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low rates

  1. OldSchoolBoy

    [Poland] [8.00] Treasura |Long term x1| Start 12/04/2024 at 18:00 CEST

    Start: 12 april 2024 at 18:00 CEST! Registration: Latestnews - Treasura.online (https://treasura.online/) Wikipedia: Treasura wiki (https://wiki.treasura.online/) Discord: Join the Treasura.online Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/uTrrqSRN) Server info: IP: Treasura.online Port: 7171...
  2. Bravoo

    [POLAND] [13.10] Fibulia, Upgrade System, Aura, Rebirth, New Mech~'s

    Our adventure started but it's not too late to join! Check what we have prepared for you! Visit FIBULIA for the grand start at 6pm. Don't forget to join our Discord for a chance to win free Tibia Coins! Share this post and tell your friends. Get ready for an epic journey to fantasy land...
  3. Sneaky

    [USA][7.4] Memoria - a Cerebra Online project | Global Host

    Memoria is our 7.4 clone of Tibia, here you can expect to find a true copy of the gameplay you remember, that means creatures, combat, magic and overall balance works the same way as they did back in the days. Memoria is built on The Violet Project engine that is reverse engineered from cipsoft...
  4. Trollheim

    [France][10.98/Custom] Trollheim Online - no payments/free to play

    Trollheim Online Official Launch 26th May 2023 About Trollheim Online is Open Tibia Server that is developed since 2017 based on TFS 1.2, but updated to TFS 1.4.2 and some features from 1.5. The main aim of this OT is to bring back excitement in playing tibia from hunting, looting unique...
  5. J

    [Sweden][8.6] Highland | Low Rate RL Map | RESET NOV 25

    Why should you play on Highland? One thing that makes us unique is that this server is completely free from Pay To Win! No donate weapons or bonus XP (exception is stamina bonus with premium), you earn everything in-game! The only items you can get in the shop is quality of life items such as...
  6. tibera

    [BRAZIL][7.4] Thirania Online

    Welcome to Thirania 7.4! SERVER OPENS - 09/07/2022 IP: Custom client Website: http:/thirania.online/ Features: » All 7.4 Quests/missions/tasks. » Balanced vocations, spell damages from 7.4 has been slightly tweaked in order to enhance this. » All of the raids that existed back in the days...
  7. Yodot

    [Australia] [13.21] Austerror

    IP: au5ter.ath.cx Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 13.20 Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Australia, on a dedicated Xeon server. Website: au5ter.ath.cx Exp rate: Staged from 25x to 10x (regular Exp bonus days) Map: Retail + Custom NPC/Portal/Training area Runes: Normal charges and prices Loot rate: 1x (regular...
  8. drafenous

    [BRAZIL][11.44] Drafeira - [Global]

    Welcome to Draferia! Our game mode is PVP and at low rates, in the future we will open other types of servers, such as PVP Enforced and NO-PVP. Map: Global Version: 11.44 Our rates are: Experiece: by stages Skills: 10 Magic: 7 Loot: 2 Spawn: 1 Experience stages: Experience Stages - Draferia...
  9. C

    [Poland][8.6] EvoRPG LowRates START JULY 10 AT 19:00 CEST

    EVORPG 8.6 ip: evorpg.pl port: 7171 Server Information: Custom Evolution map with Gengia, Oken and more! (Respawn maps on the site) Exp Stages: 1 - 50 - 150x 51 - 70 - 50x 71 - 100 - 25x 101 - 120 - 10x 121 - 140 - 5x 141 - 160 - 3x 161 - 180 - 2x 181 - xxx - 1x Skill Rates: 10x Magic Level...
  10. M

    [USA] [12] [global map] Hellfire OT

    Global OT low rates works with tibia 10 client outdated or tibia 11, 12 client For In game Help GOD Hellfire. Will Have Daily Updates and bug fixes. global map with added and edited areas and spawns more will be added over time ip = hellfire.servegame.com port = 7171 client = 10 outdated or...
  11. Simonp1512

    [Spain] CUSTOM DBHispano

    dbhispano.ddns.net Welcome to DBHispano a new dragon ball server based ---Rates--- EXP stages EXP on death players x10 Skills stages Magic stages Loot x2 ip:dbhispano.ddns.net client: custom/own web download Explore the map for quest, and unlock special...
  12. Peora

    [JAPAN] [7.6] PEORA - SINCE JULY 2018

    Welcome to Peora History! -Server closed.- Peora - OpenTibia (http://peora.org/) What is Peora ? Peora is a custom heavily RPG focused 7.6 low rate game play server. As such, there are many quests, puzzles, secret areas, riddles, combined with large hunting areas and fun places to explore...
  13. Peora

    Help with testing/Low rate heavy RPG server popularity

    Hello, I am hoping to find a small group of players who aim to be playing on a low rate, RPG classic (7.4-7.7) type server. I made, with very much help and kindness from smart people, a small server, which have a heavy focus on puzzles, quests, hidden spots, etc., with an end goal to be a...
  14. cosmopolitan


    www.empirebr.com You can connect using you own IP changer or downloading our client at the "Downloads" section at the website IP: empirebr.com Port: 7171 Version: 10.77 Botting is Forbidden
  15. Esparda

    [CANADA]Ovicorp New Age[10.96]

    Ovicorp New Age is a server with a different way to play, the way to play this game is by levels. We try to add a really rpg feelling You can explore a all new custom map but the map is divided by levels so you must defeat every boss to go on to the next level (something like SAO "sword art...
  16. Udun

    [FRANCE] Tibia Adventure 8.60

    Tibia adventure. 8.60 MQB Team. Website: Tibia Adventure Wikia: http://es.tibia-adventure-english.wikia.com/wiki/Wikia_Tibia_Adventure_ENGLISH A bit of history. There by the year 2007 two cousins first met what was an ot server, their dream was to create their own tibia, the place to have...
  17. Yodot

    [USA] Years of Decay - 10.98 - Real Map - Low Rates - PvE

    Greetings all, Years of Decay presents Austerror, a RL OTS. Austerror is a 10.98 OT running a RL map. NEW AREAS! Grimvale. Asura Palace Tiquanda. Edron Vampire Crypt. Edron Hero Fortress. Port Hope Medusa Tower. NEW FEATURE! !trade command to buy supplies while on the go (food, potions...
  18. aleria.eu


    Welcome! Aleria.eu, NEW High Quality Real Map OT will start soon! I would love to invite you to test and check out this masterpiece! You won't regret! Prepare for great fun and remember to bring your friends! Are you still sceptical about this OT? Keep reading! What do we offer you? We have...