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the monsters are beaten for their own magic


Mar 21, 2021
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Can someone help me? the monsters on my server that have paralyze magic are also attacked by their own spell.
Example: Medusa, Hydra, Serpent Spaw...
medusa.xml seems to be all right, does anyone know how to fix this?
My server is alkurius

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<monster name="Medusa" nameDescription="a medusa" race="blood" experience="4050" speed="250">
<health now="4500" max="4500"/>
<look type="330" corpse="10524"/>
<targetchange interval="4000" chance="20"/>
<flag summonable="0"/>
<flag attackable="1"/>
<flag hostile="1"/>
<flag illusionable="0"/>
<flag convinceable="0"/>
<flag pushable="0"/>
<flag canpushitems="1"/>
<flag canpushcreatures="1"/>
<flag targetdistance="1"/>
<flag staticattack="80"/>
<flag runonhealth="600"/>
<flag canwalkonenergy="0"/>
<flag canwalkonfire="0"/>
<attack name="melee" interval="2000" min="0" max="-450" poison="840"/>
<attack name="lifedrain" interval="2000" chance="20" countmax="5" range="7" target="1" min="-21" max="-350">
<attribute key="shootEffect" value="earth"/>
<attribute key="areaEffect" value="carniphila"/>
<attack name="earth" interval="2000" chance="15" length="8" spread="3" min="-250" max="-500">
<attribute key="areaEffect" value="carniphila"/>
<attack name="speed" interval="2000" chance="25" radius="7" target="1" speedchange="-900">
<attribute key="areaEffect" value="poff"/>
<attack name="outfit" interval="2000" chance="1" target="1" range="7" monster="clay guardian" duration="3000"/>
<defenses armor="30" defense="30">
<defense name="healing" interval="2000" chance="25" min="150" max="300">
<attribute key="areaEffect" value="blueshimmer"/>
<element icePercent="20"/>
<element firePercent="-5"/>
<element energyPercent="-10"/>
<immunity earth="1"/>
<immunity paralyze="1"/>
<immunity invisible="1"/>
<immunity lifedrain="1"/>
<immunity drown="1"/>
<voices interval="5000" chance="10">
<voice sentence="You will make sssuch a fine ssstatue!"/>
<voice sentence="There isss no chhhanccce of essscape"/>
<voice sentence="Jussst look at me!"/>
<voice sentence="Are you tired or why are you moving thhat ssslow &lt;chuckle&gt;"/>
<item name="gold coin" countmax="100" chance="50000"/>
<item name="gold coin" countmax="90" chance="50000"/>
<item name="small emerald" countmax="4" chance="3770"/>
<item name="platinum coin" countmax="6" chance="74810"/>
<item name="knight armor" chance="1840"/>
<item name="medusa shield" chance="3040"/>
<item name="titan axe" chance="1160"/>
<item name="great mana potion" countmax="2" chance="10000"/>
<item name="terra mantle" chance="870"/>
<item name="terra legs" chance="420"/>
<item name="terra amulet" chance="4060"/>
<item name="ultimate health potion" countmax="2" chance="9290"/>
<item id="9810" chance="500"/><!-- rusty armor -->
<item name="sacred tree amulet" chance="850"/>
<item name="strand of medusa hair" chance="9900"/>