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Programmer Otclient hire or collab and various small C/C++ and Python tasks (budget total: ~$500)


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Sep 16, 2016
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Hello everyone.

I'm a self-taught systems developer looking for positive and chill/friendly/professional developers with an intermediate or better experience who are looking for collaboration opportunities or (paid) work.

Paid jobs:
  • Looking for tutors that can help me learn Portuguese and Russian through simple text conversation. I have a specific method in mind. I can pay you per any time interval with a minimum of 20 minutes per established session, I expect/suggest a 1-5 minute free trial for you to prove your worth prior to a price negotiation, the rest is up to you.
  • Otclient bugs and a little bit of interface development in LUA as well as some font changes.
  • Various C/C++ and possibly some Python jobs (you only need to know one of these languages).

I'm also open to various ideas of collaborations and exchanges of services/software, for instance parts of either my older or newer works in exchange for any of the services/job offerings mentioned above or we may negotiate/discuss anything else you can offer that you think I might be interested in.

Some of my Open Tibia works from the last 2-3 years (all except the 2 OT servers Zanera and Realots + the QM were made in the past 9 months):
  • I publicly hosted the original closed-source Zanera files (I'm the first and only person to have hosted these publicly so far; hosted them for free for approximately 9 months with no downtime).
  • I've also hosted the original closed-source Realots server after these files were publicly released in mid 2016 (I'm also the first to have hosted these after they were publicly released; been hosting this "testserver" for free since October of 2017 with a max continuous downtime of 48 hours).
  • Wrote my own OTS engine from the bottom up in Python and lazily named it PyOT2.
  • A cam recorder/player in Python that reads and plays back raw PCAP files.
  • Fully reverse engineered and rewrote the old and unstable/partially broken Query Manager for Realots in Python.
  • Wrote a tiny converter that converts Peonso's server-sided OTSP files to client-sided files.
  • OTS-compatible RSA and XTEA encryption in Python.
  • Realots SEC (original closed source map format) and MON (original closed source monster) files parser and converter in C and Python.
  • And many other tools and projects, some under active development, others waiting to one day get picked up again.

Random notes:
  • Most recently (last week) I was working on Otclient encryption and anti-cracking techniques, with the first of three parts completed on day 5 (full embedding).
  • If you'd like to see a demo/proof of any of these existing or working, feel free to post about it here and I can post back a screen capture.
  • I don't care about deadlines or anything like that, so you can always take all the time you want (just briefly update me at scheduled intervals of every x days/weeks about +/- what's up) and always ask any questions you want whenever you want to as well, I genuinely enjoy them most of the time :)
  • Let me know if you have any thoughts/issues/concerns at any point in time during our discord conversation, such as missing information, too much information, questions, thoughts, etc.

References (people I've hired for money):
  • Briefly worked with @Ezzz, paid him $15 for a miniature task. Short story: Not the most pleased with his work or his service, but it could always have been worse too.
  • Asked @.: Strike :. a bunch of random'ish network and encryption questions. Technically never asked me for any pay at all, but I asked him if he'd take donations and sent him $15 in crypto since I thought he deserved it.
  • Worked with @darkshin for about a week. Paid him €30 over Paypal for the first task as per our agreement. A second task/job was started, but never finished.

And like I said, if you have any doubts or questions about any of my works, feel free to ask about it here.
Any other questions should probably be asked in discord. If you don't have discord, write to me on my OTLand profile page.

My discord is: e.e#0480
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