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Rules for the Support board

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Jun 16, 2013
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Rules for the Support board

We ask you follow these rules and policies exactly as presented below.
If you want to read the general rules for this forum (OTLand) you can find them here.
The purpose of these rules is to keep a certain level of civility and order so that people have an easier time helping out.

1. Invalid Title:
Describe your problem in the title. A title that doesn’t describe the content of the thread is seen as an invalid title.
Examples of invalid titles:
- Help please
- I need help
- Problem
- Error
- A few questions
- Help with this bug

- Best titles are what you typed in search to find a solution for your problem, but anything related to the problem already makes it a valid title.
- Also addressing specific users in the thread title, eg "Limos help please", is not allowed.
- A good title would be "[TFS 1.3] - Adding casting system" / "[TFS 0.4] - Nil error on startup"

2. Double Post:
- You have to wait 24 hours to post after your own post in a thread.
- There is 1 exception to this rule. If you solved a problem you can post it with the solution in the thread regardless of the amount of time between your new post and your last one.
If your thread isn't on the first page anymore by the time you solved it, set your thread prefix to solved and edit your first or last post and add the solution.

3. Duplicate Content:
- Use only one thread to post about your problem. Creating more threads or posts about the same problem is seen as spam. If you don't get a reply on your thread, wait 24 hours to post again to show you still need help.

4. Foreign Language:
- Only English is allowed here. If you want to post in a different language use this forum.
- Accompanying a foreign language post with an English translation is also forbidden.

5. Incomplete Problem Description:
- Post as much useful information as possible. If the problem is about something on your server, post the server version and client version. Also always post the errors you get and the scripts with the problems.

6. Search Function:
- You are not allowed under any circumstances to post things like "Use the search function" without a link of the solution you found. This is mainly for people who use search so they don't end up finding threads with "use search".
- You can add an explanation how you found it in case people are not familiar with how to use it.

7. Scripts without code/php tags:
- Whenever posting code, you are required to post it in code tags (or php tags for php scripts).
Read about it HERE.
- Using code tags is a requirement. Without them the scripts are to hard to read, could take an unnecessary amount of space and could change because of smileys and other forum features.
- If your error or the code you wish to post is too long you can post links to pastebin.com

8. Removing Solved Content:
- If you solved your problem, post the solution, do not remove the content in your posts. Instead write the solution you found. This can help other users with the same problem.
- Threads with removed content are useless and are seen as spam.
- If you were able to solve the issue yourself, post the solution and report your own post so a moderator can tag it as the "Best Answer".
9. Monetary Offerings:
- Any offerings of money are not allowed in this section. If you want help, ask it but you don't have to offer anything in return other than thanks.
10. Tagging Users:
- Please refrain from tagging specific users in your posts unless you have their permission to do so.

11. Marking "Best Answer"
- Once your problem is resolved, please MARK SOLUTION AS "BEST ANSWER".​
Read more in the announcement.​

12. Offering help via PM/Discord/Whatever else
- If you intend to help, just do it in the thread so future readers can also benefit and give you "likes". We know you are asking for a PM to ask for payment for help, which is not allowed here. You have the Job board for that.

Threads or posts that violate any of these rules will be deleted, merged or altered.
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This is:
- A place to get support for any OT related problems.
- A place to help others.

This is not:
- A request section.
- A place to talk about non-ot related things.
- A place to discuss illegal cracking of bots.
- A place to take suggestions for you upcoming OT server.

To summarize:
- Use good English.
- Use proper titles.
- Give as much information as possible(TFS version, OS, errors, scripts).
- Use code tags.
- Be nice and helpful.
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