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Programmer [Premium Supporte] ALL Ots and Ats


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Feb 9, 2013
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Services Offered

Hello, I would like to contribute to the community with these services. Grab it, it's for a limited time. Get to know a little more about who I am.

Web Development Services

  • Excellence in Problem SolvingIdentification and correction of BUGS in databases and PHP scripts for flawless operation.

  • Value CreationImplementation of new features on websites, both on the Front-end and Back-end, to enhance user experience.

  • Attractive DesignSkill in responsive design using Bootstrap to create appealing interfaces compatible with various devices.

  • From Idea to RealityAbility to create advanced websites from initial concept to complete implementation, integrating complex functionalities.

  • Precise CustomizationDevelopment of websites from scratch using advanced stacks or conventional PHP, ensuring full customization.

Open Tibia Server Development (OTC)

  • Continuous ImprovementIdentification and solution of BUGS in modules to enhance stability and gameplay on the Open Tibia Server.

  • Innovation DrivenIntegration of new features into the OTC, enriching players' experience with innovative resources.

  • Efficient ModulesCreation of new modules focusing on code quality and improving player interactivity.

Otserver Development (Open Tibia Server)

  • High PerformanceIdentification and precise correction of issues in scripts to maintain server performance and integrity.

  • Constant GrowthIntroduction of new scripts and functionalities, driving continuous growth and innovation of the server.

  • Strategic UpdateCareful updating of project compilation packages to ensure efficiency and compatibility.

  • Optimization and Security

  • Robust ProtectionImplementation of AntiCheat/AntiBot solutions to ensure a secure and cheat-free gaming environment.

  • Scalability and PerformanceSpecialized configuration in leading cloud platforms, including Google Cloud, Azure Cloud, Amazon Cloud, and DigitalOcean Cloud.

  • Effective DefenseInstallation and configuration of Cloudflare ANTI-DDOS to protect the server against cyber attacks.

Other Services

  • Blockchain InnovationImplementation of NFT system, incorporating visual and logical aspects of blockchain technology to create unique experiences.

  • Financial FacilitationIntegration of automatic payment on websites, covering a variety of platforms for greater user convenience.

  • Optimized InfrastructureConfiguration and installation in clouds such as Google Cloud, Azure Cloud, Amazon Cloud, and DigitalOcean Cloud, to achieve the best performance.

Simplified Hiring Process:

Here's our straightforward way of handling payments:

  • Deposit (50%): After choosing the service, we ask for half of the amount to start.

  • Balance (50%): When we finish and you're satisfied, we ask for the remainder before final delivery.

We look forward to working together. If you have any questions or are interested in our services, feel free to contact us. We can't wait to build something amazing together!

Chat with Me:
I'm available to chat and discuss projects.

Feel free to contact me here or through the following networks:
LinkedIn: Rafhael Oliveira
Discord : underewar

My Projects: GitHub Repositories

My Current Stack:


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