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OTClient Files SPR and DAT Conveter from protocol 8.6 to a minimum of 10.98


Sep 2, 2021
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Hello. I would like to transfer a large number of graphics from protocol version 8.6 of .spr .dat files to the protocol version of the minimum version 10.98, but I want to transfer graphics to protocol version 12.00 but if it is not possible, then at least to version 10.98 I mean exporting and importing graphics in a quick and easy way. As is the case in Object Builder, for example, when importing and exporting graphics in .otb format, it is an easy and quick method to transfer large amounts of graphics. Unfortunately, I do not have compatible versions of the Object builder program, so that at least I can transfer the graphics to the 10.98 protocol, I can only run my .dat and .spr in the older version of the object builder, which works up to the 10.56 protocol version and if I upgrade the versions even to 10.56, I can no longer open the object in the newer version builder of .dat .spr files there is an error I will add a screen with the error below the post. Can anyone help solve the problem with the compatibility of tools or could you add and share some compatible tool that will transfer graphics to version 10.98 or 12.00 from the old protocol 8.60 I will add that this is a non-standard spr file and dat means that the graphics contained in it are not standard with tibi only these are graphics for Anime OTS but it's not really important when it comes to my problem. Thank you everyone for your help. I am waiting for an answer and will be searching the internet in the meantime checking different programs to solve the problem.

This is an error code from the newer object builder, supposedly compatible with the 10.98 protocol and with older protocols, but it is not able to import or open my graphics in the 8.60 and 10.56 protocols, the new object builder is probably not compatible with these graphics and the old object builder works without a problem but can't get the graphics to protocol 10.98

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I think I downloaded one of the latest versions of Object Builder that I have found so far and it loaded the spr and dat files without any problems, however, the problem occurs when compiling files to the 10.98 protocol, I received this message. Any ideas ?

used the version of the object builder that I downloaded from here : Outfits/Animation editor · Issue #7 · punkice3407/ObjectBuilder (https://github.com/punkice3407/ObjectBuilder/issues/7#issuecomment-1058380999)I version: 0.5.5 - dev

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I chose the option yes from what I understood the program had to reload the files and asked if it wanted to do it. The file now opens without problems in the 10.98 protocol, but I do not understand what the error message was and what it was about. Sorry but it will take me a while to test the new dat and spr files, because now I need to set up some test server for 10.98 protocol and compatible with it because I was working on a server with a downgraded protocol before, but I would like to work with the latest server sources that have solved many problems they are more stable and the higher protocol allows the compatibility of more modules in otclient. When I started work, the problem with exporting graphics unfortunately decided to use the downgrade engine and now I will have a lot of work with rewriting the code. I'm growing day by day, when I started I was completely green.
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