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  1. R

    Looking for Wireshark setup (PAID JOB)

    Hey there! I'm looking for someone who's able to setup and show me how to analyze Tibia's official client packages using Wireshark. Basically, I need them decrypted (not sure if it's possible), so that I can analyze the traffic, forge and modify packages, etc. Please, any questions just let...
  2. Paulix

    OTClient Prevent multi client

    I'm actually using otclientv8-master, but you can open multiple instances, how do I prevent MC in OTClient?
  3. Shadowman321

    TFS 1.X+ Change currency in NPC trade window

    Hi! I've changed all currency on my server. And small issue is, that NPC Trade window still shows prices in "gold". I guess its defined on client side. All other features work just fine. change_gold works, banker works, trading works. Just this display of currency name in trade window breaks...
  4. fschuindt

    Looking for someone to help me with my 7.4 client issue

    Disclaimer: This is a paid job offer. I own the source code for a nice 7.72 server that runs with the original 7.4 sprites. It comes with its own client, a 7.72 Tibia CipSoft client with the Hex all modified. Let's call it the "modded client". There are tons of modifications on this client that...
  5. A

    Mac otclient

    Hey, I know your typical answer would be yhea use wineskin winebottler playonmac parallels etc, as im using my laptop i would like to play ot clients without burning my computer right through, is there a way for someone to create an ot client to some ot for mac users? maybe others would dig...
  6. Jpstafe

    Change Skin Tibia client 7.72

    Hello Otland community, I would like to know how I can return this client to normality .. it is attached to my server .. if I use the normal 7.72 client, it does not let me enter my ot, how do I have to change it to the normal client? since I want to start working it in otclients, and with the...
  7. S

    Opinions about custom server

    I am an old Tibia player, I have played Tibia since 2007 as a normal player and finally I started few months ago studying Lua and C++ to be able to create my own custom server so I am here to ask few questions about what players and well-known developers think about Which client is best to...
  8. Kuantikum


    I'm trying to login with OTCLIENT V8 on a modified server, however I get the following message: "Your client is outdated, please visit http://www.psoul.net and download the latest client." And with that I can’t log in with another client, except with the server's own client. I found the...
  9. Jpstafe

    Tibria Client questions

    Hello Comunity A few months ago there was a post to download the client to use Tibiantis, and in the comments there was the tutorial on how to compile it and change the ip, and several more errors .. has it disappeared? I could not find a tutorial on how to do it anywhere run this client Does...
  10. Nekiro

    OTLoginServer - small and portable Tibia 12 login server

    Hey, I know how much of a hassle it's to setup AAC just to connect to your Tibia 12. This software should help you with that. It should be compatible with latest TFS 1.3 as long as you have support for Tibia 12. OTLoginServer supports newest Tibia 12 version atm, which is Tibia 12.85...
  11. A

    [TFS 1.3] Client premium features

    TFS 1.3X Client version: 12.20 Hi all, I want to remove this from my client but I'm not sure how to. All the characters have working premium however everyone has this message. In my config.lua I have freePremium = true set to true. In my db, I have premdays set to 0, but when I change it to...
  12. O

    OTClient Been a while...

    Since I've played tibia at all! I am really looking forward to jumping into some kind of ot. Not many preferences but I'm open to your suggestions. Maybe then my preferences will change XD I use to use ip changer and it became common that individual ot's would have clients. This is about...
  13. kubqq

    What WAR Server do you will wanna Play? 7.4/10.98

    Hello 👁️‍🗨️ I have questions about new WAR OTS!☠ This will WAR-Server with own accounts, with change map system (1. Thais 2. Place between AB - Carlin 3. Fibula 4. Place between Thais - Venore 5. Place Ankh - Darashia) All of these maps will be edit for War server ofc. My questions about this...
  14. T

    Little icons of categories in store not displaying.

    Hi guyse, i got a problem with the little icons in game client store. All other items in store are displaying properly. Images are in C:\xampp\htdocs\images\store\64\ and C:\xampp\htdocs\images\store\34\
  15. W


    I edited a 7.72 client through notepad, and it didn't bug, because I changed the ip with all the same characters, but also the connection error lost due to expired! help me please! The client need log in the host client Bellow!
  16. S

    [8.60] Remove ServerLog - CipSoft Client

    Hi guys! I've been trying to do this for a long time, without success. Is it possible to remove the Server Log tab on the CipSoft client using Hex editor? I would be happy if someone can help me. Many thanks!
  17. M

    C++ Tibianic DLL Debug redskull

    Hey guys i have big problem with tibianic dll client, when my character get red skull, client gonna debugged. Some can help me with this? +--------------------------------------------------------------- Debug Assertion 7.72 ContentWindows.cpp 925 Wed Apr 15 13:04:58 2020 Windows Version: 6.2...
  18. Adorius Black

    Downgraded Tibia Client 10.00

    This client include: - no update message -multiclient enabled -tibia.spr and tibia.dat updated (10.4.2020) with real tibia client -edited tibia.pic
  19. qben360

    C++ tibianic dll client how to off auto updater

    Hey guys where in code i can off this auto updater? because its not working cant connect with server and cant close this window cant do nothing https://github.com/rwxsu/tibianic-dll 1583791159 delete
  20. P

    How to open map 10.98 in New RME?

    How to open map 10.98 in New RME? i don't have Tibia.spr and Tibia.dat for 10.98 version in my client :/