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Storywriter Our staff is looking for advertiser and ideaful person


Jan 3, 2011
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Hello, I currently own an OTServer and i'm willing to get a team.

Site: http://entera.myftp.biz/

Our OT:
  • Global, with unique features.
  • NPCs central
  • VIP area
  • Latest version and always up to date
  • Online 24/7
Our problem:
  • Players are getting uninterested (ending stuff to do), new players are very few, too much work on the otserver without getting great return from players.
Our search:
  • Responsable people who are willing to talk with players, in-game and also over skype.
  • Mapper to implement new areas and to fix/improve built areas.
  • People who can give ideas of improvements, attraction to other players.
  • Advertisers to bring new players to the OTServer.
  • Content publishers, to the OTServer website as well to the facebook page.
I appreciate your attention, hope we can work something out.


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