brand, you'll know we're not just a popup server that's here to make a quick cash grab, we're here for the long haul and believe the game should be fair for all.

Currently while the test server is running, there may be limited enforcement on multi client use, as the purpose at this time is to really stress test and have all aspects of the game checked out and tested so the appropriate fixes, changes and improvements can be made to ensure the live server is flawless from the start.

Similar to Tibia back in the day, we'll also be calling on some experienced and trusted members of the community to perform the roles of Tutors and Gamemasters to ensure those that need assistance in game can get it and that cheaters are quickly stopped, as software can't and will not ever be a 100% solution to rule breakers.

Premium services will also be available via the website shop. No stop items will ever be of the "Pay to win" type, such as exp boots, over powered weapons/armours or things that give players in an game edge. What we will have are the classic premium account features, with a few extras and other cosmetics for flexing purposes.

We have multiple options as far as the game client goes for Nostalther servers.

Wanting to keep the true classic feel, we of course support the original 7.72 client, with some customisations. The customisations for this client are basic WSAD walking option and a built in CAM Recorder and Player.

We also have a custom OTClient available. Some of the animation styles are slightly different in this client, but still uses the same retro sprites for that nostalgic feel, but with the quality of life changes such as being able to open additional panels and containers. This client also has WSAD walking option, among other things.

Not only do we have a PC client, but we also have a mobile client for Android devices. You'll be able to play Nostalther anywhere, even while pooping.

Old School Features
The aim of this server will be to a hardcore, realistic, recreation of the 7.4 era. Some of the most quickly noticed features that Violet will have are:
  • Sudden Death and Magic Missile damage all players in stack
  • UH Trap is possible
  • NPCs only sell blank runes
  • Learning spells are based off magic level and have no level requirement.
  • Sorcerer and Druids wands/rods do not exist

Monster Overspawn
Monsters lured away from their home position, will not be removed and instead spawn again.

Action Cooldowns and Exhaust
The action system is that of the original 7.4 system.
While using mana fluids your spells will be exhausted for 1 second. Using healing runes will not cause exhaust for spell casting.
No exhaust when using items and then moving items.
Walking with arrow keys and dragging items can also be done without having to intermittently let go of your keys.


Monsters AI and Loot
Monsters will spawn with their loot. This warlock is able to block (sparks) damage from floor trap, we know for sure he is wearing a Golden Armor or Blue Robe!
Intelligent monster pathfinding. Ranged monsters will even step back towards their target instead of keeping distance.
Monsters and summons will turn towards their target each action interval, even if their target is unreachable.
Monsters only switch targets upon completing their actions, so fast floor switching does not give them enough time to reset their target and attack and cast spells every time you switch floors.


Monster Actions and Exhaust
Unlike other OT servers where monsters have a cooldown, monsters in real tibia had no cooldown. They could cast all their attacks on the same interval.
Ranged monsters execute actions every 1 seconds at a distance, as well as take an extra attack while stepping. Because of this, they are more likely to combo/spam attacks while running towards/away from you!
If monsters are in melee range, they will revert to casting spells every 2 seconds.

Classic Spell Casting
Spell casting works using their original syllables!
Quotation marks are also not required if there is only 1 parameter.

Summons Intelligence
Summons pathfinding is more accurate. Summons will stand 1 tile diagonally or 2 tiles in a direct line.
Summons will move out of the way when walking into the, instead of walking in the same direction as you are.
Monsters summons will continue to attack, even if their master has no way to reach you, instead of the summon giving up the attack.

Classic Respawn
Monsters respawn on their home position, additional monsters spawn in a "formation" running anti-clockwise from their home position.
Monster spawns have a single respawn timer, spawning 1 monster per interval, instead of each monster having it's own timer.
Monster respawn time is not paused when blocked. If the respawn timer has elapsed, it will respawn the instant the screen is not being "blocked" by a player

The world map is converted from the original Tibia map .sec files combined with many many hours of 7.40 Tibicam tracking merged in.

The main aim of this server is to to recreate the feel of 7.4, but not to limit the places to hunt and explore. Accordingly, places like Ankrahmun and Port hope will be kept, but converted to the 7.4 style.



Around the map are various cosmetic changes or customisations to revert areas of the map back to before 7.4 as well. Be careful where you explore, risk of lured monsters is very real! There will also be more added custom or retrograde content added to the world as time goes on, but finely tuned to fit in with the 7.4 feel.


With the idea of longevity in mind for Nostalther Violet, upon the live launch, many quests gated behind doors with level requirements that reward mid/end game items will also be reworked. I want looted armours and rares to really feel earned. Hitting a certain level and just knowing you're gaurenteed an item update doesn't give give that feeling I'm hoping for. It also floods the market for lower tier equipment, lowers their value value and weakens the item economy. Accordingly, most (except for The Annihilator) will have their item rewards removed and replaced with alternate rewards. If you want to upgrade your items, you'll need to loot these items yourself.

Please note this list for documenting the quests that will be changed. The replacement reward has not been finalised, but in many cases will likely be the the gold equivalent of the items NPC sale value.

0 - Devil Helmet - 1k Rashid

Draconia Quest
25 - Serpent Sword
25 - Ice Rapier

30 - Dwarven Axe* - 1.5k Gnomegate
30 - Griffin Shield - 3k Rashid

Circle Room Quest
32 - Warhammer 1.2k Djinns
32 - Dwarven Axe* - 1.5k Gnomegate

Crusader Helmet Quest
35 - Crusader Helmet - 6k Djinns

Mt. Sternum
35 - Noble Armor*
35 - Crown Helmet 2.5k Djinns

Orc Fortress Quest
40 - Knight Axe - 2k Djinn
40 - Knight Armor - 5k Djinn
40 - Fire Sword - 4k Djinn

Thais Dragon Lair
40 - Naginata - 2k Rashid

Bright Sword Quest
45 - Bright Sword - 6k Gnotegate

Deeper Fibula Quest
50 - Knight Axe - 2k Djinn
50 - Warrior Helmet - 5k Djinn
50 - Tower Shield - 8k Djinn

Black Knight Quest
50 - Crown Armor - 12k Djinn
50 - Crown Shield - 8k Djinn

Edron Dragon Lair
60 - Fire Axe - 8k Djinn

Drefia Quest
60 - Blue Robe - 10k Djinn
60 - Skull Staff - 6k Djinn
60 - Medusa Shield - 9k Rashid

Banshee Quest
60 - Tower Shield - 8k Djinn
60 - Giant Sword - 17k Djinn
60 - Boots of Haste - 30k Djinn

Edron Hero Cave
70 - Dragon Lance - 9k Djinn
70 - Vampire Shield - 15k Djinn

Behemoth Quest
80 - Guardian Halberd* - 11k Rashid
80 - Platinum Amulet - 2.5k Rashid
80 - Demon Shield - 30k Rashid
80 - Golden Armor - 20k Rashid

Demon Helmet Quest
100 - Demon Helmet* - 40k Gnomegate
100 - Demon Shield - 30k Rashid
100 - Steel Boots - 30k Rashid

Annihilator Quest
100 - Demon Armor*
100 - Stonecutter Axe*
100 - Magic Sword*

This thread far from covers everything in the server, but I'd now like to invite everyone to join, play and provide your feed back on how you think it feels and what you think the server should add or change.

A Test Server is currently online and available to play. Please bear in mind that characters will be reset for the official Launch and EXP rates are currently boosted so that players are able to reach higher levels and properly test the servers content. An NPC is also available in Thais that will also give players 10k gold every 10 levels.

  • Experience: 24x
  • Skills: 16x
  • Magic: 8x
  • Loot: 2x
  • Gold: 1x
  • Respawn: 3x

Please also join our Discord: Nostalther
i just feel sorry for the people paying thousands of dollars to run an ots. overpriced client, engine, advertising...
i just feel sorry for the people paying thousands of dollars to run an ots. overpriced client, engine, advertising...

Well I host Nostalther for fun. I'm just a hobbyist developer and fan of old school tibia. I'm not trying to do this to make money, I just like to dabble in development and have love for this game.

We have OTCv8 client available, but this client is free. I've just made a classic UI for this. Works just like the old client, but some extra perks that OTC offers. I haven't purcahsed or paid for client sources, cost me nothing but some time, now offered to anyone interested to use and play.

You don't need to feel sorry, just give the server a try and see how it feels. Can always use the classic client if you're not a fan of OTC.
well atleast you have good intentions
wish you good luck

usa host btw?
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Looks nice :)

Feels even better to play :)

After playing ots for a while and then playing here, you can really feel the difference from look-a-like ots and this real reverse engineered server. Makes the make feel a lot harder than expected.
Looks really nice. Shame its on US West though.. not sure if i miss the nostalgic 150 ms ping. Will still give it a go though.
Also i don't know how people can write shit about a server they have never tried.. hate that about Otland
I've run a project from Ezzz's Nostalrius source for over 3 years, which was a completely free release and I owe a lot to his work.
wasn't it leaked? in which case you owe a lot to his leaker too. in the spirit of open tibia, let's hope you return the favor 1 day 🙃
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This server already exists. It's called tibiantis. Not trying to hate, but why are so many people on here constantly going for copycats?
Well ultimately Ezzz released it on his own accord.
This server already exists. It's called tibiantis. Not trying to hate, but why are so many people on here constantly going for copycats?

From day 1, it will be a real 7.4 server. We've also kept Ankrahmun and a retrograde Port hope. We've also kept some other map changes like Dark Cathedtral because they were nice contributions to the map and hunting grounds. There's been a lot of 7.4 servers in the past and likely will be in the future. The difference is how they grow, and if they even stay around. If you've heard of Nostalther, you'd know we have a reputation already for being stable and consistently available for over several years already. This new era is just our take on a real 7.4 tibia server.

I'll continue to develop and grow this project and continue adding new and custom content as well, tuned and tweaked to fit in well with the 7.4 engine style. I value community feedback and take it on board for the future.
I enjoy the gameplay, but there is still much to do. I`ll give u feedback later Panther on discord. Want to test some more things and i`m low on time as always. But its worth to give it a shot.
I enjoy the gameplay, but there is still much to do. I`ll give u feedback later Panther on discord. Want to test some more things and i`m low on time as always. But its worth to give it a shot.

If you think anything is missing or any differences from real 7.4, definitely hit me up on Discord.

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